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You know Workers World/Mundo Obrero reports the news through the eyes of the oppressed from a class perspective. That’s what sets us apart from the big-business media and even some “progressive” media. Of course we don’t accept advertising. That’s why you rely on Workers World/Mundo Obrero year-round for news based on working-class truth

Because of our principled stance, we set up the Workers World/Mundo Obrero Supporter Program in 1977 and invited subscribers and readers to join us in building WW/MO. Members receive a year’s subscription to WW/MO, a monthly letter about timely issues and five subscriptions to give to friends — all for a donation of $75 a year. For $100 you also get one new publication or current book from WW Publishers (see Books on First-time donors at the $300 or more level, also get a Workers World T-shirt.

Help keep the voice of struggle for revolutionary socialism loud and strong by filling out the membership form below and join us in building Workers World/Mundo Obrero.


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