Capitalism at a dead end

Book Cover: Capitalism at a dead end
ISBN: 978-0895671752
Pages: 120

Capitalism at a Dead End explains that the economic crisis, which began in August 2007, marked a turning point in the history of capitalism. This is more than just another severe capitalist crisis. The author contends that the system will not bounce back; it will not return to the normal capitalist boom-and-bust cycle.



This book began as a short pamphlet based upon a paper submitted for presentation at the 6th National Meeting on Social Policy at the Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil, September 28-30, 2011. The last words of the paper were written on September 17, 2011, the very day that the Occupy Wall Street movement began its occupation of Zuccotti Park, renamed Liberty Square in New York City.

Aptly, it had concluded:

… there are rumblings of resistance from down below that are sure to grow in frequency and intensity as the crisis deepens and workers, communities, students and youth come under even greater pressure and suffer even greater hardships.

No one can know when and how the struggle will grow and spread. The only certainty is that it will.


It is extremely important to grasp the profound nature of the present crisis. After pouring trillions of dollars into bank bailouts to stem the crisis, the ruling classes have lost even the temporary control that financial intervention gave them.

We are in the early stages of an historic crisis. It is important to recognize this for all those who strive to get rid of capitalism. If we can anticipate the tumultuous events and great pressures on the masses that are sure to come, then we can anticipate the opportunities and challenges also.

Being determines consciousness, but not automatically and not necessarily in the short run. In fact, consciousness lags behind events, but it eventually catches up when life cannot go on in the old way.

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