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New York’s Chinese outraged at Falun Gong

Published Jun 15, 2008 8:52 PM

People around the world want to help earthquake survivors in China. The Falun Gong reactionary cult is using this tragedy to attack the People’s Republic of China.

This cult has been going to Chinese communities in New York City with banners attacking the Chinese Communist Party. Falun Gong members have been alleged to discourage contributions to earthquake victims.

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese people live in New York City. Many are outraged at Falun Gong’s activities and have confronted the cult in Manhattan’s Chinatown and in Flushing, Queens.

Despite their grief, these Chinese demonstrators are proud of the immense rescue efforts of the People’s Liberation Army and the Communist Party. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao immediately went to the scene of the earthquake in Sichuan.

What a contrast to George Bush, who let Black people drown and starve in New Orleans.

On May 25 hundreds of Chinese people denounced the Falun Gong on Kissena Boulevard in Flushing. Beautiful red flags of the People’s Republic were carried by demonstrators. Despite intervention by the police, the Falun Gong was forced to leave the area.

Confrontations between Chinese demonstrators and members of this right-wing cult have been occurring almost daily. The May 27 New York Times reports clashes not only in Flushing but in Manhattan’s Chinatown, with angry Chinese yelling down the Falun Gong demonstrators. Several supporters of the People’s Republic of China have been arrested on trumped-up charges.

Falun Gong claims to advocate meditation and exercise. Lavishly funded, Falun Gong puts out a free newspaper called the Epoch Times that’s filled with grotesque anti-communist lies.

According to the Xinhua news agency, Falun Gong founder Li Hongzhi called the SARS epidemic “punishment from heaven” and instructed his followers to hinder efforts to combat this disease. Falun Gong also accused the Chinese government of harvesting body parts of arrested Falun Gong members, something even the U.S. State Department has said it could find no evidence of.