The leading bodies of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have shown great confidence in the youth of their country. ... Posted Apr 19, 2012

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is preparing to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, an amazing revolutionary who for more than 60 years led the Korean people’s struggle against imperialist domination. ... Posted Apr 11, 2012

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been mourning the untimely death of its leader, Kim Jong Il. ... Posted Feb 5, 2012

The U.S. media and political authorities unanimously ridiculed the intense emotions that were displayed in public by the people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on the sudden death of their leader, Kim Jong Il. How could such grief be genuine, they asked, implying that somehow the socialist government in the north forced people to weep in public as Kim’s funeral cortege drove by.... Posted Jan 18, 2012

I’m sure you all have heard the news about the death of the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Jong Il. But you didn’t just get the news; you got it packaged in a wave of propaganda against the DPRK. ... Posted Jan 4, 2012

The U.S. government has carried out so many wars and invasions since World War II that just listing them all would take a whole page. Most people living in the U.S. have only a vague idea of the terrible damage this imperialist government has inflicted on the world — always in the name of peace and democracy.... Posted Jul 31, 2011

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has drawn an important conclusion from the unprovoked bombing of Libya by U.S. and NATO forces: Developing countries should never let down their guard and believe promises made by the imperialists.... Posted Apr 8, 2011

A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA Tuesday as regards the U.S. military attack on Libya:... Posted Apr 8, 2011

The International Metalworkers Federation states that in south Korea “labor repression is among the worst in the world.” (www.imfmetal.org) Around 200 union activists are in prison; they include leaders of the Korean Metal Workers Union, jailed for over a year for a 2009 sitdown strike at Ssangyong Motors, and of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions that protested KORUS in 2007.... Posted Jan 20, 2011

The U.S. capitalist establishment, whose military is spread across the globe and is armed with the most destructive weapons in the history of the world, has created the myth that People’s Korea is a threat to the U.S. and much of Asia.... Posted Jan 19, 2011

Members of MECAWI from Detroit joined forces to demonstrate in Ann Arbor, Mich., on Dec. 11 against the U.S. military threats directed at the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.... Posted Dec 20, 2010

Workers World Party stands in complete solidarity with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea at this critical moment, as U.S. imperialism and its client regime in south Korea are threatening war.... Posted Dec 1, 2010

Statement by Professor Jose Maria Sison, chairperson of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle.... Posted Dec 1, 2010

Statement by Manik Mukherjee, Vice President of the All India Anti-imperialist Forum and General Secretary of the International Anti-imperialist and People’s Solidarity Coordinating Committee.... Posted Dec 1, 2010

In the first of a series of actions in New York this week — buttressed by similar protest demonstrations in other parts of the U.S. — anti-war protesters marched near the military recruiting booth in Times Square to protest the latest U.S./south Korean joint war exercises in the sea near north Korea.... Posted Dec 1, 2010

When a “crisis” regarding Korea suddenly appears in the U.S. corporate media, their take is always that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (socialist north Korea) has done something totally irrational to cause it. They totally disregard the facts of what happened and, of equal importance, what led up to it.... Posted Nov 23, 2010

The U.S. and south Korean militaries are staging their largest joint war exercises in years off the coast of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.... Posted Jul 28, 2010

The U.S. government launched the Korean War 60 years ago on June 25, 1950. During three years of massive air attacks and a huge land invasion, more than three million Korean civilians were killed, including hundreds of thousands burned to death by napalm.... Posted Jun 23, 2010

The hawkish regime of South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, with Washington’s backing, has moved to take the case of the Cheonan warship disaster to the U.N. Security Council, charging that the ship was sunk by a submarine from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.... Posted Jun 10, 2010

It took almost 60 years, but the government of south Korea has finally admitted what many in the younger generation had already found out through the progressive movement there: Thousands of civilians were massacred by the south Korean regime at the beginning of the 1950-53 war, for no other reason than that they were considered sympathizers with the communist revolutionaries who had liberated the north of Korea from Japanese rule during World War II and were now battling U.S. imperialism.... Posted Dec 6, 2009

A meeting of the San Francisco Labor Council on July 27 unanimously adopted a resolution to support striking workers in South Korea.... Posted Aug 5, 2009

SsangYong Motor is not exactly a household name, even among autoworkers here. Smaller than Hyundai, Kia and GM-Daewoo, this Korean auto firm only produces vehicles for the domestic market. Members of the United Auto Workers, however, need to pay close attention to a fierce battle taking place at a SsangYong plant in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.... Posted Jul 24, 2009

Some 100,000 people poured into Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, capital city of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, on June 25. This massive crowd in a country of only 22 million people gathered at a rally and commemoration entitled “June 25, The Day of Struggle Against U.S. Imperialism.” The event marked the anniversary of the day in 1950 when the U.S. started the war which killed millions of Korean people.... Posted Jul 5, 2009

Here’s how Koreans in the north look at the current situation between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the United States, based on conversations with a member of that country’s leading party, the Workers Party of Korea.... Posted Jun 18, 2009

When it became clear that the countries of the Organization of American States—all but one—would vote on June 3 to readmit Cuba to membership, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, representing the one, walked out. Cuba has applauded the efforts of member countries to finally reverse its expulsion from the OAS, which Washington had engineered in 1962 after the failure of its invasion of Cuba. But Havana has said “no thanks” to reentering the OAS, which for half a century has done Washington’s bidding.... Posted Jun 10, 2009

Anyone in the United States who pays attention to the corporate news media must think that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea just violated the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Right? Except that no such treaty exists.... Posted May 27, 2009

Members of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of south Korea have recently toured the U.S. and Canada, speaking out about how bloody repression by the U.S.-backed dictatorship of Syngman Rhee accompanied the political partitioning of Korea in 1948.... Posted Apr 19, 2009

On April 5, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea announced it had launched a communications satellite into orbit. It was a remarkable first for this small socialist country in the north of Korea, which has been struggling to develop a modern economy in the face of great hostility from Washington.... Posted Apr 12, 2009

It is impossible to find objective reporting about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the U.S. corporate media. When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to Japan and China recently for her first official visit to Asia, she did what no diplomat is ever supposed to do: launched into a wildly speculative and personal attack on DPRK leader Kim Jong Il. Instead of chastising her for poisoning the atmosphere and precluding the “openness” in foreign relations promised by the new administration, the media gleefully egged her on.... Posted Feb 25, 2009

A police attack Jan. 20 on tenants resisting eviction in Seoul, South Korea, led to the death of six people. In response to this atrocity, thousands marched on both Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 demanding that the police chief be fired for this unwarranted use of force to evict people from their homes.... Posted Feb 5, 2009

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was the very first country in the world to successfully repel an all-out U.S. invasion and war.... Posted Jan 11, 2009

When 300 women workers who manufactured SIRIUS satellite radios in Seoul, South Korea, were all fired for forming a union, they vowed to fight for their jobs.... Posted Nov 2, 2008

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea took a dramatic step on June 27 to prove conclusively to the world that it was disabling its technology for making nuclear weapons.... Posted Jul 3, 2008

As told by most history textbooks in the U.S., the Korean War started with a June 25, 1950, invasion from the communist north and the freedom-loving U.S. came to the aid of the besieged democratic Republic of Korea in the south. The reality was very different.... Posted Jun 29, 2008

Not too much has appeared in the U.S. media lately about the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. In this case, no news is good news.... Posted Jun 22, 2007

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