Embattled state & local workers

The massive demonstrations and occupation of the Capitol in Madison, Wis., signal the end of three decades of union retreat. This struggle has awakened a new activism, resistance and solidarity by labor, communities and students not seen in this country in many decades.... Posted Apr 5, 2011

Public sector unions, not the banks, are being demonized for the current budget crisis. These unions are dominated by women and reflect the growth of the low-wage service sector within the capitalist economy.... Posted Mar 25, 2011

The passage of right-wing Gov. Scott Walker’s union-busting bill should not be the end of the story in Wisconsin. It should be the beginning of a new phase of escalated struggle by the unions, the community and students to overturn this illegal denial of workers’ rights.... Posted Mar 16, 2011

Students from the Social Justice Academy in Hyde Park militantly marched on March 2, chanting, “SOS - Save our Schools!” SJA was one of 18 schools that Mayor Thomas Menino’s Boston School Committee voted to close last December... Posted Mar 10, 2011

On March 2 students and and their labor-community allies protested at Wayne State University as part of the National Day of Action to Defend Public Education.... Posted Mar 10, 2011

Students in high schools, colleges and universities throughout the U.S. walked out of classes, mainly on March 2, to help launch a month-long protest against cutbacks in public education, including the closing of schools and mass layoffs of teachers.... Posted Mar 10, 2011

The city of Providence, R.I., sent termination letters Feb. 23 to all of its 1,926 teachers.... Posted Mar 10, 2011

The great struggle of the Wisconsin public workers has galvanized union solidarity on a national level not seen since 1981. That was when the AFL-CIO organized the Solidarity Day demonstration of half a million workers in Washington, D.C., after President Ronald Reagan had fired 18,000 air traffic controllers, members of the PATCO union, and banned them from federal employment for life. But Solidarity Day in 1981 was a one-shot, symbolic action that came and went because the issue was quickly abandoned by the top leadership after the demonstration was over. This time it’s different.... Posted Mar 9, 2011

On Feb. 22, Ohio unionists and their supporters poured into Columbus, the capital of Ohio. More than 8,000 people carried signs that said, “From Wisconsin to Ohio, No to Union Busting.”... Posted Mar 3, 2011

The Labor, Faith and Civil Rights Coalition in Defense of the Public Sector rallied in Raleigh, N.C., on Feb. 21. Workers and community members showed support for Wisconsin workers, who are fighting to maintain collective rights, and demanded these rights in North Carolina, where they were banned in 1959.... Posted Mar 3, 2011

A mighty giant is beginning to awaken. The fighting workers and youth of Wisconsin, who are battling a right-wing offensive seeking to decimate collective bargaining in that state, have inspired and put in motion the multinational working class throughout the entire United States.... Posted Mar 2, 2011

The people’s liberation of the state Capitol in Madison, Wis., is in full swing.... Posted Feb 23, 2011

Workers World Party salutes the workers of Wisconsin who through their sacrifice and fortitude are showing the way for workers everywhere!... Posted Feb 23, 2011

Inside the state Capitol building in Madison, Wis., the halls normally filled with politicians and corporate lobbyists are now occupied by thousands of people. Banners and posters with messages of solidarity and slogans denouncing Gov. Scott Walker's attack on the public sector hang from every wall. ... Posted Feb 21, 2011

The people’s liberation of the state Capitol in Madison, Wis., is in full swing.... Posted Feb 21, 2011

Since Feb. 14, tens of thousands of students, workers and other community members have liberated the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison in response to Gov. Scott Walker’s “budget repair” bill, which would eliminate collective bargaining rights for 175,000 public sector union workers statewide.... Posted Feb 17, 2011

On behalf of the banks, the corporations and the Pentagon, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has declared all-out war on unions and their allies.... Posted Feb 16, 2011

State mental health workers from across North Carolina spoke out before a “listening panel” on Feb. 5. They discussed the impact of inadequate working conditions and the policies and budget decisions that affect delivery of quality care for people with psychiatric and developmental disabilities.... Posted Feb 10, 2011

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2011, over 250 people marched through downtown Chapel Hill, N.C., demanding “Rehire the Sanitation Two.” The Sanitation Two, Clyde Clark and Kerry Bigelow, are two leaders of the Chapel Hill Chapter of United Electrical Workers Local 150, North Carolina’s Public Service Workers Union... Posted Jan 20, 2011

On Jan. 3, hundreds of people met at the site of the Talgo manufacturing plant in Milwaukee, Wis., and traveled by bus to Madison, Wis., to protest Scott Walker’s inauguration as governor at the State Capitol.... Posted Jan 17, 2011

On Jan. 7 New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg handed the Municipal Labor Committee, which includes all public sector workers and is headed by sanitation workers’ union President Harry Nespoli, a 23-point document that advocates gutting many protections for municipal workers now included in union collective bargaining agreements and New York State civil service law.... Posted Jan 15, 2011

New York and the rest of the Northeast took the brunt of a blizzard starting Dec. 26, with snowfall totals measuring from 20 to 32 inches. The follow-up to this storm has raised the stakes as Wall Street and the banks are on the attack against unionized public service workers and insist on eliminating jobs.... Posted Jan 8, 2011

In February 1968, some 7,000 sanitation workers gathered in New York’s City Hall Park and voted to go on strike to get a decent contract. Two days after New York’s 1968 strike ended, the sanitation workers of Memphis, Tenn., also went on strike.... Posted Jan 8, 2011

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