U.S. military intervention in Africa has been further exposed for the imperialist project that it truly is when in early June the State Department issued bounties for the capture of several leading resistance figures in Somalia.... Posted Jul 1, 2012

The United States under the Obama administration is intensifying efforts to penetrate the African continent through seminars, military training operations, recognizance missions, Special Forces deployment, naval patrols and proxy wars. ... Posted Jun 25, 2012

This year’s African Union Summit was scheduled to take place in the southern African state of Malawi, but it has been relocated to the AU headquarters in Ethiopia — a country whose troops have been fighting in Somalia in collaboration with the U.S. ... Posted Jun 13, 2012

The Hunger Project reports that out of a global population of 6.8 billion, 925 million people do not have sufficient food for members of their households. Moreover, 98 percent of undernourished people live in the so-called developing countries — those states that are colonies or former colonies.... Posted May 26, 2012

A major battle outside the Somalian central city of Baidoa on March 10 showed that the imperialist-backed war against Al-Shabaab is far from over. ... Posted Mar 22, 2012

As the United States and the European Union escalate their military and economic roles on the African continent, mounting political crises have resulted in much social unrest. From Libya and Kenya to Nigeria and Somalia, internal turmoil, labor unrest and mass resistance illustrate the interconnectedness of events throughout the international scene. ... Posted Mar 14, 2012

Back-to-back conferences held Feb. 23-24 to determine the destiny of Somalia and Syria took place outside the respective countries with the full backing of the imperialist states, guaranteeing that these efforts oppose the best interests of the two countries’ people. ... Posted Mar 1, 2012

The London Conference on Somalia will be held on the present situation and future of the East African state on Feb. 23. Former colonial power Great Britain, which held portions of Somalian territory during the 19th and 20th centuries, is scheming with other Western governments to impose a compliant political system on the strategically located nation. ... Posted Feb 23, 2012

The Pentagon and the White House continue to deny that United States military forces are directly involved in the current war over control of the Horn of Africa state of Somalia. Nevertheless, a Washington-directed drone struck an internationally supervised displaced persons camp just outside Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. ... Posted Feb 12, 2012

In his speech assuming the rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council for the Republic of South Africa, President Jacob Zuma criticized the U.N. for its stance that led to the eight-month war against Libya. ... Posted Jan 22, 2012

On Jan. 16, under extreme government pressure, the Nigerian Labor Congress and the Trade Union Congress leaders ended a week-long general strike after the federal government cut gasoline prices from $3.51 to $2.27 per gallon.... Posted Jan 18, 2012

The African National Congress, the continent’s oldest liberation movement, marked the 100th anniversary of its formation on Jan. 8. ... Posted Jan 12, 2012

A state of emergency was declared by Federal Republic of Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan on Jan. 1.... Posted Jan 9, 2012

The Wikileaks website released cables showing that plans for the Kenyan military invasion of southern Somalia had been mapped out for nearly two years and refuting claims that the intervention was done without Washington’s knowledge. ... Posted Jan 4, 2012

December 17 marks the anniversary of a year of uprisings, strikes, government resignations and regime change on the African continent. A resource-rich and strategically located geopolitical region, Africa has experienced numerous mass demonstrations, general strikes, rebellions and full-scale military assaults as part of a heightening global class struggle for control of the continent’s economic and political future.... Posted Dec 18, 2011

A very important conference on climate change took place in Durban, South Africa, during early December. ... Posted Dec 15, 2011

Washington and its NATO allies have intensified their military operations on the African continent. ... Posted Dec 12, 2011

United States and French military involvement in Africa is taking a deadly toll in the country of Somalia. Despite Washington’s denials, the people of this nation are suffering under the impact of yet another imperialist-driven war. ... Posted Nov 20, 2011

As the U.S.-NATO war against Libya enters another phase, the neocolonial designs on the state with the largest oil reserves in Africa become more and more obvious.... Posted Nov 14, 2011

An all-out offensive against the Al-Shabaab Islamic resistance movement based in Somalia is currently underway in the southern region of this Horn of Africa nation. A combined force of U.S. Predator drones and French naval vessels is targeting four towns in the southern region so that Kenyan military forces on the ground can seize Kismayo, a port city under the control of Al-Shabaab. The city is a major source of trade and serves as the economic lifeline for the resistance movement, which has been labeled by the U.S. as a terrorist organization allied with al-Qaida.... Posted Oct 31, 2011

Col. Moammar Gadhafi, leader of the Libyan people for 42 years, was brutally targeted, tortured and executed in a series of events on Oct. 20 in the coastal city of Sirte. The city is a bastion of resistance to the U.S.-NATO war in Libya.... Posted Oct 26, 2011

News spread around the world on Oct. 20-21 that NATO planes had struck a car caravan leaving Sirte in Libya, wounding Moammar Gadhafi, and that the Libyan leader was captured alive and subsequently killed. ... Posted Oct 21, 2011

Another barrage of corporate media reports surfaced Oct. 17 that the NATO-led National Transitional Council rebels had taken “most” of the city of Bani Walid. The battle for this area has been raging for over a month. Troops loyal to Moammar Gadhafi had forced the retreat of opposition units on several occasions.... Posted Oct 18, 2011

On Sept. 30 Pentagon/Central Intelligence Agency drones assassinated Anwar Al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, two U.S. Muslim citizens.... Posted Oct 10, 2011

Johnnie Stevens of Workers World Party: Attacking Libya is attacking Africa! The war against Libya is a colonial war against all of Africa!... Posted Aug 3, 2011

As the world capitalist economic crisis accelerates, growing food deficits, poverty and imperialist militarism have prompted dislocation and unrest throughout the African continent.... Posted Jul 14, 2011

South African President Jacob Zuma paid a state visit to Libya on May 30 that proved to be a fruitless effort to bring about a ceasefire in the war launched by Western-backed rebels and NATO forces, which have intensified their bombing of the capital of Tripoli and other areas of the country. Zuma was acting on behalf of the African Union, which held an extraordinary meeting on May 25 aimed at bringing an end to the war against Libya.... Posted Jun 6, 2011

On April 18, reports of student unrest in the central city of Koudougou, Burkina Faso, told of youth burning down the headquarters of President Blaise Compaore’s ruling party and the prime minister’s house. This is the latest in a series of mass protests, which have struck this West African state for more than two months.... Posted Apr 21, 2011

With the corporate media’s attention concentrated on Libya, its oil reserves and the real danger of U.S. and NATO’s military intervention, one could almost forget that enormous popular revolts are percolating throughout North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.... Posted Mar 9, 2011

The U.S. has imposed sanctions on President Gadhafi and his family’s bank accounts; by contrast, the U.S. did not impose similar sanctions on Mubarak and his reported $70 billion in bank accounts. While President Barack Obama has publicly called for Gadhafi to step down from office, he treated Mubarak with kid gloves before the resolve of the Egyptian masses forced Mubarak to leave office.... Posted Mar 2, 2011

A popular uprising in the North African state of Tunisia since mid-December has driven President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who had ruled the Western-allied government for 23 years, into exile. Protesters said that they wanted more than just Ben Ali’s departure. The demands of the youth and workers have been centered on the need for full employment and the control of inflation stemming from the impact of the global economic crisis... Posted Jan 19, 2011

Tunisian residents living in the New York City area gathered at the United Nations to rejoice at the fall of the regime of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. ... Posted Jan 19, 2011

A dispute over a recent election in the West African state of Ivory Coast has prompted calls by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for President Laurent Gbagbo to step down. This echoes the position of the U.S. State Department.... Posted Jan 5, 2011

WikiLeaks release of U.S. State Department diplomatic cables continues to expose Washington’s Africa policy for its imperialistic designs.... Posted Dec 18, 2010

Documents released by the WikiLeaks website under the direction of Australian national Julian Assange provide insight into U.S. political maneuvers on the African continent. Although more attention was paid to diplomatic cables on events in Saudi Arabia, Britain, Iran, etc., there are significant leaks related to the frustrations of the U.S. State Department in influencing developments in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Morocco and Algeria.... Posted Dec 8, 2010

A new study on Zimbabwe’s last decade of land redistribution revealed that millions of Africans have made significant gains in agricultural production and income generation in this former British settler colony. Zimbabwe won its independence in 1980.... Posted Dec 5, 2010

Thousands of people demonstrated in Madrid, Spain, on Nov. 13 in response to a Nov. 8 massacre carried out by Moroccan security forces in a displaced person’s camp at Laayoune, Western Sahara, in northwest Africa. Dozens of Sahawari people were killed, and up to 4,500 injured in the massacre.... Posted Nov 21, 2010

A 10-day joint military exercise involving the European Union, the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) and the African Union headquarters based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, was recently uncovered in a series of press releases from the Pentagon and other sources.... Posted Nov 3, 2010

A military and political crisis for the U.S.-backed Transitional Federal Government in Somalia has prompted calls for additional troop deployments under the ostensible command of the United Nations Security Council.... Posted Oct 27, 2010

On Sept. 9 U.S. Marines seized the German-owned M/V Magellan Star vessel off the coast of Somalia. The Antiguan-flagged, 8,000-ton container ship had been taken over by Somalis the day before.... Posted Sep 19, 2010

Leaders of the unions involved in the public sector strike in the Republic of South Africa have called for the suspension of the work stoppage in order to discuss the government’s latest offer. An estimated 1.3 million workers have been on strike since Aug. 18 demanding a 8.6 percent pay increase and a 1,000 rand (U.S. $138) monthly housing allowance. The strike has crippled the educational and health care sectors.... Posted Sep 9, 2010

Seven people were killed and 280 suffered injuries in the Southern African nation of Mozambique in early September, when crowds rebelled after a 30 percent increase in food prices. The unrest in Mozambique has prompted concerns that other African states as well as countries internationally will face similar problems related to escalating food prices.... Posted Sep 8, 2010

Some 1.3 million workers in the Republic of South Africa walked off the job on Aug. 18 after talks with the government collapsed. The government failed to meet their demands for an 8.6 percent increase in wages and a housing allowance of $170 per month.... Posted Sep 1, 2010

Constantly in the U.S. we are told that the solution for the people of Africa, who overwhelmingly live in extreme poverty, is for U.S. corporations and oil companies to invest there. For a long time Marxists have struggled to expose this bit of supposed “common knowledge.” Walter Rodney wrote a ground-breaking work called “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa” that showed how Africa was impoverished and destroyed by Western domination and colonialism.... Posted Aug 22, 2010

Following a protracted political struggle waged by Zimbabwe and its allies against U.S., British and European Union imperialist efforts to ban its sale of diamonds, Zimbabwe sold the first group of diamonds from the Chiadzwa mines — 900,000 carats — on Aug. 11. The sales earned $72 million in one day.... Posted Aug 18, 2010

Many articles have been written reflecting on five decades of historical experience — referred to as the 50th anniversary of the “Year of Africa” — since 17 African nations gained political independence. Yet few pay adequate attention to the indispensable role of women in the campaigns for national liberation and their continuing efforts in the present century.... Posted Aug 13, 2010

Corporate media coverage in early August of British model Naomi Campbell’s testimony at the Special War Crimes Court on Sierra Leone doesn’t provide a clue to the background of this trial against former Liberian President Charles Taylor.... Posted Aug 11, 2010

This year’s African Union summit, which was held in the East African state of Uganda on July 25-27, came under tremendous pressure from the U.S.-supported government of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. The head of state sought to turn the entire continent’s attention toward implementing Washington’s foreign policy objectives in Somalia.... Posted Aug 1, 2010

Bomb blasts in and around the Ugandan capital of Kampala on July 11 killed at least 74 people who were gathered at a rugby club and an Ethiopian restaurant watching the finals of the 2010 World Cup.... Posted Jul 16, 2010

Five decades after the independence of the former Belgian Congo, the genuine emancipation of this Central African state is yet to be realized.... Posted Jul 15, 2010

Israel and its apologists bristle when Israel is called an apartheid state. Most loudly shouting, “Israeli apartheid,” however, are those who know the best — the workers of South Africa, who suffered the most under South African apartheid. South African trade unions have denounced the siege of Gaza and the apartheid wall on the West Bank, and have urged forward the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign (BDS).... Posted Jun 16, 2010

In West Africa’s Sahel region the threat of famine has caused dislocation and suffering for millions in Niger, Mali, Chad, eastern Cameroun, Burkina Faso, Mauritania and other states. This region, located south of the Sahara Desert, has been hit by drought and crop failures over the last several months.... Posted Jun 10, 2010

Recent international press reports indicate that the U.S. military has started a renewed covert action plan to send special operations commandos into areas of the Horn of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The objective of this policy is in part to carry out targeted assassinations against people considered U.S. enemies.... Posted Jun 7, 2010

Emem Okon traveled halfway around the world from Nigeria to Houston to attend the annual stockholders meeting of Chevron Oil Company on May 27. But she and 13 others were denied entry despite having legal proxy credentials.... Posted Jun 7, 2010

This year’s May Day commemorations are taking place amid escalating racist and xenophobic attacks against immigrant communities in the U.S. and Western Europe. The passage of an Arizona law that legalizes racial profiling, and the electoral campaigns by right-wing, anti-immigrant parties in Hungary, France, Italy and the Netherlands, illustrate the need to intensify efforts at building international solidarity among workers and the oppressed.... Posted May 1, 2010

The year 2010 is the 50th anniversary of the Year of Africa, when 17 former colonial territories gained their national independence during 1960.
The liberation movements in Africa had gained momentum after World War II, when the European colonial powers were weakened by their mutual destruction from 1939 to 1945....
Posted Apr 25, 2010

Despite widely publicized claims that the opposition parties in Sudan will boycott the elections scheduled for April 11-13, President Omar al-Bashir has reiterated that the national poll will not be derailed.... Posted Apr 11, 2010

According to journalist Rick Rozoff, “The U.S. military has already been involved in counterinsurgency operations in Mali and Niger against ethnic Tuareg rebels, who have no conceivable ties to al-Qaeda, not that one would know that from Levin’s comments.” Former U.S. diplomat Daniel Simpson was quoted recently in regard to the Pentagon’s involvement in Somalia as saying that the operation was designed to “test out AFRICOM ground and air forces in Djibouti for direct military action on the continent.”... Posted Mar 17, 2010

A recent statement issued by the Obama administration indicates that it is planning to carry out aerial bombardments in the Horn of Africa nation of Somalia. The announcement comes amid intense fighting in the capital of Mogadishu between the two Islamic resistance movements, Al Shabaab and Hizbul Islam, and the U.S.-backed Transitional Federal Government that is ruling the country.... Posted Mar 14, 2010

Against all odds the southern African nation of Zimbabwe is celebrating its 30th year of independence from British settler-colonialism.... Posted Mar 11, 2010

It appears from statements by Obama administration officials and U.S. intelligence sources that further military attacks are being planned against Yemen. This impoverished country on the Arabian Peninsula has been bombed several times in recent weeks. Reports indicate that the U.S. is behind these actions, in which dozens of people are reported to have been killed.... Posted Jan 6, 2010

A bomb blast at the Shamo Hotel in Mogadishu on Dec. 3 has further destabilized the unpopular and fragile Transitional Federal Government of Somalia. It clings to power due to the deployment of 4,500 troops under the auspices of the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM), a move engineered by the U.S. government through the U.N. Security Council.... Posted Dec 10, 2009

Two recent conferences held on the African continent reaffirmed the determination of women to achieve genuine equality and political empowerment.... Posted Dec 6, 2009

Excerpts from a talk by Abayomi Azikiwe from Detroit at the WWP National Conference, Nov. 14.... Posted Nov 24, 2009

The U.S. military maneuvers and exploitation of resources in Africa have not provided any relief to the hundreds of millions of people suffering from unemployment, poverty and food deficits on the continent. In conjunction with the workers, farmers and their organizations in Africa, the progressive forces in the United States must oppose all efforts aimed at the further exploitation of the continent’s resources as well as the occupation of its lands by the international capitalists and their military forces.... Posted Nov 15, 2009

A decade ago on Oct. 14, 1999, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere passed away in his East African nation of Tanzania. Nyerere was one of the leading political figures to emerge during the post-World War II era of anti-colonial and anti-imperialist struggles that swept through Africa, Asia and Latin America.... Posted Oct 29, 2009

Zimbabwe’s inclusive government was thrown into crisis in the aftermath of the arrest of the Western-backed Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai Treasurer Roy Bennett on Oct. 14. Bennett, who has been charged with possessing arms for the purpose of criminal activity, terrorism and inciting acts of insurgency, had been out on bail since March.... Posted Oct 21, 2009

After a major address before the Columbus Council on World Affairs, the U.S.-backed president of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, Sheik Sherif Sheikh Ahmed, told journalists that his fragile regime could not prevent the seizure of power by the two main resistance groups in the Horn of Africa nation.... Posted Oct 18, 2009

Internal struggles in Nkrumah’s Convention Peoples Party broke into the open, once even resulting in an August 1962 attempt to assassinate the president with a bomb attack.... Posted Oct 7, 2009

According to the history books, 100 years ago on Sept. 21, 1909, Kwame Nkrumah, the founder and leader of the African independence movement and the foremost advocate of Pan-Africanism during his time, was born in the western Nzima region of the Gold Coast, later known as the independent state of Ghana.... Posted Oct 4, 2009

Mokgadi Caster Semenya is a South African runner who won the women’s 800-meter gold medal at the 2009 World Championships. She was subsequently challenged by competitors to prove her gender and subjected to sex tests by the International Association of Athletics Federations. South African gender and political analyst Nomboniso Gasa responds.... Posted Sep 9, 2009

Abdel Basset al-Megrahi returned home to Libya Aug. 21 to a hero’s welcome. He had been held in a Scottish prison for eight years in connection with the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, on Dec. 21, 1988. This political prisoner’s release created the conditions for a renewal of attacks on the North African state of Libya.... Posted Aug 26, 2009

Developments indicate clearly that the interest in African affairs by the current U.S. administration means a continuation of promoting and advancing the economic and political priorities of the U.S. ruling class.... Posted Aug 20, 2009

This year’s Group of 8 Summit in L’Aquila, Italy, once again demonstrated the failure of capitalist economic policies to bring genuine development to the African continent. The summit’s final day discussed the G-8 providing aid to Africa for agricultural programs. The fact that previous pledges of $50 billion made at the 2005 meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland, have not been met, however, made African leaders even more skeptical about the role of Europe and the United States in the future of the continent.... Posted Jul 20, 2009

South Africa is in a frenzy of construction in order to host the 2010 World Cup soccer competition. Complaining of low wages, the 70,000 construction workers hired for the project walked off the job July 8.... Posted Jul 20, 2009

Sirte, Libya, was host to the 13th African Union Summit held July 1-3. The AU, an organization representing all 53 independent states in Africa, held extensive discussions on how to build unity and cooperation on the continent.... Posted Jul 8, 2009

Over the last two years Africa has been severely affected by the downturn in the world economy, resulting in 53 million more people being thrust into poverty. As a result of the legacy of colonialism and neocolonialism, the prices of exports from the continent have gone down while the cost of food, fuel and other commodities imported into Africa has increased drastically.... Posted Jul 5, 2009

In just eight months, over 20,000 South African autoworkers have been “retrenched.” In response to these and other layoffs in manufacturing, the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa has launched a “fight for jobs” campaign. NUMSA won a major victory on June 17 in the Johannesburg Labor Court against General Motors South Africa.... Posted Jul 3, 2009

On June 4 President Barack Obama addressed the Muslim world while visiting Cairo, Egypt. His speech covered seven major sources of tension between the U.S. and Muslims worldwide. He stated that “we should not ignore sources of tension,” but “we must face these tensions squarely.” Overall, however, Obama’s speech contained a good deal of rhetoric, contradiction and hypocrisy.... Posted Jun 29, 2009

The worsening security situation in Somalia has prompted the U.S.-backed Transitional Federal Government to declare a state of emergency and issue a call for outside military intervention to prop it up against the popular resistance.... Posted Jun 24, 2009

In Britain and Ireland it’s called a redundancy and in South Africa it’s called a retrenchment, but a layoff by any other name is still a layoff. On June 11 the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa issued a statement announcing a court action and possible strike over what they call a “jobs bloodbath.” “General Motors South Africa (GMSA) destroyed over 1,300 jobs since 2007,” the union charged,... Posted Jun 19, 2009

What distinguishes the contemporary economic crisis within global capitalism from other downturns over the last three decades is that the rapid deterioration of the social conditions of working people and the oppressed is taking place simultaneously all over the planet. Considering that development within the imperialist countries is based largely upon the super-exploitation of the labor and natural resources of people in the colonial and neocolonial countries, it is not surprising that the economic crisis is having a far more dramatic impact on the masses of workers and farmers in Africa.... Posted Jun 18, 2009

Sudan is one of Africa’s major oil-producing countries, and has therefore been targeted for destabilization and domination by the Western imperialist states led by the U.S. The country has maintained an independent domestic and foreign policy over the last two decades and has refused to cooperate with the U.S. on a number of its initiatives related to the Iraq war and relations with Iran and Palestine.... Posted Jun 14, 2009

An ongoing struggle between Nigeria’s federal government and the people of the Niger Delta has reached a new level in the aftermath of the May 13 military operation in the West African oil-producing region. The root of the current repression in Nigeria is the role of U.S. and European-based multinational oil firms that have looted the resources of the people of the oil-producing areas inside the country for decades.... Posted Jun 7, 2009

This May 25 is the 46th anniversary of the founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Over 30 member-states formed the continental body in 1963 amid a groundswell of independence struggles. Every year this date is celebrated on the continent and in the world as “Africa Day” or “Africa Liberation Day.”... Posted May 31, 2009

Utilizing the pretext of fighting “terrorism” on land and “piracy” at sea, the U.S. administration under Obama is maintaining the same foreign policy as the previous government headed by George Bush, which targeted Somalia and the region of east Africa for regime change and the establishment of a permanent military presence in this area of the African continent.... Posted May 22, 2009

The April 22 national elections in South Africa showed widespread continued political support for the ruling African National Congress. The ANC won close to a two-thirds majority in the elections, securing victories in all the provinces with the exception of the Cape, where the opposition Democratic Alliance won out over the ruling party... Posted May 13, 2009

In the aftermath of the April 12 sniper killings of three Somali teenagers by the U.S. Navy, several U.S. agencies met on April 17 to conduct a review of military and foreign policy toward this Horn of Africa nation. The State Department, Pentagon and Justice Department have outlined a series of options to ostensibly fight “piracy” in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.... Posted Apr 23, 2009

After the execution of three Somalis and the wounding and capturing of another in the Indian Ocean on April 12, a leader of the so-called pirates vowed to avenge the deaths of these youth who held the U.S. captain of a cargo vessel known as the Maersk Alabama for five days. The Pentagon’s version of events has been disputed by the Somalis who support the vessel seizures. They contend that the three young men were killed after they agreed to end the standoff and release Phillips.... Posted Apr 13, 2009

In the aftermath of the issuance of warrants for the arrest and prosecution of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir of Sudan, the imperialists and their allies are escalating political, diplomatic and military attacks on that African country.... Posted Apr 9, 2009

With the situation reaching critical proportions in the U.S. and other industrialized states, the impact of the economic crisis is becoming more apparent in the so-called developing countries, particularly the African continent. Even though some Western analysts consider the African continent to be a marginal region, this area has been thoroughly integrated into the world capitalist system since the 19th century.... Posted Mar 27, 2009

‘We, the Palestine Solidarity Committee, believe the action by South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU) members in Durban [by refusing to unload an Israeli ship--WW] indicates a new phase in Palestinian solidarity in South Africa.’... Posted Feb 23, 2009

The Ethiopian government of Meles Zenawi had sent its army into Somalia, largely at the behest of the Bush administration. Fierce resistance to Ethiopia’s occupation over the last two years resulted in the formal withdrawal of Ethiopian forces in early January.... Posted Feb 11, 2009

Recent political developments surrounding the formation of a national unity government in the southern African nation of Zimbabwe provide greater impetus for the peoples of the continent and world to demand the immediate lifting of economic sanctions against the country.... Posted Feb 4, 2009

The name “Mama Africa” was bestowed upon Makeba because she was the first person to make African music heard and known internationally.... Posted Dec 7, 2008

Abayomi Azikiwe, Editor of Pan-African News Wire, contributing WW editor and a leader of the Moratorium NOW! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures and Evictions in Michigan.
Posted Dec 2, 2008

The attitude in the imperialist establishments of Europe and the U.S. toward Black Africa is so dripping with racism that almost every mention in the mass media of this rich and vibrant continent takes it for granted that the people will be perpetually poor and their societies woefully underdeveloped. We always hear of “aid” for Africa—which amounts to little more than a pittance—but never of the great wealth produced by African workers that continues to be taken out by imperialist corporations, which feast off its minerals, its rubber, its lumber, its diamonds, and more and more, its oil.... Posted May 4, 2006

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