Educational Classes

The candidacy classes are intended to provide a framework for the party’s year-long candidacy program. They are basic classes addressing many of the foundations of Marxism and of Workers World Party.

Additional classes and materials will be uploaded as they become available.

What is a Cadre?

Class: What is a WWP Cadre?

Class: Candidacy Requirements & Comradely Relations

Class: Workers World Party History

Class: WW Newspaper & Communist Organizing

Class: Democratic Centralism, Party Organization & Comradely Conduct

National Oppressions

Class: Tribal Sovereignty and the Right to Self‑Determination

Class: The National Question, Self Determination and the Black Struggle

Class: Reparations & the Black Struggle

Special Oppressions

Class: LGBTQ2+/Sex, Gender and Sexuality Liberation


Class: Imperialism

Class: Neocolonialism in Africa

Class: Fascism

Marxism: Theory and Action

Class: Lenin’s State and Revolution

Class: Dialectical and Historical Materialism

Class: Marxist Economics


Class: Democratic Socialism vs. Revolutionary Socialism

Class: China and Socialist Development

Organizing the Working Class

Class: Deep Organizing: An Introduction


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