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NYC actions in solidarity with Tahrir Square

Published Nov 30, 2011 9:04 PM

Joyce Chediac
WW photo: John Catalinotto

Egyptians living in the New York City area and their supporters held demonstrations on Nov. 25 and 26 in solidarity with the young people in Cairo’s Tahrir Square who are taking the next step in the Egyptian Revolution and against the ruling military council. The Nov. 25 action targeted Point Lookout Capital Partners, the owner of the majority shares of Combined Systems Inc. of Jamestown, Pa. CS is the U.S. corporation that manufactures the gas used against the Egyptian protesters. The Nov. 26 demonstration and rally at the Egyptian Mission to the United Nations were highly spirited and included speakers from many Islamic, Egyptian and anti-war organizations. Joyce Chediac, editor of the book “Gaza, Symbol of Resistance,” spoke on behalf of Workers World Party.