The Supreme Court has upheld the most onerous part of Arizona’s 2010 punitive law on immigration — the part that authorizes police to check the immigration status of anyone they stop or arrest if they have reason to suspect that person is here without documents. ... Posted Jun 28, 2012

It was a courageous act of solidarity. Two undocumented students risked deportation at a “Coming Out of the Shadows” action on March 14 to demand the release of a fellow undocumented immigrant. They were arrested for blocking traffic in front of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Philadelphia. ... Posted Mar 21, 2012

Demonstrators rallied at the Alabama State Capitol on the afternoon of March 9, after completing the final leg of the 54-mile, week-long march between Selma and Montgomery. Marchers protested Alabama’s toughest-in-the-U.S. immigration law, for workers’ rights and against laws in 31 states requiring voters to show some form of identification at the polls. ... Posted Mar 16, 2012

Hundreds of protesters of many nationalities and ages came together on Sept. 26 for a spirited march and rally in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles.... Posted Oct 6, 2011

Seven undocumented youths blocked traffic in front of Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, N.C., on Sept. 6. This civil disobedience was protesting the inaction of the Democratic Party, the harsh anti-immigrant agenda of the Republicans and Tea Party, and the outrageous out-of-state tuition imposed on undocumented students to attend community college.... Posted Sep 29, 2011

Tens of thousands of immigrants and their supporters filled blocks of Atlanta’s downtown streets on July 2 wearing white, carrying beautiful banners and hand-printed signs, and chanting nonstop in English and Spanish.... Posted Jul 7, 2011

At a press conference held June 29 outside Minute Men Staffing in the predominantly Latino/a neighborhood of southwest Detroit, current and former workers at Mastronardi Produce in Livonia, Mich., spoke of their dual exploitation by the company and the Minute Men temporary agency.... Posted Jul 7, 2011

On May 3, the Tucson Unified School District board met once again to take up the issue of Ethnic Studies. This meeting had been rescheduled from the previous week, when nine courageous youth occupied the TUSD board members’ seats and forced cancellation of the meeting.... Posted May 12, 2011

Nine days after the Georgia Legislature passed HB 87, an Arizona copycat law that authorizes local and state police to require proof of citizenship or legal residency from anyone suspected of being undocumented, the governor still had not signed it into law.... Posted Apr 28, 2011

More than 1 million immigrants have been deported since President Barack Obama took office. One million! This is a tsunami of injustice.... Posted Apr 27, 2011

Racist, reactionary forces in Arizona suffered a setback in the attempt to push their racist program through the state legislature on March 17 when five bills targeting immigrants and Latinos/as were soundly defeated in a Senate committee.... Posted Apr 1, 2011

For more than three hours in midday on March 24, thousands of people packed the street in front of the Georgia State Capitol to protest Arizona copycat bills that would legalize racial profiling and institute a series of anti-immigrant measures.... Posted Apr 1, 2011

This attack on the right of oppressed people to learn their own history is a continuation of the racist, right-wing offensive unleashed in Arizona, which is accelerating as the capitalist economic crisis deepens. Banning ethnic studies and passing the infamous anti-immigrant law SB 1070 are attempts to whip up a racist frenzy against Indigenous and Latino/a peoples and blame them for the misery and suffering imposed by the capitalist system itself.... Posted Feb 6, 2011

Workers and activists packed the Solidarity Center Aug. 21 to participate in a forum entitled, “What are the next steps in the fight for immigrant and workers’ rights?” Speakers included representatives of community groups, unions, and workers’ and youth organizations.... Posted Sep 2, 2010

Demonstrations around the U.S. called for the overturn of Arizona’s SB 1070 as the racist, anti-immigrant bill was scheduled to become law on July 29. Although a federal judge issued an injunction on July 28 that temporarily barred many components of the law from taking effect, activists rallied to demand its total overturn and for full rights for all immigrant workers. Many viewed the judge’s decision as a victory won through struggle.... Posted Aug 4, 2010

On July 31, under the pressure of a national campaign calling for her to honor the boycott of Arizona, Lady Gaga, one the biggest icons in pop music, met with local activists and used her Phoenix concert to speak out against SB1070.... Posted Aug 4, 2010

Despite a continuous onslaught of attacks against immigrant workers, resistance and opposition continue to grow in the U.S. — not only against Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070, but also against the entire campaign to criminalize and drive workers born outside this country underground... Posted Jul 28, 2010

Organizations from Arizona’s three major population centers — Tucson, Flagstaff and Phoenix — met on July 17 to prepare coordinated activities for July 29, the date of SB 1070’s implementation. SB 1070 is a racist, anti-immigrant state law that is opposed by immigrant rights advocates, progressives and justice-loving people in Arizona and around the country.... Posted Jul 26, 2010

Once again Tucson activists filled the intersection of Congress and Granada to call for resistance to the notorious SB 1070 law, slated to take effect on July 29. Gathering in front of the state building on July 9, Tucsonans protested and listened to local poets and spoken-word artists denounce SB 1070 and proclaim “We will resist” this racist law.... Posted Jul 15, 2010

President Barack Obama gave a major address on immigration on July 1, after much anticipation by the immigrant rights movement. If immigrants and supporters expected anything positive to come out of the speech, they were greatly disappointed. In fact, what President Obama endorsed as proposed policy is everything the movement has been fighting against, not only since 2006, but historically.... Posted Jul 9, 2010

Students and youth in the Student Immigration Movement spearheaded a dynamic struggle called Mass Hope 2010 that won a significant victory for immigrant rights.... Posted Jul 9, 2010

A June 11 demonstration in San Antonio, Texas, to protest the killing of 14-year-old Mexican student Sergio Adrián Hernández Huereka by a U.S. Border Patrol agent placed the blame for his killing on the U.S.’s militarization of its border with Mexico.... Posted Jun 16, 2010

June 8 was the eighth day of a hunger strike being conducted by immigrant youth.... Posted Jun 10, 2010

n the evening of May 28 Anastasio Hernández Rojas, 42 years old, was tasered and beaten to death by Border Patrol agents.... Posted Jun 10, 2010

Besides the ones in Arizona itself, protests in the United States and abroad greeted a new Arizona anti-immigrant bill that was signed into law on April 23.... Posted May 1, 2010

Myth: Immigrants are taking jobs away... Posted May 1, 2010

Arizona’s sweeping, racist anti-immigrant bill has unleashed a firestorm of outrage from Arizona’s oppressed communities. Even before Gov. Jan Brewer signed it into law on April 23, Arizona students and youths had called for protests of all kinds. The May Day action is expected to demonstrate this outrage.... Posted Apr 28, 2010

Despite all the assurances by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, the recent passing of Senate Bill 1070 is a racist attack against the U.S. working class. SB 1070 — which uses local police forces to question people about their documentation, and criminalizes immigrant workers — smacks of South African apartheid and a host of other repressive laws from U.S. history and elsewhere.... Posted Apr 28, 2010

People here get insufficient and biased corporate media coverage of news south of the border. Yet, the upcoming May Day that millions of immigrant people in the U.S. resurrected in 2006 arouses reflection over the situation in the rest of the Western Hemisphere — and why the U.S. government and corporate media is so determined to hide it or, more often than not, present a completely distorted picture of those countries’ reality.... Posted Apr 28, 2010

In the early morning hours of April 15, agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the FBI and other Homeland Security agencies launched a military operation against Tucson’s mostly Latino/a and Indigenous south side neighborhoods. Activist Kat Rodriguez said: “What we have experienced for the last six hours is the terrorization of our community. People are afraid to leave their home, afraid to go shopping, afraid to go to the hospital, afraid to go anywhere.”... Posted Apr 21, 2010

Almost one thousand immigrants and their supporters took their demands for comprehensive immigration reform to the streets of Houston on March 21.... Posted Apr 9, 2010

On March 21 a multitude of immigrants and their supporters amassed in the largest demonstration for immigrant rights in Washington, D.C., in decades, if not ever.... Posted Mar 24, 2010

On March 21, tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people will be demonstrating for immigrant rights in Washington, D.C. The action arises from the frustration and deep anger that exist in the immigrant community and among their supporters that despite a nonstop demand for full rights for immigrants, especially legalization for the undocumented, such pleas have been ignored by Washington.... Posted Mar 19, 2010

Teodoro Aguiluz, Central American Resource Center executive director, drew loud applause when he told the crowd of almost 800 immigrants and their supporters: “We’ve had enough.”... Posted Feb 25, 2010

“¡Se ve, se siente! ¡El pueblo está presente! (You can see it! You can feel it! The people are here!)” ... Posted Jan 21, 2010

Excerpts from a talk by Teresa Gutierrez to the WWP National Conference, Nov. 14: To add to the long list of crimes against humanity perpetrated by imperialism, we can include today’s unprecedented wave of human migration. I speak not only of the millions of undocumented migrants forced to leave their countries in hazardous boats or sweltering windowless trucks, transport that too often becomes the coffins for too many.... Posted Nov 19, 2009

A victory in the fight to end immigrant family detention was won when the Obama administration announced on Aug. 6 that the T. Don Hutto immigrant detention center, located 35 miles north of Austin, Texas, would stop incarcerating families. “Today’s announcement is not just a victory for our Campaign to End Immigrant Family Detention, but for an entire movement for justice that has come together to close Hutto and to end immigrant family detention,” said Bob Libal and Luissana Santibañez, Grassroots Leadership activists in Austin.... Posted Aug 14, 2009

Over 150 protesters marched and chanted alongside Albany, N.Y., rush-hour traffic on Aug. 4, waving signs and banners against the FBI campaign of entrapping innocent Muslims.... Posted Aug 12, 2009

The first in a series of Immigrants’ Art Exhibits opened July 10 at the Rio II Gallery in Harlem, in a beautiful ceremony complete with music, refreshments and opportunities to meet the artists. The show will be open there until July 24. It will then move to Arts Horizons LeRoy Neiman Art Center, also in Harlem, for another two weeks.... Posted Jul 17, 2009

There is a war going on inside this country—a war against immigrants, especially undocumented immigrants. This war is escalating, and like most wars, it is taking many casualties. The casualties are innocent children, women and men whose only crime is the need to survive, to find a way to live and work in the United States.... Posted Jul 2, 2009

On May 30, three members of the local reactionary Minutemen organization invaded the home of Raul Flores in Arivaca, Ariz., murdering him and his 9-year-old daughter, Brisenia Flores, and wounding his spouse Gina Maria Gonzalez. The racists were dressed in military fatigues. They told the family that they were with the Border Patrol before they ransacked the house and shot them.... Posted Jun 25, 2009

Hundreds of activists, including infants and great grandmothers, held a spirited march and rally in Taylor, Texas, on June 20 to protest the incarceration of men, women and their children at the T. Don Hutto detention center.... Posted Jun 25, 2009

Immigrants and their supporters have marched, rallied, picketed and even met with the mayor’s staff to express their opposition to the enforcing of immigration laws by Houston cops. At a May 20 press conference and picket line outside of the Houston Police Officers Union, activists made it clear that immigrants were a large part of the Houston population and must be treated with respect by all city agencies.... Posted May 28, 2009

“Immigrant,” a bilingual community event on immigrant rights in Syracuse, N.Y., held in the Blodgett High School cafeteria, drew a standing-room-only, multinational crowd of more than 110 people on May 14. Some participants traveled from as far as Buffalo, Rochester, Binghamton and Manhattan.... Posted May 28, 2009

On May 9, three members of the Georgia Detention Watch made a second solidarity trip to the Etowah Detention Center in Gadsden, Ala., to deliver hundreds of pairs of cotton underwear to women immigrant detainees.... Posted May 17, 2009

While immigrants and their supporters celebrated May Day elsewhere in the U.S., an all-white jury in Pottsville, Pa., approved the lynching of Luis Ramirez.... Posted May 7, 2009

The May 1st Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights held a press conference on April 27 to announce plans for the May Day rally and march scheduled for Union Square in New York on May 1. One of the main messages raised at the press conference is the demand that President Barack Obama pass fair and humane immigration reform which would include the elimination of deportations and raids against immigrant workers and their families.... Posted Apr 30, 2009

On April 14, right-wing racist and anti-immigrant bigot Tom Tancredo came to the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill to speak. While Tancredo’s racist speeches have been challenged by students before, nothing in the ex-congressperson’s career could have prepared him for the fiercely loud and principled stand taken by UNC students on April 14. More than 300 protesters from various student organizations showed up at Bingham Hall to give a strong denunciation of Tancredo and everything that these xenophobic reactionaries stand for.... Posted Apr 29, 2009

Georgia Detention Watch members are in the final stages of planning a second solidarity visit to women detainees held in the Etowah Detention Center in Gadsden, Ala., on May 9. Organizers chose the Mother’s Day weekend to highlight the cruel separation of families caused by the immigration policies carried out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.... Posted Apr 29, 2009

The Southern California Immigration Coalition Conference, a coalition of several dozen organizations, successfully gathered nearly 400 people from across the region on April 11 with the objective of “building unity between different sectors of the community to unite around this struggle—from elected officials, to students, to workers, to professionals, to leaders from the LGBT community, to teachers and parents, to community leaders, to union leaders, to intellectuals and to many more.”... Posted Apr 24, 2009

Immigrant small shop owners are coming forward with disturbingly similar accounts of police drug raids that began with the destruction of private surveillance cameras and ended with the looting of cash and merchandise from their shops by members of the department’s undercover Narcotics Field Unit.... Posted Apr 12, 2009

Emotions ran high as four women, dressed in drab green prison clothes, entered a conference room at the Etowah County Detention Center in northern Alabama on March 7 to the cheers and applause of a group of immigrant rights activists, legal workers and family members... Posted Mar 11, 2009

Texas activists carrying colorful signs and banners formed a loud, militant demonstration in front of the T. Don Hutto Residential Facility on March 7, chanting, “CCA [Corrections Corporation of America], shut it down!” “Free the children, shut it down!” and “ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement], shut it down!”... Posted Mar 11, 2009

Because of her record of hostility to immigrants, Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand’s appointment to replace Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in the U.S. Senate has drawn opposition.... Posted Feb 12, 2009

The global financial crisis is forcing emerging and underdeveloped economies throughout Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia to take a double whammy. Economic instability and corresponding job losses at home are compounded by a severe decline in remittances from the migrant workers who serve as a super-exploited segment of the working class in the industrialized capitalist economies of the United States, Western Europe and Japan.... Posted Feb 12, 2009

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