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NWFN STATEMENT: Solidarity with Honduran women in struggle

Published Oct 7, 2009 5:59 PM

The following statement was issued to the women of Honduras who are organizing against the illegal military coup and for the restoration of President Manuel Zelaya. The statement was signed by women activists and leaders from around the U.S.

The National Women’s Fightback Network stands in solidarity with all of our Honduran sisters who are in the resistance movement in opposition to the illegal Micheletti government.

We support all of the courageous women who are opposing the criminal military coup d’etat, with special recognition to all of you who are playing a prominent role in the leadership of the resistance movement.

Your strength, bravery and determination are an inspiration to women worldwide.

The National Women’s Fightback Network wholly backs all of those who are fighting for a new society in Honduras and a Constitution that puts people’s needs first, and who are demanding the reinstatement of the democratically elected government of President Manuel Zelaya.

We join with progressive forces around the world who are speaking out to deplore the coup government’s political repression, its illegal decrees against your democratic rights to organize, march and speak out, and all of its attempts to suppress the strong and resolute people’s movement.

The National Women’s Fightback Network is in solidarity with all of your demands for women’s rights, which have been put forward by Women in Resistance and other popular women’s organizations and activists.

We are with you in the fight for a true People’s Constitution which guarantees women’s social, political and economic rights; this includes guaranteed access to employment, land, territory, health, education and much more. It also insures women’s participation in the new Constitutional Assembly—an absolute necessity.

We know that women in struggle throughout the world are with you at this crucial time. You have our utmost solidarity and heartfelt sisterhood.