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Pentagon deploys more troops

January 22, 2015

With an air of absolute cynicism, the Pentagon announced on Jan. 16 that it will send 400 combat troops and 600 other personnel to the Mideast to train Syrian so-called “moderates” to fight forces of the Islamic State (ISIL). Congress has allocated $5 billion to fund this program. The U.S. war [...]

Regime change packaged as ‘free expression’

January 5, 2015

The Obama administration issued new sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on Jan. 2, targeting its  diplomats stationed in Iran, Syria and Russia and claiming the DPRK was behind the hacking of Sony Corp. “We take seriously North Korea’s attack that aimed to [...]

Indigenous peoples, climate activists march in Lima

December 21, 2014

Alliance for Global Justice marches in Lima at Climate Change Summit.Photo: Rick Jordan Jr. Some 15,000 people demonstrated in Lima, Peru, on Dec. 11 during the United Nations Climate Change Conference, called “COP 20.” Marchers included many from Indigenous communities as well as environmental [...]

Why was DeAndre Joshua killed?

December 14, 2014

DeAndre Joshua was a 20-year-old Black man who lived in Ferguson, Mo. He worked the night shift at Walmart. He was a close friend of Dorian Johnson, who was with Michael Brown when he was killed by Darren Wilson, a Ferguson cop, on Aug. 9. Joshua was shot while sitting in his car near where Brown [...]

Corte Suprema confirma ley racista de Texas

October 28, 2014

Una vez más la mayoría derechista de la Corte Suprema estadounidense ha cometido un escandaloso atentado contra los derechos democráticos duramente logrados por la población negra y latina. El 18 de octubre, la Corte mantuvo la ley de identificación de votantes de Texas, la más draconiana y [...]

Supreme Court upholds racist Texas ID law

October 22, 2014

Once again the right-wing majority of the U.S. Supreme Court has made an outrageous attack on the hard-won democratic rights of Black and Latino/a people. On Oct. 18, they let stand the Texas voter ID law, the most draconian and restrictive voter ID law in the country. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, [...]

Ebola in Texas: For-profit health care system exposed

October 7, 2014

On the evening of Sept. 25, Thomas Duncan walked into the emergency room of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. He told the nurse that he felt ill with strong stomach cramps. He was found to have a fever. He also told the nurse that a few days earlier he had arrived in Dallas from his [...]

Stop the U.S. blockade of Cuba now!

October 5, 2014

They will return: a billboard in Cuba honors the Cuban Five. U.S. imperialism remains unflinching in its campaign to crush the Cuban ­Revolution. In 2004, then Illinois state Sen. Barack Obama said that he supported an end to the economic blockade in Cuba. Yet on Sept. 5, 2014, President Obama [...]

Where is justice for Michael Brown?

September 28, 2014

Michael Brown Legal expert Lisa Bloom told Chris Hayes on his “All In” show on MSNBC on September 17: “Every time this prosecutor [Robert P. McCulloch] has had a choice of two different options, he has chosen the option that leans towards the defense [for Ferguson, Mo., cop Darren Wilson]. [...]

Israeli soldiers refuse orders against Palestinians

September 21, 2014

Some 43 members of an elite Israeli Defense Force intelligence unit, many still on active duty, sent an open letter of protest to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on Sept. 12, in which they refuse to spy on the Palestinian people. It states: “We, veterans of Unit 8200, reserve soldiers both past [...]
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