Wisconsin workers fight back

Poor and working people across Wisconsin are mobilizing statewide for a historic June 5 gubernatorial recall election. ... Posted Jun 2, 2012

Displaying the mighty power of workers and the poor in Wisconsin and beyond, more than 60,000 protesters flooded the State Capitol grounds for a people’s march and rally on March 10.... Posted Mar 16, 2012

The Education Rights Coalition at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee sponsored protests on campus March 1 on the National Day of Action for Education Rights. ... Posted Mar 7, 2012

On Feb. 6, members of the Occupy Coalition in Milwaukee held a protest at the Chase Bank at Water and Wisconsin streets. ... Posted Feb 18, 2012

Protesters from across Wisconsin and beyond rallied at the State Capitol in Madison Feb. 11 to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the people’s uprising that is still shaking the foundations of Wall Street. ... Posted Feb 18, 2012

Those participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement in Wisconsin are continuing to fight the 1% statewide.... Posted Feb 4, 2012

Wisconsin workers & students united in February against a legislative bill designed to eliminate collective bargaining rights. Their struggle set the stage for labor in the U.S. and captured international attention. Read the Workers World newpaper’s coverage and analysis.... Posted Aug 17, 2011

The Wisconsin AFL-CIO’s “Truth Tour,” which kicked off July 16 at the Teamster’s Hall in Green Bay, is traveling throughout the state until at least Aug. 2.... Posted Jul 20, 2011

On May 20, the Wisconsin Senate passed one of the most restrictive “Voter ID” laws in the United States. This followed the vote by the Wisconsin Assembly. Gov. Scott Walker said he would sign it quickly.... Posted May 31, 2011

Several hundred defenders and members of International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 10 in Oakland, Calif., took over the plaza at Pacific Maritime Association headquarters in San Francisco on April 25 to demand that the employers’ group drop its lawsuit against the union. The suit was in retaliation for the dockworkers’ solidarity action on April 4 in defense of Wisconsin public workers.... Posted Apr 28, 2011

Protest activities continue across Wisconsin to fight the union-busting bill signed by Gov. Scott Walker on March 11. They are also directed at the many anti-people measures contained in the budget proposal for the next two fiscal years, 2011-2013, which would cut at least $3.6 billion from services that help poor and working people.... Posted Apr 28, 2011

The ongoing people’s struggle in Wisconsin won a victory in the April 5 elections when independent Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg won a seat in the Wisconsin Supreme Court over Justice David Prosser, a Republican conservative. It was announced on April 5 that Kloppenburg had won the election by a few hundred votes.... Posted Apr 17, 2011

In just a few weeks of working-class action and struggle, a major shift in union and class consciousness has taken place in Wisconsin. It is instructive to briefly go over the history of this state.... Posted Apr 17, 2011

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker directed the state’s Legislative Reference Bureau to post online the anti-union bill that he signed on March 11. This is his latest attempt to bust the state’s public sector unions and attack their collective bargaining rights... Posted Apr 4, 2011

“We Stand with Wisconsin Workers” was the message from 15,000 workers and community allies at the March 26 “Our Communities, Our Good Jobs” march through downtown Los Angeles and rally at Pershing Square.... Posted Mar 30, 2011

Across the state of Wisconsin the sweeping people’s rebellion continues every day. From all areas of the state poor and working people are in motion to defeat the union-busting bill Gov. Scott Walker signed March 11. The fightback now encompasses broader demands, as people are directly challenging the billions of dollars in budget cuts politicians like Walker have proposed at the behest of banks, corporations and the Pentagon.... Posted Mar 27, 2011

Gov. Scott Walker, who spearheaded the recent bill dismantling collective bargaining rights for public sector workers, is not the first Wisconsin governor to push through anti-poor, anti-worker legislation. In 1997, just one year after the Clinton administration dismantled the federally funded Aid to Families with Dependent Children program, then-Gov. Tommy Thompson instituted state anti-welfare legislation called “Wisconsin Works” or “W2.”... Posted Mar 27, 2011

When unions in Washington, D.C., found out that the BRG Group, a Republican lobbying firm, was hosting a $1,000-to-$5,000-a-head fundraiser on March 16 for Wisconsin legislators, they put union solidarity into action.... Posted Mar 27, 2011

The passage of right-wing Gov. Scott Walker’s union-busting bill should not be the end of the story in Wisconsin. It should be the beginning of a new phase of escalated struggle by the unions, the community and students to overturn this illegal denial of workers’ rights.... Posted Mar 16, 2011

On March 12, in possibly the biggest progressive demonstration in Wisconsin’s history, tens of thousands of people from across the Badger state, the country and worldwide joined to protest the illegal passing and signing of a union-busting and anti-people bill at the state Capitol in Madison... Posted Mar 16, 2011

From the beginning of the people’s struggle against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s “budget repair bill,” at the behest of the banks, corporations and the Pentagon, thousands of peace and anti-war forces have traveled to Madison and other parts of the state to confront the politicians’ and their rich backers’ lie that there’s no money for people’s needs.... Posted Mar 12, 2011

The movement to stop Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s “budget repair bill” continues to draw mass support nationally and internationally. The resistance has blossomed into a statewide people’s rebellion with rallies, demonstrations, candlelight vigils and other protest actions all focused on “kill the bill.”... Posted Mar 9, 2011

The great struggle of the Wisconsin public workers has galvanized union solidarity on a national level not seen since 1981. That was when the AFL-CIO organized the Solidarity Day demonstration of half a million workers in Washington, D.C., after President Ronald Reagan had fired 18,000 air traffic controllers, members of the PATCO union, and banned them from federal employment for life. But Solidarity Day in 1981 was a one-shot, symbolic action that came and went because the issue was quickly abandoned by the top leadership after the demonstration was over. This time it’s different.... Posted Mar 9, 2011

The struggle now unfolding in Wisconsin will go down in history as the beginning of the long delayed fightback of the U.S. working class. ... Posted Mar 5, 2011

In a back-and-forth struggle where the final result has still not been determined, the mass mobilization to stop Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s aggressive assault on workers is growing stronger as the confrontation continues.... Posted Mar 2, 2011

A mighty giant is beginning to awaken. The fighting workers and youth of Wisconsin, who are battling a right-wing offensive seeking to decimate collective bargaining in that state, have inspired and put in motion the multinational working class throughout the entire United States.... Posted Mar 2, 2011

The students have played an integral role in the Wisconsin struggle, forming the base for the occupation by organizing sleep-over lists, food donations, medical staff and an information center all within the Capitol itself.... Posted Mar 2, 2011

The National Basketball Players Association proudly supports our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin and their stand for unequivocal collective bargaining rights.... Posted Mar 2, 2011

Sharon Black is an organizer with the National Bail Out the People Movement who has been at the State Capitol in Madison since day two of the occupation. She submitted the following report on the morning of Saturday, Feb. 26, prior to the huge demonstration of 100,000 workers that took place that afternoon in Wisconsin’s capital. ... Posted Feb 27, 2011

People around the world, from California to Cairo, are supporting Wisconsin’s workers, who’ve seized their state Capitol building to fight union busting. But this wasn’t the first time people seized the Capitol in Madison.... Posted Feb 26, 2011

The people’s liberation of the state Capitol in Madison, Wis., is in full swing.... Posted Feb 23, 2011

Workers World Party salutes the workers of Wisconsin who through their sacrifice and fortitude are showing the way for workers everywhere!... Posted Feb 23, 2011

Some of the Egyptians who participated in the uprising there have been supportive of the workers’ struggle in Madison, Wis., as can be seen in the photo here. Other have donated funds to buy pizzas in Madison and have them sent to the workers and students at the state Capitol.... Posted Feb 23, 2011

The Green Bay Packers, the only publicly owned team in the National Football Association and winners of Super Bowl XLV, are based in the working-class city of Green Bay, Wis. Past and present Packer members — Curtis Fuller, Chris Jackie, Charles Jordan, Bob Long, Steve Okoniewski, Brady Poppinga and Jason Spitz — issued a solidarity statement on Feb. 15, the second day of the Wisconsin Capitol takeover.... Posted Feb 23, 2011

A statement from the Fight Imperialism, Stand Together youth organization.... Posted Feb 23, 2011

Inside the state Capitol building in Madison, Wis., the halls normally filled with politicians and corporate lobbyists are now occupied by thousands of people. Banners and posters with messages of solidarity and slogans denouncing Gov. Scott Walker's attack on the public sector hang from every wall. ... Posted Feb 21, 2011

The people’s liberation of the state Capitol in Madison, Wis., is in full swing.... Posted Feb 21, 2011

Since Feb. 14, tens of thousands of students, workers and other community members have liberated the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison in response to Gov. Scott Walker’s “budget repair” bill, which would eliminate collective bargaining rights for 175,000 public sector union workers statewide.... Posted Feb 17, 2011

On behalf of the banks, the corporations and the Pentagon, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has declared all-out war on unions and their allies.... Posted Feb 16, 2011

On Jan. 3, hundreds of people met at the site of the Talgo manufacturing plant in Milwaukee, Wis., and traveled by bus to Madison, Wis., to protest Scott Walker’s inauguration as governor at the State Capitol.... Posted Jan 17, 2011

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