The establishment media is full of speculation about whether the U.S. and its NATO allies will intervene directly in Syria and Iran. The war, however, has already begun. It is being waged on the propaganda and the political front, in the banks and boardrooms, and according to recent WikiLeaks, on the covert military front as well. Every week this war intensifies.... Posted Mar 20, 2012

Hundreds rallied outside the racist American Israel Public Affairs Committee Conference in Washington, D.C.... Posted Mar 9, 2012

With just a few days to organize, the American-Iranian Friendship Committee called a protest.... Posted Mar 9, 2012

Many anti-war organizations across the United States and in several other countries came together on Feb. 4 to protest the rising crescendo of threats against Iran. In more than 30 U.S. states and 80 cities, large and small, groups joined forces to raise four key demands: "No war, no sanctions, no intervention, no assassinations!" ... Posted Feb 8, 2012

U.S.-based anti-imperialist and anti-war organizations have called for protest demonstrations to stop U.S. aggression aimed at Iran on Feb. 4, calling it a “global day of action.” As of Jan. 29, the movement had grown to include protests in 48 U.S. cities, plus cities in five other countries. ... Posted Feb 1, 2012

U.S.-based anti-imperialist and anti-war organizations have called for protest demonstrations against U.S. aggression aimed at Iran on Feb. 4, calling it a “global day of action.”... Posted Jan 29, 2012

There is growing apprehension that through miscalculation, deliberate provocation or a staged false flag operation, a U.S. war with Iran is imminent.... Posted Jan 18, 2012

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to four countries in Latin America and the Caribbean highlights the commitment of the members of the Bolivarian Alliance of Our America (ALBA) to defy U.S. threats and act as sovereign, independent nations.... Posted Jan 18, 2012

Stop the campaign of terror against Iran and its scientists... Posted Jan 18, 2012

As 2012 began, Washington’s actions and threats gave substance to U.S. imperialism’s long-standing war plans against Iran. The actions included sanctions aimed at breaking Iran’s economy, warship deployments off Iran’s shores and plans for joint war exercises with Israel.... Posted Jan 11, 2012

The International Atomic Energy Agency made public the names of Iranian nuclear scientists in a new report released this week. Publishing their names makes these scientists targets for assassination. ... Posted Nov 23, 2011

Washington’s slanderous campaign against Iran for an alleged assassination plot lacks evidence and fails every test of logic. Many people have raised questions as to its truth. But there’s an even more important question to ask: Why is the U.S. government desperate to use an unbelievable pretext to begin a campaign of sanctions and possible war against Iran?... Posted Oct 13, 2011

A people-to-people delegation that included two members of the International Action Center arrived in Tehran, Iran, Oct. 9 to increase solidarity with the people of Iran, defend Iran’s sovereignty and stop the accelerated U.S. push for war against Iran.... Posted Oct 24, 2010

More than 100 activists and journalists from a variety of organizations, religious groups and media outlets attended a gathering with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the Warwick Hotel here Sept. 21. The leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran was in the city to attend the annual United Nations General Assembly.... Posted Sep 30, 2010

A month-long meeting, involving 189 countries, is underway at the United Nations. It’s the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review. ... Posted May 15, 2010

From a letter was written by Iranian progressives: Today the big question facing the peace and justice movement is whether Washington is planning a military attack against Iran. Shocking as such a thought might be, this is exactly what is being debated and contemplated at the highest levels of American politics.... Posted Jan 28, 2010

The G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh gathered the finance ministers, top bankers and political leaders of the world’s largest economies, ostensibly to take up the most serious economic collapse of capitalism in three generations. Instead, they attacked Iran.... Posted Oct 4, 2009

Even a country that possesses arms as powerful as those of the United States cannot conquer through military might alone. That is the lesson of this period of seemingly endless U.S. imperialist invasions and occupations that began with the assault on Korea in 1950 and continues to the present.... Posted Aug 5, 2009

The Stop War on Iran coalition, in alliance with the International Action Center and other anti-war organizations that work to bring understanding about developments in Iran to the U.S. public, has organized a forum for Aug. 1 at 4 p.m. at the Solidarity Center in New York. ... Posted Jul 29, 2009

We in the anti-war movement need to be especially careful not to jump on the bandwagon when the entire capitalist class, their media, the entire U.S. Congress, and numerous organizations that received direct U.S. funding from the so-called National Endowment for Democracy all speak with one voice in sudden defense of a cause... Posted Jul 24, 2009

The conflict in Iran that opened up with the June presidential elections there has had an impact on the progressive and anti-imperialist movement worldwide, including in the United States. Misunderstanding the events has created some confusion in anti-war ranks. This is especially dangerous after Vice President Joe Biden on July 5 gave a virtual green light to an Israeli attack on Iran. The anti-war movement must stay alert to protest any move in that direction.... Posted Jul 20, 2009

The media’s focus shifted June 29 from Central Asia to Central America. The lies continued in the corporate media, only with fewer items on Iran, at least this side of the Atlantic. It still showed the power of the Big Lie—two Big Lies in this case, where an omnipresent media machine gives the impression that everyone believes something and therefore it must be true. The first lie is that there was significant electoral fraud that stole the election for the incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. There is no evidence that this is so. ... Posted Jul 1, 2009

The confrontation among Iran’s ruling politicians that has brought large crowds into the streets of Tehran is not taking place in isolation. It is happening in a country still facing U.S. sanctions and warships, hostility from every imperialist capital and venom from the West’s corporate media. This confrontation follows 30 years of a concerted effort by the U.S. and other imperialists to turn back the enormously popular revolution that took place in 1979. That revolution stopped short of moving Iran toward socialism. But it broke the grip of the imperialist overseers and their puppet shah over a country that now has 71 million people in an area three times the size of France.... Posted Jun 24, 2009

The first thing to make clear about the Iranian election is that the U.S. and other imperialist states have no right to intervene. The media here are now filled with moralizing, even racist scolding of Iran over the election results. Who are they to act so hoity-toity? Remember George W. Bush’s open theft of the 2000 election in Florida?... Posted Jun 17, 2009

In 2002, George W. Bush named Iran as part of an “axis of evil,” warning about Iran’s “nuclear ambitions.” Although International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors have found no evidence of Iran developing a nuclear weapons program, Bush continues to state that Iran is a “threat” to world peace.... Posted Oct 3, 2008

While much of the media and public attention has been on the Olympics and the Republican and Democratic national conventions, the Pentagon has been ramping up for what many believe is a planned attack on Iran.... Posted Sep 7, 2008

The impending arrival of new U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf region will mark the largest build-up of U.S. naval forces in the area since the 1991 Gulf War.... Posted Aug 15, 2008

On Aug. 1-3, anti-war activists in 100 U.S. cities, several cities in Canada, and even in Kolkata, India, took to the streets in coordinated actions to protest Pentagon preparations for a U.S.-Israeli war on Iran.... Posted Aug 15, 2008

“No War on Iran” was a slogan and chant that resonated across the U.S. on the weekend of Aug. 1-2 as emergency marches, rallies, vigils, teach-ins, honk-for-peace picketlines and leaflet distributions were held to protest U.S.-Israeli war threats against Iran.... Posted Aug 6, 2008

Another moment of truth approaches. While Washington finally joined talks with Tehran, Congress is still considering a resolution calling for an air, sea and land blockade of Iran, opening one path to war... Posted Jul 30, 2008

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