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Things that ‘Captain America’ could do to stop some real villains

Published Jul 30, 2011 6:42 AM

1. Having beaten off the Nazis, now square off with the Wall Street villains who are stealing everything.

2. Have a real tea party and throw the “Tea Party” leaders overboard.

3. Give that Mayor Bloomberg of New York a thorough beating for cutting everything while claiming not to.

4. Make an alliance with Captain Palestine.

5. Waterboard the Pentagon generals and war profiteers.

6. Give the criminals behind Fannie Mac and Fannie Mae a real whacking.

7. Stop the drone killer aircraft from killing any more people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Libya, among other places.

8. Pass out those magic shields to all those fighting U.S. occupation.

9. Beat up the Republicans in front of the Democrats and say: “Why are you laughing? You’re next.”

10. Do to the fascist “Minute Men” along the border with Mexico what you did to the Nazis in your movie fantasy.