Days before the anniversary of the counterrevolutionary uprising in Tiananmen Square, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that the Pentagon was planning to deploy 60 percent of its naval fleet to the Pacific region. ... Posted Jun 10, 2012

The Chinese government has responded to accusations by the U.S. government and media criticizing that rapidly developing country for purported violations of human rights. On May 25, it issued a very detailed report called “The Human Rights Record of the United States in 2011.”... Posted May 30, 2012

The capitalist government and the big business media in the U.S. have firmly and vociferously taken sides against Bo Xilai and any manifestation of leftist policy in China.... Posted May 28, 2012

The Chinese economy is slowing down as part of the global economic slowdown now engulfing the capitalist world. China is also suffering from internal capitalist contradictions of its own. ... Posted May 16, 2012

The capitalist media worldwide have given a resounding show of support for the cause of Chen Guangcheng, a sightless dissident activist and pawn of U.S. intelligence who was smuggled into the U.S. Embassy in Beijing on April 27. ... Posted May 12, 2012

The campaign in China to discredit Bo Xilai has reached a new crescendo. Every newspaper, television and radio station in the country has carried official statements and editorials attacking Bo and repeating the charge that he is under investigation for unspecified “serious disciplinary violations.” ... Posted Apr 27, 2012

The campaign of vilification to destroy Bo Xilai is an all-out attempt by the top leadership of the Communist Party of China to put up a smokescreen concealing a right-left political struggle over the deepening economic and political penetration of capitalism at the summits of Chinese society. ... Posted Apr 19, 2012

The ouster of Bo Xilai as Communist Party Secretary of Chongqing comes at a juncture of intensifying contradictions, pressures and antagonisms in China. ... Posted Apr 12, 2012

As contradictions mount in the global capitalist economy, they are reflected in China. The factional struggle in the Chinese leadership can only be understood as a struggle over which way to go forward and how to contain and resolve the mounting economic and social contradictions arising out of capitalist development.... Posted Mar 27, 2012

It is now world news that Bo Xilai, a high-ranking member of the 25-member Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party, has been removed from his key post as Party Secretary of the important Chongqing branch of the CCP. ... Posted Mar 22, 2012

Andy Stern, former head of the giant Service Employees union in the United States, recently visited China as part of a delegation organized by the China-United States Exchange Foundation and the Center for American Progress. Stern, knowing very well that U.S. workers are in the midst of a long-term crisis of unemployment that shows no letup, was highly impressed with the goals of China’s 12th five-year plan, which were explained to the visiting group by high-ranking Chinese officials. ... Posted Dec 6, 2011

Who is Liu Xiaobo and why was he given this year’s Nobel Peace Prize? To understand this, it’s necessary to know the history of the prize and how it came about.... Posted Nov 23, 2010

Sixty-one years after the Chinese Revolution’s triumph, the People’s Republic of China has created the world’s fastest supercomputer.... Posted Nov 14, 2010

After a wave of strikes at foreign-opened firms in China — strikes that were supported by the government and gained significant wage increases for the workers — the business media in the United States and other imperialist countries are complaining that China is taking an economic turn harmful to their interests.... Posted Aug 1, 2010

Strikes at foreign-owned companies in China continue to proliferate.... Posted Jul 11, 2010

The headlines have proclaimed that Google has “quit” China in a “battle over censorship.” That’s what Google told the capitalist media, so that’s what’s been reported. There’s no fine print in these reports.... Posted Apr 2, 2010

Has Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared a U.S. cyber cold war on China? Clinto’ speech targetting China is filled with aggressive cold war references to the Berlin Wall and an “Information Iron Curtain” as well as other cold war rhetoric, like a speech from the U.S. State Department during the Reagan years.... Posted Jan 31, 2010

Ever since the Kyoto Protocol of 1997, which the United States never ratified, the capitalist political establishment in Washington has focused on one thing: trying to put the onus on China for the lack of any binding world agreement that could prevent catastrophic climate change.... Posted Dec 23, 2009

Talk given by WWP Secretariat member Deirdre Griswold at the WWP National Conference Nov. 14.... Posted Nov 24, 2009

When, on Oct. 1, 1949, Communist leader Mao Zedong looked out over a sea of faces in Beijing’s Tienanmen Square and told the world, “China has stood up,” he spoke as the leader of an earth-shaking revolution.... Posted Oct 1, 2009

An article by Somini Sengupta, titled “As Indian Growth Soars, Child Hunger Persists,” recently examined the divergent results economic growth has had in India and China. Even after a decade of spectacular economic growth, Indian child malnutrition rates are worse than in many sub-Saharan African countries. Indicators such as these begin to paint a picture of growth in India that is strikingly different than that of neighboring China... Posted Mar 26, 2009

Just when the capitalist economic meltdown has the world by the throat, the Pentagon reminds us it can pose an even more urgent danger. The threat is of U.S. military aggression against the People’s Republic of China.... Posted Mar 11, 2009

China has become vulnerable to trends in the worldwide capitalist system since it allowed market mechanisms to coexist alongside state-owned industries.... Posted Nov 16, 2008

China is forcing some of the biggest corporations in the world to immediately allow workers in their giant plants, offices and shops to unionize. In a widely publicized 100-day campaign, the Chinese government set a deadline of Sept. 30 for corporations doing business there to recognize unions.... Posted Oct 18, 2008

The technology for harvesting clean power from the wind has improved greatly in the last few years. That’s the good news.... Posted Sep 14, 2008

Chinese athletes, children, artists and choreographers, 15,000 performers and an abundant display of new technology since the opening of the Beijing Olympics have stunned billions of people around the world. The transnational imperialist-dominated media have left most people unaware of the tremendous progress made in the world’s most populous country since the earthshaking revolution led by Mao Zedong’s Communist Party in 1949, less than 60 years ago.... Posted Aug 20, 2008

Excerpts from an article that first appeared July 26, 2001. It is especially appropriate in the week following the opening of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, something that would not have been possible without the tremendous revolution of 1949 led by the Chinese Communist Party.... Posted Aug 13, 2008

The New York branch of the revolutionary youth organization FIST (Fight Imperialism, Stand Together) first held a Marxist discussion on the role of the Dalai Lama and his entanglements with the CIA and then turned the talk into action.... Posted Jul 26, 2008

magnitude earthquake in Sichuan province shows its ability and willingness to mobilize enormous resources and people-power in a matter of hours in order to carry out a complex plan of rescue, relief and reconstruction.... Posted Jun 15, 2008

People around the world want to help earthquake survivors in China. The Falun Gong reactionary cult is using this tragedy to attack the People's Republic of China.... Posted Jun 15, 2008

The People's Republic of China suffered an earthquake of immense proportions on May 12 in the southwest province of Sichuan. One week later, the toll of known dead had risen to more than 40,000 and was expected to keep growing. Some 3 million people have been left homeless.... Posted May 21, 2008

Natural calamities have a social and political component. The Chinese government’s ability to minimize what are sure to be enormous casualties will impact on the world scene.... Posted May 15, 2008

Thanks for the WW article including the San Francisco Olympic Torch events. There were so many pro-China people. I was amazed at the huge number of Chinese flags!... Posted May 3, 2008

Jin Jing had a smile on her face as she rolled her wheelchair through the streets of Paris. Her smile was undeterred by the violent attack on her by Free Tibet agents as she bore the Olympic torch through the streets.... Posted Apr 27, 2008

Most noteworthy about the protests in London, Paris and San Francisco that targeted the Olympic Torch on its way to the Beijing Olympics was their character.... Posted Apr 20, 2008

The Dalai Lama claims that China is committing "cultural genocide" against the Tibetan people, and his claims and news of the events unfolding in the regional capital of Lhasa have captured a great deal of attention in the major media outlets in the U.S.... Posted Apr 3, 2008

The Cuban government condemned the attempts to organize a politically motivated crusade to make the 2008 Olympic Games in the city of Beijing, China, fail this year.... Posted Apr 3, 2008

The revolutionary movement in neighboring Nepal, led by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), has waged a heroic struggle since 1996 against a brutal feudal monarchy similar to that of pre-revolutionary Tibet.... Posted Apr 3, 2008

Can there be any doubt that the U.S. government is behind the attacks on China targeting the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing?... Posted Mar 27, 2008

A talk by long-time Workers World Party member Stephen Millies to the WWP conference Nov. 17-18.... Posted Nov 30, 2007

China’s diplomatic greeters rolled out red carpets for 48 delegations from African countries arriving in Beijing on Nov. 3-5 for the “Forum on China-Africa Cooperation.”... Posted Nov 12, 2006

A movement of the laboring masses is on the march in a strategic center of the world. This development is taking place in China, 10,000 miles away from Wall Street. But the Fortune 500 players nestled in their comfort zone are worried. And rightly so. Chinese workers and peasants are pouring into the urban centers seeking economic justice. Their demands have reached the highest levels of the ruling Communist Party.... Posted Oct 21, 2006

Engineers the world over agree that the new Tibet-China railroad that opened July 1, carrying 2,569 passengers in its first three days of operation, is the most impressive engineering feat of its kind in the world. It is the worlf\ÈYÚ\ݘZ[Ø^K\ÈÙ[\ÈHÛ™Ù\Ý]X]H˜Z[›ØY ... Posted Jul 7, 2006

The attitude in the imperialist establishments of Europe and the U.S. toward Black Africa is so dripping with racism that almost every mention in the mass media of this rich and vibrant continent takes it for granted that the people will be perpetually poor and their societies woefully underdeveloped. We always hear of “aid” for Africa—which amounts to little more than a pittance—but never of the great wealth produced by African workers that continues to be taken out by imperialist corporations, which feast off its minerals, its rubber, its lumber, its diamonds, and more and more, its oil.... Posted May 4, 2006

U.S ruling circles use concern over human rights as a political and ideological weapon against anyone challenging them. The “human rights” gambit was honed during the Cold War and now is employed against a wide range of countries—from China and Russia to Belarus, Iran, Zimbabwe, Venezuela and Cuba—to serve the needs of U.S. foreign policy.... Posted Mar 13, 2006

In the world of diplomacy, it’s often what’s left unsaid that requires the most careful consideration.... Posted Mar 9, 2006

Partisans of China’s revolutionary transformation and its rise from colonial slavery to the status of a rapidly developing, independent nation are justifiably wary of imperialist-inspired criticisms. No matter whether China pursues a left course, as it did in the days of Mao Zedong, or turns to the right and allows capitalist market mechanisms to operate inside the workers’ state, as it has done for the last three decades, the imperialists will never be satisfied until they can thoroughly penetrate China’s economic arteries and bend it to their will.... Posted Dec 21, 2005

China and Vietnam were able to move millions of people out of harm’s way when struck by fierce typhoons, Khanun and Damrey, at the end of September. ... Posted Oct 13, 2005

The Chinese-Cuban Biotech Pharmaceutical Co. opened its Beijing factory on Sept. 28—the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two socialist countries. ... Posted Oct 4, 2005

After three months of inner struggle and delay, the Pentagon has issued a belligerent report on China. The report, which raises the prospect of the so-called “China threat,” is itself a threat—to China.... Posted Jul 28, 2005

Why isn’t the AFL-CIO, the central labor organization in the United States, extending a hand to China’s unionized workers in a collaborative effort to demand better wages and working conditions from the transnational corporations that are trying to play the workers of both countries off against each other?... Posted Jul 22, 2005

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld journeyed to Singapore to deliver a blunt attack on China for having the audacity, as a sovereign nation representing one-fifth of the world’s population, to try to defend itself against U.S. and Japanese imperialism—two of its former colonial oppressors.... Posted Jun 9, 2005

Ever since World War II, U.S. imperialism has tried to present itself as a liberator of the Asian peoples. Despite its bloody wars in Korea and Vietnam, and its earlier seizure of the Philippines from Spain, Washington capitalized politically on having defeated Japan, which had become a hated colonial power in Asia. ... Posted Mar 23, 2005

There is a growing anti-China undercurrent in the big-business media focusing on the increase in Chinese exports to the U.S. These increases follow the removal of 40-year-old textile quotas by the World Trade Organization at the end of 2004. This anti-China campaign aims to pit workers in the U.S. against China, based upon the alleged concern over job losses.... Posted Mar 16, 2005

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