Occupy Wall Street

March 17 was the sixth-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. In the late evening, a crowd of hundreds gathered in historic Zuccotti Park, now dubbed Liberty Plaza. Many organizers and progressive forces attending the annual Left Forum at Pace University, very close to the park, joined OWS activists.... Posted Mar 20, 2012

A large rally to end a ban on Palestine solidarity organizing at the Manhattan Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center was held on March 3 during Israeli Apartheid Week. It was initiated by NYC Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.... Posted Mar 18, 2012

On March 1, Occupy Education California called for local actions building up to the March 5 statewide Occupy the Capitol event. ... Posted Mar 7, 2012

A march and rally were held at New York City’s Union Square on Feb. 28 demanding, “Don’t Suppress Occupy Wall Street.”... Posted Mar 7, 2012

Demonstrators chanted, “Tear down Jailhouses! Build up School Houses!” outside Heery International Inc.’s Philadelphia office as part of a national call from Occupy Oakland to Occupy for Prisoners on Feb. 20. ... Posted Mar 4, 2012

The New York branch of Workers World Party held a Black History forum Feb. 25 entitled “Occupy Black Liberation: The Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Black Struggle.” ... Posted Mar 3, 2012

Members of the [International Longshore and Warehouse Union] and the labor community named the Occupy Movement as key to the settlement reached [Feb. 9] between ILWU Local 21 and the Export Grain Terminal. The contract finally provides for the use of ILWU labor in the grain terminal at the Port of Longview.... Posted Feb 23, 2012

On Feb. 6, members of the Occupy Coalition in Milwaukee held a protest at the Chase Bank at Water and Wisconsin streets. ... Posted Feb 18, 2012

The brutal attack on Occupy Oakland on Jan. 28 by the Oakland Police Department is part of a nationally coordinated attack against the Occupy movement, which includes the Feb. 4 eviction of Occupy DC from McPherson Square in the U.S. capital by riot-clad cops. ... Posted Feb 11, 2012

Those participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement in Wisconsin are continuing to fight the 1% statewide.... Posted Feb 4, 2012

Some 2,000-plus Occupy Oakland participants were met with heavy police violence and hundreds of arrests on Jan. 28 as they marched on the long-vacant Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center. The group had been planning the building occupation for several months.... Posted Jan 30, 2012

California prison hunger strikers at Corcoran SHU have drafted a set of 10 core demands that they are proposing be adopted by the Occupy Wall Street Movement. ... Posted Dec 15, 2011

Chanting “Union-busting is disgusting!” Occupy Philly activists barged into the headquarters lobby of Presby’s Inspired Life, a local nursing home chain, on Dec. 9. ... Posted Dec 14, 2011

Day 53 of Occupy Philly has turned into a showdown between the protesters and the police, since the city threatened to evict activists at 5 p.m. It’s now 10 p.m. and the people’s mic remains strong at Dilworth Plaza outside City Hall. ... Posted Nov 28, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street movement at Zuccotti Park in New York City heard the powerful voices of women activists, the majority of them immigrants from Latin America, at a rally organized Nov. 20 by a broad coalition led by Women Workers for Peace and La Peña del Bronx. ... Posted Nov 23, 2011

Service Employees Local 721, Occupy LA participants and community organizations marched to Bank of America Plaza in downtown Los Angeles Nov. 17. Police arrested 27 activists at a morning blockdown and 46 more in the afternoon.... Posted Nov 22, 2011

When the masses of people are in motion, watch out. They may just be chipping away at the foundations of the old established order, while you ain’t looking!... Posted Nov 22, 2011

Our movement is under attack. We must mobilize to defend it.... Posted Nov 16, 2011

As the political character of Occupy Wall Street has grown sharper, with its movement increasingly targeting foreclosures and union-busting, the ruling class made a decision: Cut off the movement at the head. ... Posted Nov 16, 2011

The eyes of the world were on the city of Oakland and the massive people’s march to the nation’s fifth-largest container port on Nov. 2 for the General Strike and Day of Mass Action called by Occupy Oakland.... Posted Nov 16, 2011

The next time you hear about how terrible things were or are in some socialist country, think about the war being spread right now in the media against the Occupy movement. ... Posted Nov 16, 2011

On Nov. 9, some 400 students, workers, faculty and their supporters rallied at Harvard University with plans to occupy historic Harvard Yard. ... Posted Nov 16, 2011

Occupy Rochester won a stunning victory on Nov. 9 when Mayor Tom Richards agreed to let protesters camp in Washington Square Park 24/7. ... Posted Nov 16, 2011

Occupy Oakland was temporarily shut down on Nov. 14 after being served eviction notices by the police, as instructed by Mayor Jean Quan. ... Posted Nov 16, 2011

In rainy darkness, sleet and snow, Occupy Syracuse marked Veterans Day with a march through downtown Syracuse, N.Y. ... Posted Nov 16, 2011

On Nov. 11, Occupy Atlanta served a hearty meal in Troy Davis Park to veterans, most of them homeless.... Posted Nov 16, 2011

Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, ­activists have launched an Occupy For Jobs Network to demand a massive public works program big enough to provide jobs at union wages for the more than 30 million unemployed and underemployed workers in the country. ... Posted Nov 10, 2011

Solidarity statement by Clarence Thomas, International Longshore Workers Union Local 10 member and Million Worker March leader, to the People’s Assembly meeting.... Posted Nov 10, 2011

Across the state of burgeoning Wisconsin Occupy Wall Street encampments, activities and events continue to grow. ... Posted Nov 10, 2011

The call by Occupy Oakland for a general strike on Nov. 2 came after police from agencies across Alameda County brutally assaulted people trying to return to their encampment on Oct. 25 at Frank Ogawa Plaza (renamed Oscar Grant Plaza) after police had ousted them and ransacked their belongings. ... Posted Nov 9, 2011

Statement from Occupy Oakland Strike Committee: The Oakland General Strike is a warning shot.... Posted Nov 9, 2011

After a day of struggle by Occupy Oakland that closed some major downtown banks, 10,000 to 20,000 demonstrators marched on this northern California city's huge and usually busy seaport on the evening of Nov. 2. They brought work to a halt as longshore workers refused to cross the mass picket line.... Posted Nov 4, 2011

... Posted Nov 2, 2011

Occupy Wall Street, the 24/7 encampment of thousands of people in lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, most of them youth, has become a center of countless acts of resistance to capitalism and its crimes. ... Posted Nov 2, 2011

Shortly after midnight on Oct. 28, on orders from the mayor, the Rochester police arrested 32 members of the Occupy Rochester encampment at Washington Square Park, making it the first occupation in New York State to be forcibly arrested and evicted. ... Posted Nov 2, 2011

Despite all the nice words by U.S. officials in world forums about their support for “peaceful” protests, despite all the sympathy expressed by politicians, from President Barack Obama on down, regarding the dire conditions that have sparked the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, despite all the efforts by many demonstrators to show good will to the authorities, the riot police have now been called out in many cities and the crackdown has begun.... Posted Oct 26, 2011

Throughout the country, the Occupy Wall Street movement continues to defy the cops, make demands for social and economic justice, and provide spaces for solidarity and anti-capitalist momentum. ... Posted Oct 26, 2011

It was called as a global Day of Rage that also focused on the 10th anniversary of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. ... Posted Oct 20, 2011

Occupy Boston and the United National Antiwar Committee rocked the city’s business district as 5,000 protesters marched on Oct. 15 with cries of “Whose streets? Our streets!”... Posted Oct 20, 2011

The first confrontation between the Occupation Wall Street demonstrators and billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the New York cops ended in victory for OWS in the early morning hours of Oct. 14.... Posted Oct 20, 2011

Almost every major national labor union — except in the construction trades — and the AFL-CIO have endorsed Occupy Wall Street.... Posted Oct 20, 2011

Oct. 15 was the Global Day of Action against Wall Street greed.... Posted Oct 19, 2011

Just the very name — Occupy Wall Street! — has struck a chord with millions of people across the United States who are suffering from the often capricious devastation wreaked by the capitalist crisis, which has meant a job destroyed here, a family evicted there, until whole communities are left in tatters.... Posted Oct 19, 2011

These are hard times. There doesn’t appear to be any respite coming soon. The political atmosphere has shifted in response to the greatest economic calamity since the Great Depression. This crisis, because of how the changes in technology, communication and production have made the world smaller, is global in its impact.... Posted Oct 19, 2011

Billionaire Bloomberg has announced that tomorrow he wants to “clean” Zucotti Park, the site of Occupy Wall Street.... Posted Oct 13, 2011

Excerpted from a talk given by WWP Secretariat member Teresa Gutierrez at the WWP National Conference held in New York City Oct. 8-9.... Posted Oct 13, 2011

Excerpted from a talk given by WWP Secretariat member Larry Holmes at the WWP National Conference held in New York City, Oct. 8-9.... Posted Oct 13, 2011

Excerpts from a talk by a Durham, N.C., WWP branch organizer Cathey Stanley, at the Workers World Party National Conference on Oct. 8.... Posted Oct 13, 2011

Excerpts from a talk given by Fred Goldstein, WWP Secretariat member, at the Workers World Party National Conference held in New York City, Oct. 8-9.... Posted Oct 13, 2011

Under a banner that outlined the theme of the 2011 Workers World Party national conference, “Expand Occupy Wall Street, Shut Down Capitalism and Fight for Socialism,” activists of all ages and nationalities gathered at the Paul Robeson Auditorium in the South Bronx Oct. 8 and 9. They discussed the significance of the rapidly expanding Occupy Wall Street movement and the role workers and oppressed must play to bring a genuine anti-capitalist direction to this struggle.... Posted Oct 12, 2011

Following the lead of Occupy Wall Street, occupations are growing in size and number across the country, with actions taking place in hundreds of cities. ... Posted Oct 12, 2011

The police have once again proved to their bosses at JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs that they can be relied upon to bust heads to protect Wall Street.... Posted Oct 6, 2011

On Oct. 7 a Haitian community group will march from Brooklyn across the Brooklyn Bridge and join the Occupy Wall Street encampment at Liberty Plaza in downtown Manhattan’s financial district.... Posted Oct 5, 2011

Events of the past week have made it easy to see who is considered a criminal under the for-profit system known as capitalism.... Posted Sep 28, 2011

“Occupy Wall Street” was a demonstration rooted in tweets, Facebook messages, and email exchanges.... Posted Sep 24, 2011

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