Every time you read Workers World/Mundo Obrero newspaper or online updates, you know how important it is to share the news and analysis you’ve seen.

You also know that living under capitalism means increasing costs for everything, including printing this newspaper and maintaining a website.

It has been some years since the last time we raised our rates. Now we are making a modest increase to $36.00 for a one-year print subscription – less than a dollar an issue, including mailing costs.

To help keep printing the paper, we are raising prices for organizations and media outlets to $40/year and for libraries and other institutions to $50/year.

The mailing of the newspaper goes through the U.S. Post Office periodical mailing system, which usually means your issue arrives the following week. (Or sometimes two weeks!) We are now offering to send the paper by first-class envelope, so you can get it within a day or so. This special service comes with an additional $36/year charge.

Workers World/Mundo Obrero has a large circulation among prisoners; perhaps the largest of all the anti-capitalist, revolutionary newspapers. Anyone caught up in the prison-industrial machine can ask for a free subscription to the paper. Our other subscribers and supporters help finance the prisoner subscriptions. You can help, too – by including whatever you can afford as an additional contribution.

For more information, email [email protected]

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