More than 500 progressive political activists attended the United National Antiwar Coalition’s second national conference March 23-25. ... Posted Apr 9, 2012

Northern Illinois Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry Jonas stated that the “investigation is continuing” in the case of the anti-war and international solidarity activists hit with FBI raids and grand jury repression.... Posted Feb 4, 2012

U.S.-based anti-imperialist and anti-war organizations have called for protest demonstrations to stop U.S. aggression aimed at Iran on Feb. 4, calling it a “global day of action.” As of Jan. 29, the movement had grown to include protests in 48 U.S. cities, plus cities in five other countries. ... Posted Feb 1, 2012

U.S.-based anti-imperialist and anti-war organizations have called for protest demonstrations against U.S. aggression aimed at Iran on Feb. 4, calling it a “global day of action.”... Posted Jan 29, 2012

It was called as a global Day of Rage that also focused on the 10th anniversary of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. ... Posted Oct 20, 2011

Occupy Boston and the United National Antiwar Committee rocked the city’s business district as 5,000 protesters marched on Oct. 15 with cries of “Whose streets? Our streets!”... Posted Oct 20, 2011

Thousands of people from virtually all sectors of U.S. workers, the oppressed and youths gathered in Union Square in New York City April 9 and marched, shouted and drummed their anti-war slogans for two miles to Foley Square in downtown Manhattan. As this largest anti-war march in New York in years stretched for 20 blocks down Broadway, it passed by thousands of New Yorkers busy shopping, who smiled, cheered and waved at what can only be described as the new face of a vibrant movement to confront the war-makers.... Posted Apr 13, 2011

Three thousand activists demonstrated against U.S. wars abroad on April 10 in San Francisco. Protesters rallied in Dolores Park in the city’s Mission district both before and after a march through the community.... Posted Apr 13, 2011

Even before the first U.S. bombs rained down on Libya, protesters across the U.S. stood up to voice their opposition to yet another U.S. war for oil. These protests continue.... Posted Mar 24, 2011

From the beginning of the people’s struggle against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s “budget repair bill,” at the behest of the banks, corporations and the Pentagon, thousands of peace and anti-war forces have traveled to Madison and other parts of the state to confront the politicians’ and their rich backers’ lie that there’s no money for people’s needs.... Posted Mar 12, 2011

Protesters denounced Admiral Mike Mullen Aug. 26 at Wayne State University in Detroit. Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mullen is the highest-ranking military officer in the U.S.... Posted Sep 2, 2010

Ahlam Mohsen, a 22-year-old student at Michigan State University, was arrested Aug. 15 and charged with two felony counts after she threw a pie at Sen. Carl Levin as an anti-war protest.... Posted Aug 25, 2010

The media explosion following the publication of reports of some 90,000 classified cables between U.S. officials may accelerate the struggle to end the imperialist occupation of Afghanistan.... Posted Jul 28, 2010

Afghan resistance fighters killed six GIs in six different battles on July 10 as Gen. David Petraeus took over command from the fired Gen. Stanley McChrystal. The disarray in the U.S. command and the growing casualties highlight the disintegration of the U.S. war strategy. They also underline the importance of an upcoming national anti-war conference whose goal is producing an action program for the coming period.... Posted Jul 15, 2010

In southeastern Afghanistan on April 8, a United States Air Force V-22 Osprey went down, killing three Air Force service members and a civilian contractor. This was the first time the multimission, tilt-rotor aircraft has crashed in military operations since being introduced in June 2007.... Posted Apr 14, 2010

The seventh anniversary of the criminal U.S.-British occupation of Iraq on March 20 gave impetus to demonstrations in cities around the world. Anti-war protesters could not forget the suffering this U.S.-led aggression has imposed on the Iraqis, killing over a million and driving 5 million people into exile.... Posted Mar 24, 2010

There are nearly 100,000 U.S. troops in Iraq seven years after the illegal aggression, plus an equal number of “contractors” — mercenaries. The U.S. occupation has left more than 1 million dead and created 5 million refugees. Anyone who opposes this war should join the protests in Washington or other regional centers on March 20.... Posted Mar 11, 2010

The imperialists have always used catchy phrases to sell their predatory wars. World War I was “the war to end all wars.” The modern war for economic subjugation of oppressed nations by the small class of super-rich capitalists is labeled “the war on terrorism.”... Posted Jan 6, 2010

At a national assembly of U.S. Labor Against the War held in Chicago Dec. 4-6, a resolution was passed unanimously that called for “an immediate end to the wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan and military attacks in Pakistan.” The resolution also declared that “USLAW calls for the immediate and complete withdrawal of all U.S. military forces and contractors from Iraq and Afghanistan and the closing of all U.S. military bases in both countries.”... Posted Dec 17, 2009

The televised scenes and photos from Fort Hood, Texas, following the Nov. 5 shooting at the “Soldier Readiness Center” that left 13 dead, brought back memories of another time when that enormous military base was a center of political struggle.... Posted Nov 20, 2009

Excerpted from a talk by Sara Flounders at the Workers World Party National Conference in New York: The U.S. military budget is larger than the rest of the world’s put together. This is a superprofit subsidy to the wealthiest CEOs and stockholders of the military corporations.... Posted Nov 19, 2009

With Defense Secretary Robert Gates expected to ask for 45,000 more U.S. troops for Afghanistan, it looks like a U.S. escalation of that ugly war will be the next big issue to be fought out in Congress, with most opposition coming from Democrats. Will the administration rely on support from the most rightist forces in Congress to continue to promote the war against the Afghans, sending many thousands of U.S. youth and contract mercenaries to kill and die occupying that Central Asian land... Posted Sep 18, 2009

As the decision day for escalating the U.S.-led occupation of Afghanistan grows closer, a mass slaughter of Afghans in northern Kunduz province has put the war on center stage worldwide and sharpened popular opposition within the NATO countries, including inside the U.S. itself.... Posted Sep 11, 2009

The hint is becoming loud and clear in the official media of the U.S. ruling class: The Pentagon is on the verge of a massive escalation of the war in what they now call the “Af/Pak theater.” An Aug. 31 attack on a NATO arms convoy in Pakistan near the Afghan border that blew up 18 trucks served to underscore the drama of this decision.... Posted Sep 4, 2009

The casualties among the U.S.-led occupation forces in Afghanistan are headed toward a new high this year, reaching 67 killed in July alone. The step-up in deaths—mostly from the large U.S. and British contingents on an offensive in Helmand Province—signals the new U.S. administration’s focus on this Central Asian country of just 29 million people.... Posted Jul 30, 2009

The conflict in Iran that opened up with the June presidential elections there has had an impact on the progressive and anti-imperialist movement worldwide, including in the United States. Misunderstanding the events has created some confusion in anti-war ranks. This is especially dangerous after Vice President Joe Biden on July 5 gave a virtual green light to an Israeli attack on Iran. The anti-war movement must stay alert to protest any move in that direction.... Posted Jul 20, 2009

U.S. Iraq war resister Cliff Cornell was sentenced last week to 12 months hard labor and a bad conduct discharge for refusing to participate in the war in Iraq and for going to Canada in 2005. He was forced out of Canada in January by the Bushite government of Stephen Harper.... Posted Jun 29, 2009

More than 70 people, mostly students, participated in the founding conference of Connecticut Students Against the War on April 25 at Wesleyan University... Posted May 10, 2009

Protesters marched in Melbourne, Fla., on March 28 to demand an end to war and occupation from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to Palestine.... Posted Apr 4, 2009

The announcement that the U.S. government plans to keep an occupation force of up to 50,000 troops–plus countless civilian mercenaries–in Iraq indefinitely as well as immediately send an additional 17,000 troops to Afghanistan has met a firestorm of protest and opposition.... Posted Mar 8, 2009

The U.S. occupation of Afghanistan has expanded so definitively into Pakistan that some media like the Financial Times have renamed it the “AfPak conflict.”... Posted Mar 2, 2009

Anti-war activists in northern New York State are joining with the organizers of the Different Drummer cafe in Watertown and members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) for a new kind of war protest this May 17, dubbed Armed Forces Day.... Posted May 15, 2008

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