The Colectivo Honduras USA Resistancia-libre and the Latin America & Caribbean Solidarity Committee of the International Action Center are supporting a call by the Honduras Solidarity Network for a national day of action on June 28. ... Posted Jun 21, 2012

Dr. Luther Castillo, who was among the first to apply for free medical education in Cuba, was in the first graduating class of the Latin American School of Medicine in 2005. While he was in New York for the June 30 memorial for the Rev. Lucius Walker, a man he called “the symbol of solidarity,” Castillo told Workers World about his life and his work setting up health care for the poor throughout the Caribbean.... Posted Jul 11, 2011

Manuel Zelaya is going home. After nearly two years in forced exile, after two years of protests and marches, after strikes in the streets of Honduras, after the martyrdom of hundreds of members of a huge nationwide resistance, Hondurans have won the right to bring back “Mel,” their “Máximo Líder,” the elected General Coordinator of the Front for the National Popular Resistance of Honduras (FNRP).... Posted May 31, 2011

The Resistance movement marched daily all over Honduras to protest the coup against President Manuel Zelaya, from June 28, 2009, the day of the coup, until Jan. 27, 2010. On that last day, 300,000 people accompanied their beloved president to Toncontín Airport, from where he flew into forced exile in the Dominican Republic... Posted Mar 21, 2011

“FOB” is military jargon for Forward Operating Base. It is a secure, forward military position that supports tactical operations and reduces the reaction time of the military forces that use it.... Posted Mar 21, 2011

The National Front for Popular Resistance (FNRP) in Honduras held a national assembly in capital city Tegucigalpa on Feb. 26 and 27.... Posted Mar 12, 2011

The U.S. corporate press was silent when thousands of Hondurans poured into the streets of Tegucigalpa on Sept. 7 to join the 12-hour national strike called by the National Front of Popular Resistance (FNRP). It affected all 18 provinces and paralyzed the streets of 11 Honduran cities. Traffic was stopped on roads and bridges.... Posted Sep 16, 2010

August was a month of fierce struggle in Honduras. The National Popular Resistance Front (FNRP) has engaged in strikes, marches and sit-ins, while the government of Honduras has responded with ruthless repression.... Posted Sep 12, 2010

The people of Honduras are again in the streets. This time they are celebrating the consolidation of the resistance to the military coup of June 28, 2009 — a coup that removed the democratically elected government of Manuel Zelaya Rosales from office.... Posted Jul 5, 2010

The Obama administration continues to support the ruthless Honduran oligarchy in its war against a nonviolent political and social movement led by the Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular. The movement has united peasants, workers, trade unionists and students; the Garifuna, Afro-Honduran and Indigenous communities; and lesbian/gay/bi/trans/queer activists, women’s groups, intellectuals and Christians guided by liberation theology.... Posted Mar 14, 2010

After a brief holiday interlude, the Honduran resistance went back to the streets with renewed energy and commitment. On Jan. 7, 15,000 people marched from the Polytechnic University to the National Congress in Tegucigalpa.... Posted Jan 17, 2010

The voice of the people of Honduras was heard in its absence at the polls. While corporate media outlets repeat “official” government figures of 61.86 percent participation, the resistance movement says that 65 percent to 70 percent of the population boycotted the fraudulent elections, with many polling stations almost empty. This is confirmed by Lisa Sullivan, Latin America coordinator of School of the Americas Watch, who says, “Our delegation visited dozens of polling stations, finding them almost empty, in most places counting more electoral monitors and caretakers than voters.”... Posted Dec 9, 2009

Even the most polished spinmasters, whose job is to convince the public that fantasy is reality and the tail wags the dog, are having a hard time with this one. The Honduran “election” of Nov. 29 was a dismal flop both for the oligarchy’s coup makers and for the U.S. politicos behind them.... Posted Dec 2, 2009

Although the Los Angeles Times estimates that 40,000 Hondurans live in Los Angeles, only a few hundred participated in the Honduran presidential elections on Nov. 29. They were met with a barrage of chants, banners, placards and music urging them not to participate in an “election” run by a military coup government.... Posted Dec 2, 2009

From a talk by Berta Joubert-Ceci of Philadelphia to the WWP National Conference, Nov. 14: I want to ask you to please stand up. Let us give homage to the courageous people of Honduras. That resistance that today, for 140 days, has been in the streets, demanding the restitution of their president, José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, and the celebration of a Constitutional Assembly that will end injustice and inequality.... Posted Nov 19, 2009

At the time this article is being written, no resolution to the dangerous crisis in Honduras has been attained. The illegal usurper government of Roberto Micheletti continues holding on to power at all costs—in spite of having signed, on Oct. 30, the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord, which would have restored the legitimate president, Zelaya, to office before the elections.... Posted Nov 13, 2009

After 125 days on the streets protesting the military coup that had deposed their elected president, the people of Honduras have finally seen a positive sign that could lead to the reinstatement of President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales.... Posted Nov 4, 2009

The Honduran ambassador to the United Nations, the Hon. Jorge Arturo Reina, and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark participated in an event here on Oct. 27 in solidarity with the resistance in Honduras.... Posted Nov 4, 2009

This report is written on the 113th day of resistance by the Honduran people against the illegal military coup that ousted democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya.... Posted Oct 23, 2009

Youth and students are an important sector participating in the struggle against the illegal coup d’etat in Honduras. Video after video of the resistance actions that have taken place since the July 28 coup have shown youth in the streets and facing repression as well.... Posted Oct 23, 2009

After a week of showing solidarity with the people of Honduras on the streets and gaining insightful information on what has transpired during the 105 days since a right-wing coup, the 12 people composing the U.S. Delegation in Solidarity with the Honduran Resistance returned to the U.S. in the wee hours of Oct. 12. Delegation members met with members of various sectors—teachers, youth and students, women, human rights organizations, churches, artists and more—that have come together in a united front against the coup and for constitutional reform. Representatives expressed pride and determination to continue in the struggle, while also acknowledging that the situation is grave.... Posted Oct 14, 2009

A delegation of human rights activists from the United States is on a fact-finding mission in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.... Posted Oct 7, 2009

The San Francisco Labor Council supports the immediate and unconditional return of President Manuel Zelaya to his position as head of state of Honduras and supports the restoration of all democratic rights there, while demanding that those responsible for the coup be brought to justice and that the U.S. government suspend all aid until Zelaya is restored to his position.... Posted Oct 7, 2009

The National Women’s Fightback Network stands in solidarity with all of our Honduran sisters who are in the resistance movement in opposition to the illegal Micheletti government.... Posted Oct 7, 2009

Aggression by right-wing forces that can accurately be described as acts of war continues in Honduras. A vicious fascist coup may be in the making as the de facto illegal government of Roberto Micheletti carries out a reign of terror against the people and Manuel Zelaya, the democratically elected president. The coup plotters—golpistas in Spanish—have denied rights guaranteed in the Constitution and banned gatherings.... Posted Oct 1, 2009

Workers World welcomes President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, who will be attending the opening of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. Progressives in the United States must also find ways to express their solidarity with another Latin American leader, President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras.... Posted Sep 23, 2009

It was an unprecedented event for a head of state. While he was in Washington, D.C., Honduran legitimate President Mel Zelaya spoke on the evening of Sept. 2 with 26 anti-coup activists based in the United States.... Posted Sep 9, 2009

Demonstrators marched in solidarity with the Honduran people in at least 10 U.S. cities on Aug. 28, the two-month anniversary of the June 28 military coup d’état in Honduras which ousted President Manuel Zelaya. The right-wing coup replaced the legally and constitutionally elected Zelaya with Roberto Micheletti, representing the 13-family ruling oligarchy.... Posted Sep 3, 2009

It is now nearly two months since an illegal, unconstitutional, brutal military coup deposed the legitimate president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, and installed an illegitimate coup regime. The 13 Honduran oligarch families and their U.S.-trained Honduran generals found Zelaya too friendly with President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela. Too friendly also with Honduras’ poor. He was ousted.... Posted Aug 26, 2009

Hondurans continue the struggle in the streets. Defying criminal police and military who repress, arrest and shoot tear and pepper gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition at them, the people have protested the military coup regime every day for seven long weeks.... Posted Aug 20, 2009

The old adage, “Actions speak louder than words,” underlines a dangerous reality regarding any alleged change in U.S. relations with Latin America, and especially regarding Honduras and Colombia.... Posted Aug 12, 2009

Honduran workers and farmers have protested every day since a military coup d’état overthrew that country’s democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya on June 28. Voices of that resistance movement spoke in Philadelphia July 31 stressing the urgency that Zelaya be returned to power and the coup d’état overturned.... Posted Aug 6, 2009

Those resisting the coup inside Honduras have been carrying out constant actions for three weeks—strikes, demonstrations and other protests. ... Posted Jul 29, 2009

Ignored in the worldwide corporate media is the power of the growing and vibrant movement of the Honduran people, the workers and farmers, who are carrying out heroic resistance to the coup. Resistance leaders tell that side to Workers World.... Posted Jul 24, 2009

Reflections by Comrade Fidel Castro... Posted Jul 20, 2009

Honduran popular leader Juan Barahona told Workers World that the resistance to the illegal June 28 coup that deposed President Manual Zelaya grows daily despite the fierce repression and constant attacks by the coup regime and the corporate media.... Posted Jul 8, 2009

The blatant military coup in Honduras has thrown down a challenge to all of progressive Latin America. It aroused immediate mass resistance from Honduran mass organizations and active hostility from progressive governments throughout Latin America and progressive organizations worldwide. It has received no open diplomatic support anywhere in the world, even from reactionary imperialist powers. According to a Cuban press agency report from Honduras, “The main trade unions, farmers, youth and social organizations in Honduras are on the second day of a strike against the dictatorial government in the country.”... Posted Jul 1, 2009

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