Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ vision was that socialism would do away with this contradiction by doing away with private appropriation altogether. The idea was that in the capitalist countries where the level of production was high in comparison to the rest of world, the overthrow of capitalism in favor of a socialist society would improve the lot of the masses of people. ... Posted Feb 22, 2012

If the mayor of New York City thought that he, his judge and his shock troops could put a halt to the Occupy Wall Street movement by raiding Zuccotti Park in the early hours of Nov. 15, he was wrong. ... Posted Nov 22, 2011

Leading up to the Socialism Summit in Philadelphia on Nov. 18, a “Conversation on the Capitalist Economic Crisis” was held.... Posted Nov 22, 2011

Excerpted from a talk by WWP Secretariat member Deirdre Griswold to the Oct. 8-9 Workers World Party National Conference in New York City.... Posted Nov 22, 2011

Excerpted from a talk given by WWP Secretariat member Teresa Gutierrez at the WWP National Conference held in New York City Oct. 8-9.... Posted Oct 13, 2011

Excerpted from a talk given by WWP Secretariat member Larry Holmes at the WWP National Conference held in New York City, Oct. 8-9.... Posted Oct 13, 2011

Excerpts from a talk by a Durham, N.C., WWP branch organizer Cathey Stanley, at the Workers World Party National Conference on Oct. 8.... Posted Oct 13, 2011

Excerpts from a talk given by Fred Goldstein, WWP Secretariat member, at the Workers World Party National Conference held in New York City, Oct. 8-9.... Posted Oct 13, 2011

Under a banner that outlined the theme of the 2011 Workers World Party national conference, “Expand Occupy Wall Street, Shut Down Capitalism and Fight for Socialism,” activists of all ages and nationalities gathered at the Paul Robeson Auditorium in the South Bronx Oct. 8 and 9. They discussed the significance of the rapidly expanding Occupy Wall Street movement and the role workers and oppressed must play to bring a genuine anti-capitalist direction to this struggle.... Posted Oct 12, 2011

In 1901 the Socialist Party of America, after much ideological and political struggle, emerged as a coalition of various factions within the socialist movement. It had conservative, moderate and revolutionary tendencies within its ranks. Eugene V. Debs, an organizer of workers in the railroad industry, emerged as a charismatic figure, the party’s political candidate and a public spokesperson for the socialist movement.... Posted Feb 19, 2011

From the Nov. 13 talk to the Workers World Party National Conference by John Catalinotto, a managing editor of Workers World newspaper.... Posted Jan 17, 2011

Excerpts from a talk given Nov. 13 by Lila Natalie Goldstein, a Workers World Party member and Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST) organizer in Boston.... Posted Dec 20, 2010

Excerpts from a Nov. 13 talk given by LeiLani Dowell, a Workers World managing editor and Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST) organizer, at the Nov. 13-14 Workers World Party national conference.... Posted Dec 16, 2010

In many of the 35 solidarity statements Workers World Party received for its Nov. 13-14 national conference, besides expressing solidarity, the organizations focused on the capitalist economic crisis and the need for workers to combat the austerity programs imposed on the working class.... Posted Dec 5, 2010

Excerpts from a talk by Gloria Verdieu at the Workers World Party national conference. Verdieu is an organizer with the San Diego International Action Center and the San Diego Coalition to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal.... Posted Dec 2, 2010

Excerpts from a talk by Megan Spencer at the Workers World Party national conference. A student activist and WWP member, Spencer is a co-founder of the Coalition Against Sexual Violence at Michigan State University.... Posted Dec 2, 2010

Excerpts from a talk at the Workers World Party national conference given by Betsey Piette, an organizer of the Philadelphia branch of WWP and a WW contributing editor.... Posted Dec 2, 2010

Excerpts from the Nov. 13 talk given at the Workers World Party national conference, by Phebe Eckfeldt, a leader of the Boston branch and a representative of the Harvard Union of Technical and Clerical Workers, AFSCME Local 3650.... Posted Nov 24, 2010

Excerpts from a Nov. 13 talk at the Workers World Party national conference given by Monica Moorehead, member of the WW Secretariat, a WW managing editor and editor of “Marxism, Reparations and the Black Freedom Struggle.”... Posted Nov 24, 2010

Excerpts from a Nov. 13 talk at the Workers World Party national conference by John Parker, a leader of the Los Angeles WW branch and a coordinator of the West Coast International Action Center.... Posted Nov 23, 2010

Excerpts from a Nov. 13 talk at the Workers World Party national conference by Martha Grevatt, a 23-year auto worker and United Auto Workers activist, now in the Detroit branch. She had been a leading member of the Cleveland branch for many years.... Posted Nov 23, 2010

Los siguientes son extractos de una charla por Teresa Gutiérrez el 13 de noviembre en la conferencia nacional del Partido Workers World /Mundo Obrero. Gutiérrez es miembro del Secretariado del Partido y líder de la Coalición 1 de Mayo pro derechos de los y las trabajadoras e inmigrantes.... Posted Nov 23, 2010

Talk given Nov. 13 at the Workers World Party national conference by Larry Holmes, a member of the Secretariat of Workers World Party and a leader of the Bail Out the People Movement.... Posted Nov 18, 2010

Excerpts from the Nov. 13 talk given at the Workers World Party national conference by Teresa Gutierrez, a member of the Secretariat of Workers World Party and a leader of the May 1 Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights.... Posted Nov 18, 2010

Eexcerpts from the Nov. 13 talk at the Workers World Party national conference by Fred Goldstein based upon a pre-conference document entitled “The Capitalist Crisis.” Goldstein is a member of the Secretariat of Workers World Party and the author of the book “Low-Wage Capitalism.”... Posted Nov 18, 2010

Excerpts from the Nov. 13 talk given at the Workers World Party national conference by Larry Hales, a founding member of Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST).... Posted Nov 18, 2010

Excerpts from the talk by Elena Everett, who introduced the opening plenary of the Workers World Party conference on Nov. 13. Everett is a founding member of the Durham, N.C., branch, which became the newest WWP branch in April 2009.... Posted Nov 18, 2010

Some 300 Party members, friends and allies representing many important struggles at home and abroad attended the annual Workers World Party national conference Nov. 13-14. They came from cities where Party branches are located and other parts of the country. Some revolutionaries traveled to the conference from as far away as Canada and India. The very multinational crowd included many young people.... Posted Nov 17, 2010

A standing-room crowd participated in Workers World Party’s Southern Regional Conference, held Oct. 23 in Durham, N.C. The conference was hosted by the Durham WWP branch. It is the first public conference on socialism in recent memory held in this region of North Carolina, an anti-union, right-to-work state.... Posted Oct 27, 2010

Eighty people attended a Midwest conference that the Chicago branch of Workers World Party hosted here on Sept. 18. Its theme: the need for a revolutionary struggle against capitalism and for socialism.... Posted Sep 24, 2010

Known in the region as “the people’s library,” the Southern California Library of Los Angeles was the site of the first Western Regional “Abolish Capitalism, Fight Injustice — Conference on Socialism” of Workers World Party.... Posted Sep 8, 2010

Statement being distributed at the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit.... Posted Jun 23, 2010

The days when the conservative labor leadership has been able to hold the working class in check are numbered. Its base is shrinking with each round of concessions it makes to the bosses, with each sweetheart contract it signs. As Sam Marcy noted, at the beginning of each crisis the workers are thrown back onto the defensive. But sooner or later they will cry “Enough is enough!” Then the tide will turn.... Posted Sep 18, 2009

There was a time when the captains of finance and industry were proud of the label capitalist. Would you prefer an economy geared to meeting people’s needs (socialism) or geared to producing profits for a few (capitalism)?... Posted Apr 19, 2009

The struggle amongst the Venezuelan people for a socialist revolution has far from died as the media would have you believe.... Posted Feb 18, 2009

Excerpts from a talk given by David Hoskins at the WWP National Conference, Nov. 15-16.
Posted Dec 12, 2008

Larry Hales, a leader of Fight Imperialism, Stand Together and Contributing Editor to Workers World newspaper.
Posted Nov 20, 2008

An alliance of African Americans, [email protected], large sections of the working class, youth and women of all nationalities led to the victory of Sen. Barack Obama on Nov. 4.... Posted Nov 12, 2008

There is nothing socialistic in throwing money down the rathole of a capitalist economic crisis to rescue institutions that have been key to the process of exploiting the working class.... Posted Nov 9, 2008

The large majority of participants came from the former colonial countries, what today is called “the South.” About an equal number were from Asia and Africa; more came from Latin America, since there was a large Cuban and Venezuelan participation. There were both East and West Europeans.... Posted Nov 8, 2008

On Wall Street the other day, at a rally demanding that public funds be used to bail out the people and not the bankers, no one had a kind word for capitalism.... Posted Oct 31, 2008

Three-quarters of a million workers have already been laid off this year, bringing the official total of unemployed to over 9 million. Trillions of dollars in retirement funds have been wiped out in the stock market in the last few months. Over 10,000 households a day are being foreclosed, and evictions are rampant. Money for student loans has dried up. Credit card debt is at a record high. Unemployment is rising along with food, utility and gas prices. Production and sales are falling relentlessly. The forecast is for things to get worse—a lot worse.... Posted Oct 26, 2008

An April 28 Washington Post editorial grudgingly admits the Cuban economy is growing and life for Cuban workers is improving.... Posted May 1, 2008

International Women's Day has a long, proud history.... Posted Mar 27, 2008

Excerpts from two WW articles in 1968.on the 1968 French uprising began on May 3.... Posted Mar 20, 2008

Students and community members gathered at Baldwin-Wallace College on March 3 to hear two students debate socioeconomic ideology.... Posted Mar 16, 2008

Sara Flounders, co-director of the International Action Center, delivered a 30-minute assembly program on Feb. 8 to the 1,000-person student body of Phillips Exeter Academy.... Posted Feb 14, 2008

This compilation of articles and speeches places the struggle for African reparations within a broad political context that encompasses the overall movements against national oppression, capitalism, imperialism and for socialism.... Posted Nov 15, 2007

Stop a minute and consider this: socialist Cuba has survived against all odds. It inspires people around the world, and for millions revolutionary Cuba represents a David vs. Goliath victory against the greatest enemy of humankind, U.S. imperialism.... Posted Oct 22, 2007

Sam Marcy's "The Bolsheviks and War: Lessons for Today's Anti-war Movement" is a work that has gained greatly in importance since he wrote it in 1985.... Posted Sep 23, 2007

A wide range of progressive community organizations and individuals participated in the 19th annual Garvey Day in Milwaukee, sponsored by Africans on the Move.... Posted Aug 27, 2007

"I want to bring the revolution's humanity to those aspects of life that it hasn't reached because of old prejudices," Mariela Castro Espin, who has worked hard to eradicate pre-revolutionary prejudices about same-sex love, transsexuality and gender variance in Cuba, said in summer 2006.... Posted Aug 18, 2007

Not too much has appeared in the U.S. media lately about the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. In this case, no news is good news.... Posted Jun 22, 2007

The first revolutionary step toward the liberation of sexuality, gender expression and oppressed sexes in Cuba was the dismantling of the sex-for-profit industry and interconnected gambling dens and drug-distribution networks.... Posted Feb 21, 2007

When Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez first declared he was a socialist during a news conference at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in January of 2005, his announcement initiated a political chain reaction both in his country and internationally.... Posted Jan 26, 2007

Jorge Farinacci García, the principal leader of the Socialist Front of Puerto Rico, died Aug. 26, after waging a year-long battle against cancer. In the political movement, we called him Fari.... Posted Sep 12, 2006

Second part of a talk by Bryan G. Pfeifer, a contributing editor of Workers World, to the May 13-14 WWP conference on Preparing for the Rebirth of the Global Struggle for Socialism, held in New York. It has been edited for publication.... Posted Jul 9, 2006

Excerpts from an official BAYAN-USA statement presented by Berna Ellorin at the May 13-14 “Preparing for the Rebirth of the Global Struggle for Socialism” conference... Posted May 26, 2006

How do we build mass revolutionary consciousness among oppressed nationalities and working people in this nation? How do we get working people to become conscious of themselves as an exploited and oppressed class while also taking into consideration the deeper divisions that are centered on race and gender? ... Posted May 19, 2006

We have to be clear about what is historically necessary and how our role will be decisive, because while our comrades are fighting imperialism around the world, they are waiting for us to kick the shit out of imperialism here.... Posted May 19, 2006

Immigrant workers on the march! Justice for Katrina and Rita evacuees! Organizing to stop imperialist war! Youth and students fighting for a brighter future! What do all these issues have in common? They are just some of the important developments and struggles that will be major topics for discussion at the upcoming national conference entitled, “Preparing for the rebirth of the world struggle for socialism.” ... Posted Apr 27, 2006

What has made the Cuban Revolution unique? Why is it such a beacon to the workers and oppressed masses, not only of Latin America and the Caribbean but around the world?... Posted Jan 8, 2006

On Jan. 20, Workers World featured an article by Fred Goldstein titled "Cuba leads the world in managing disasters." It was written in connection with the tsunami that took place in the Indian Ocean and killed hundreds of thousands of people. ... Posted Sep 21, 2005

“There is nothing intrinsic to socialism—a planned economy in a workers’ state—that lends itself to anti-gay bigotry or any other form of divisive ideology,” well-known transgender lesbian activist Leslie Feinberg stressed at West Coast public meetings July 15-18. “Capitalism, on the other hand, is a dog-eat-dog economy that requires divide-and conquer ideology.”... Posted Jul 21, 2005

This June will mark the 25th anniversary of the assassination of Walter Rodney--an African-Caribbean Marxist revolutionary activist, theoretician and internationalist. ... Posted Feb 17, 2005

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