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Rally supports Occupy Wall Street

Published Mar 7, 2012 9:38 PM

A march and rally were held at New York City’s Union Square on Feb. 28 demanding, “Don’t Suppress Occupy Wall Street.” Several hundred people gathered, many of them joining as they came home from work or before getting on nearby subway trains.

Speakers included Academy Award-winning actor Susan Sarandon and Rev. Stephen Phelps of Riverside Church. There were musical performances by Peter Yarrow of famed trio Peter, Paul, and Mary, as well as the hard-rock, hip-hop band Outernational. Desiree Deloach, a Zuccotti Park resident, gave a first-hand account of the brutal police raid on Nov. 15. Many involved in OWS’s “Stop Stop & Frisk” campaign of civil disobedience were present.

Workers World Party supporters carried a banner reading, “Expand Occupy Wall Street! Shut Down Capitalism! Fight for Socialism!” The response to the banner by OWSers and activists was universally supportive.