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A world outraged supports Gaza demonstrations

By August 14, 2014

Aug. 9 — Sometimes by the hundreds, sometimes by the thousands, sometimes even by the hundreds of thousands, people marched in city after city around the globe in support of the people of Gaza. Many were responding to a call by a coalition of Palestinian mass organizations to come out to support the movement for […]


EUA comete crímenes de guerra en Gaza

By August 12, 2014

Mientras voceros del gobierno estadounidense cínicamente condenaban el bombardeo israelí en Gaza de una escuela de la ONU que estaba siendo utilizada para albergar a 3.300 civiles el 29 de julio, el Pentágono abría las puertas a una provisión secreta de armas estadounidenses y municiones a Israel para reabastecer su menguante reserva. El bombardeo mató […]


An ironic name

By August 7, 2014

In mid-July there was a vigil in a South Albany, N.Y., housing complex — named the Ezra P. Prentice Homes — for the victims of the 2013 Lac-Mégantic oil train disaster. This poor, African-American neighborhood is just a few yards away from a rail complex holding hundreds of dangerous oil train cars containing volatile crude […]


U.S. commits war crimes in Gaza


While spokespersons for the U.S. government cynically condemned the July 29 Israeli shelling of a United Nations school in Gaza that was being used to shelter 3,300 civilians, the Pentagon opened up the doors to a U.S. secret cache of weapons and ammunition to Israel to resupply its dwindling stock. The shelling killed at least […]


Microsoft announces massive layoffs

By July 26, 2014

Microsoft founder Bill Gates established the Gates Foundation, a supposedly “nonprofit” enterprise that describes its mission this way online: “We live in a globally connected, information saturated world. To thrive, our students need to learn in and out of school, in person and online, together and independently. Students need learning experiences that meet them where […]


NSA spy campaign against Muslims exposed

By July 17, 2014

On the one hand, the U.S. government, through its Supreme Court, has decided that corporate bosses, if their religious biases are “sincerely held,” can use them to deny fundamental reproductive rights to women workers, namely insurance funding for contraceptives. On the other hand, that same U.S. government continues to wage a non-stop campaign of racist […]


Lac-Mégantic blast victims remembered

By July 13, 2014

Three hundred people gathered July 6 at the Ezra Prentice Basketball Court in South Albany, N.Y., a poor, predominantly Black neighborhood. They came to mark the one-year anniversary of the explosion and fire that killed 47 people in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec. That explosion was from a trainload of DOT-111 oil tanker cars carrying thousands of gallons […]


Argentina ruling: U.S. court backs Wall Street vultures

By July 7, 2014

U.S. government actions to promote Wall Street banks, particularly in Latin America, have a long and sordid history. A highly decorated, retired Marine Corps general, Smedley D. Butler, confessed it quite bluntly in a famous article published in Common Sense magazine in 1935: “I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests […]


Casey Kasem kept his feet on the ground

By June 24, 2014
Casey Kasem on the front banner of the Jan. 19, 1991, Coalition to Stop U.S. Intervention in the Middle East protest.

Entertainer and political activist Casey Kasem, 82, died on June 15 after a long illness. Kasem was “more likely to be listening to a speech by Malcolm X on his cassette player than music by Miami Sound Machine,” according to a 1989 profile in the Los Angeles Times. Born Kemal Amen Kasem in Detroit, of […]


U.S. imperialism’s dirty little secret

By May 14, 2014

As World War I broke out 100 years ago, Vladimir Lenin pointed to the root cause of that terrible social catastrophe as “the extreme intensification of the struggle for markets in the latest — the imperialist — stage of capitalist development.” (“The War and Russian Social-Democracy,” October 1914). His words could have been written today, […]