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Socialists in Solidarity Against Misogyny, Racism, Union-Busting, and Imperialism

Mar. 27, 2021

Sponsored by The Women and Oppressed Genders Caucus of Workers World Party.


MUMIA ABU-JAMAL: The Only Treatment is His Freedom!

Mar. 18, 2021

Political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal has tested positive for COVID-19. Supporters learned of the diagnosis March 3, as they were gathered in front of the office of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner to call for Abu-Jamal’s release and that of all incarcerated people over 50, who are vulnerable to premature death from COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Join Betsey Piette and Ted Kelly of the Prisoners Solidarity Committee of Workers World Party in a panel discussion with Pam Africa of the MOVE Organization and International Uncompromising Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal; Dr. Johanna Fernandez, author of The Young Lords; and Santiago Alvarez, fellow student of Mumia Abu-Jamal’s at UC Santa Cruz.



EYEWITNESS TEXAS: Climate Crisis, COVID, Capitalism

Feb. 25, 2021

On February 15, an unprecedented winter storm brought subfreezing temperatures to Texas. After a week, huge sections of the working class, including incarcerated workers, are still without power, heat, and water while elites like Ted Cruz flee to Cancun to wait out the crisis. People in Texas are not only struggling to recover from this freeze, but from previous hurricanes and floods caused by global warming that produces extreme precipitation at all temperatures. This crisis is compounded further by the COVID pandemic and the massive suffering of Texans and workers across the capitalist world. Many people in Texas have frozen to death, and deaths are likely undercounted as more bodies will be found after the thaw. After months of high unemployment, record evictions and 500,000 virus deaths, we have a deregulated energy sector making record profits. The cause of all of this misery and profit for the rich? An entirely deregulated capitalist system that is destroying the planet.

Join us to hear five of our Texas comrades share their experiences, discuss and analyze this crisis and talk about why socialism is necessary to fight this climate disaster.


Capitalism on a Ventilator — Forum and Book Launch

Feb. 16, 2021

Join Workers World Party and frontline workers in an online discussion of the recently-published book “Capitalism on a Ventilator” to talk about how the failing US empire tries to blame its own disastrous response to the global pandemic and economic crisis on China instead of on the rotten, racist capitalist system that puts profit over worker’s lives.

Speakers include:

  • Chris Hollis, poultry plant truck driver in Fayetteville, NC, member of Black Workers for Justice
  • Sekia Royall, state mental health worker at O’Berry Center in Goldsboro, NC, President of UE Local 150, NC Public Service Workers Union
  • Lee Siu Hin, just returned from China, coordinates China US Solidarity Network, Co-Editor to Capitalism on a Ventilator
  • Sara Flounders, Co-Director of the International Action Center and Co-Editor of Capitalism on a Ventilator
  • Calvin Deutschbein, member of WWP Durham branch and contributor to Capitalism on a Ventilator


Support the Alabama Amazon Union!

Organizing meeting · Feb. 12, 2021

Between Feb 8, and March 29, approximately 6,000 Amazon workers at a warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama will begin voting by mail on whether to be represented by the Retail, Wholesale Department Store Workers Union. The harsh working conditions at Amazon warehouses, along with Amazon’s refusal to adopt measures that protect workers from COVID 19, have pushed Amazon and Whole Foods workers every- where to step up organizing and fighting back.

These predominantly Black Amazon workers, who have in recent months formed the BAmazon Workers Union, are on the cusp of launching a history-changing workers organization against one of the biggest and most powerful transnational corporations in the world, and its super rich union busting owner, Jeff Bezos. In addition, these workers are standing up to the racist, anti-union laws that suppress labor across the south. No matter what the outcome of the vote, this fight for a union in Alabama is already rocking Wall Street and energizing a much needed national explosion of worker organizing.


Bursting the Bubble: Capitalism, GameStop, and Marxist Economics

Webinar · Feb. 4, 2021

The GameStop bubble exposes the utter irrationality of the capitalist system. Since Tulip Mania in the 17th Century, financial speculation has been a core feature of capitalist production. This massive speculation, untethered from the production of goods and services for human need inevitably leads to a crash. While seemingly a story of the people taking on the financial elite, the bubble will burst, and when it does the billionaires will force workers to pay. Workers produce all wealth. The stock market, which has been booming during the profound economic and social crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, has little to no connection to the productive economy. Casino finance and speculative bubbles speak to the irrationality of capitalism, a system based on private ownership of the means of production.


Biden: What Can Workers Expect?

Webinar · Jan. 21, 2021

On Wednesday, January 20, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris took office in the aftermath of an election marred by jingoistic partisanship, evidence-free accusations of fraud, and threats of a white supremacist, fascist takeover. As the election season subsides, workers, in the U.S. and internationally, await the subsequent administration and its effects on the working class as a whole.


Workers Can Defeat Fascism & Racism!

Webinar · Jan. 14, 2021

The coup attempt in Washington, D.C., and the mobilization of a fascist mob numbering in the tens of thousands, must be viewed with the utmost seriousness. These white-supremacist forces pose the greatest threat to the working class, especially the most oppressed. Their political aim is to crush with an iron fist every expression, even the most modest, of workers rights, social justice and Black Lives Matter.

Capitalist politicians in both major parties are falling all over each other to disassociate themselves from the would-be coup makers — and from Trump the instigator. But the failure of the state apparatus especially the police to prevent an outright invasion — however short-lived — of the citadel of U.S. political power shows that those in power are unreliable, inept and in no way up to the task of beating back a fascist threat.

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