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August 19
China reportback in NYCChina reportback in NYC
July 31
Lenin and the Working Class thumbnail
May 11 U.S. women need what Cuban women have: SOCIALISM May 10 zxzxzxzx
March 5 Speaking about sanctions at #Free AlexSaab rally May 11 Global Class War: the Legacy of Sam Marcy Nov 24
National Day of Mourning
Nov. 24, 2022 Livestream
National Day of Mourning 2022 Livestream
May 2
A workers' assembly against NATO: webinar thumbnail
April 4 A workers' assembly against NATO: webinar thumbnail March 23 Biden's threats: Sanctions or Nuclear War. SAY NO!
March 17 Global solidarity with women & gender oppressed workers March 2
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Why We Defend China & A Salute to Black August

August 19, 2023

Speakers and guest speakers include:
Monica Moorehead (0:00) on Black August
On China:
Solidarity message from Lee Siu Hin, China-US Solidarity Network (11:20)
Introduction to China reportback segment (16:33)
Arjae Red (17:35)
Sara Flounders (31:25)
Q&A and general discussion (56:00)


Lenin and the Working Class: Advancing the struggle for workers’ power

July 31, 2023

Presented by the Labor Fraction of Workers World Party
Speakers and guest speakers include:
Marie Kelly, Chair
Martha Grevatt (0:06)
Arjae Red, Starbucks Workers Union (4:42)
Phoebe De Padua, GABRIELA NY (12:15)
Chris Hollis, UE (22:36)
Gavrielle Gemma (32:09)
Brenda Stokely (45:40)
Ed Childs (1:01:27)
Larry Holmes (1:16:47)
Followed by Q&A and closing comments (1:25:55)


U.S. women need what Cuban women have: SOCIALISM

Sponsored by Workers World Party’s Women & Gender Oppressed Caucus

Musical interlude (0:00)
Teddie Kelly (2:00) and Monica Moorehead (6:15) Co-chairs
Mairead from Boston (11:15) on Cuba’s new Family Code, a law of love
Toni from New York (17:20)
Lyn from Portland, Ore. (28:40)
Osmeyda Hernandez, FMC (35:30)
Deborah from Philadelphia (36:40)
mYia X from Boston (41:55)
Betsey from Philadelphia (46:25)
Video interlude on Vilma Espin (53:30)
Q&A and discussion (59:40)


Yun Seok yeol on nuclear issue

An interview with KJ Noh, Joe Lombardo and Sara Flounders. A response to the recent statements made by South Korean President Yun Seok-yeol about South Korea developing its own nuclear weapons in response to North Korean (DPRK) weapons.


Richie Merino Speaks March 5 at rally to #FreeAlexSaab

Richie speaks on the importance of opposing economic hegemony and sanctions as a tool for global domination.


Global Class War: the Legacy of Sam Marcy

Host: Roshan Panjwani
Speakers include Larry Holmes, Arjae Red, Sara Flounders, Sharon Eolis, Maddi Johnson, Jimi Alade, Monica Moorehead, Deborah Rodriguez, Kisha James, Gloria Rubac, Dante Strobino, Ed Childs, Princess Harmony, mYia X, Teddie Kelly, Richie Merino, Marie Kelly, Stephanie Hedgecoke, Brian Shea, Judy Greenspan, Steve Gillis, and Martha Grevatt.
Video excerpts of talks by Sam Marcy and Deirdre Griswold.


[LIVE] National Day of Mourning (Nov 24, 2022, 12PM ET)

Nov. 24, 2022; organized by United American Indians of New England (UAINE)

#NationalDayOfMourning livestream will start at 12 noon EST on Nov. 24.
The opening prayer ceremony is not recorded, so there is a standby at the beginning.
Other places to watch:

**Live ASL interpretation will be on-screen for all speeches.**


Reckoning with Ukraine’s armed Nazi militias

May 2, 2022

(0:00: musical intro; 2:25: start of webinar)

A live discussion with anti-fascist Ukrainians and U.S.-based allies, on the 2014 massacre at the Odessa House of Labor and the continuing struggle.

Moderators: Danny O’Brien (2:25), Teddie Kelly (4:05)
Phil Wilayto, Odessa Solidarity Campaign (6:10)
Alexey Albu (recorded message) Ukrainian activist in exile in Lugansk (16:15)
Leonid Ilderkin, Ukrainian activist in exile (20:50)
Sara Flounders, Intenational Action Center (43:03)
Followed by Q&A and general discussion (53:35)


NATO: “The Greatest Purveyor of Violence in the World Today”

April 4, 2022

(0:00: musical intro; 3:05: excerpt from Dr. King, 1967; 5:20: webinar)

April 4 1949 – US Commanded NATO Military Alliance is founded
April 4 1967 – Dr. Martin Luther King condemns U.S. military aggression in Vietnam
April 4 1968 – Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King

April 4 is a key date to recall Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s famous condemnation of the U.S. as “The Greatest Purveyor of Violence in the World.” This April 4th, we ask: WHAT is the real function of NATO? WHY does NATO keep expanding? WHY is NATO the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today?

A Workers Assembly Against NATO raises the historic role of NATO as a U.S. weapon to push back the gains of the working class and impose Wall Street rule. Hear workers around the world define what is at stake in this war, including:

Leonid Ilderkin, Ukrainian communist in exile, member of coordination council of the Union of Political Refugees and Political Prisoners of Ukraine
Kristen Richardson Jordan, Harlem City Council member attacked by media for denouncing NATO’s criminal role in Ukraine
Ashaki Binta, Black Workers for Justice in North Carolina, labor activist and union organizer
Milos Raickovich, Serbian musician / composer and CUNY lecturer, who saw his country destroyed by 78 days of NATO bombing in 1999
Joe Piette, Retired US Postal Worker and US Air Force Vietnam war veteran
Larry Holmes, First Secretary of Workers World Party
And Sara Flounders & Teddie Kelly of the International Action Center


Biden’s Threat: Sanctions or Nuclear War

March 23, 2022

(0:00: musical intro; 2:35: webinar)

The fires of war have been lit in Ukraine. The U.S. corporate media fans the flames despite the best efforts of anti-war activists around the world attempt to extinguish them. Now President Biden has poured gasoline on an already volatile situation by issuing this ultimatum: there will either be sanctions or there will be nuclear war.

This threat means that, no matter what, the U.S. is hell-bent on making Ukrainians and Russians suffer. It means that the U.S. and NATO is holding all of Europe hostage in order to expand its military might on the continent.

Join the International Action Center for a lively discussion of why the Biden administration seems only to want to escalate this crisis and why we must must reject this arrogant and dangerous ultimatum to prevent the outbreak of another world war.

The anti-war movement must make it clear: the call for a “No-Fly Zone” is not a plea for peace, it is a declaration of nuclear war. The anti-war movement must also reiterate: Sanctions are not an alternative to war. Sanctions are war. They mean famine, disease, and displacement.


Global Solidarity with Women and Gender Oppressed Workers

March 17, 2022

(0:00: musical intro; 5:25: webinar; 1:33:15 musical outro)

Hosted by the Women and Oppressed Gender Caucus of Workers World Party
The panel, discussing struggles and how they relate to an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist perspective, will include:

Norma Pérez from A Call to Action on Puerto Rico and a former teacher
Kisha James, a leader of the United American Indians of New England and a member of the Aquinnah Wampanoag/Oglala Lakota tribal nations
Marie Kelly, a registered nurse and an at-large member of National Nurses United.

mYia X, a member of the Disability Justice and Rights Caucus
Ted Kelly, co-chair of the Prisoners Solidarity Committee of Workers World Party


Ukraine: NATO Lit the Fuse

March 2, 2022

Sara Flounders, International Action Center
Jacqueline Luqman, Black Alliance for Peace
Teddie Kelly, International Action Center – Philadelphia
Danny O’Brien, Workers World Party – PortlandFurther reading:
Disband NATO – the U.S. war provocateur, by Danny O’Brien
A Brief Guide on the Situation in Ukraine, by Black Alliance for Peace
U.S. war on Russia: a stampede off a cliff, by Sara Flounders


Sam Marcy: Views of Lenin & Trotsky 1917

posted: Dec 2021; talk from 1993

Talk from November 1993 on the period between the Menshevik and Bolshevik revolutions.

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