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San Diego: Thousands defend education

Published May 23, 2011 8:39 PM

Thousands of southern California teachers, other education workers, students and parents rallied in a San Diego bay-front park on the afternoon of May 13. At least two busloads came from as far away as the city of El Centro in Imperial County. It was all part of a statewide mobilization that included simultaneous rallies in four other California cities. Their message to the California state government was strong and clear: Stop the attack on public education! Cuts hurt kids!

A host of educators, other school workers, union leaders and students addressed the crowd. Hundreds of small pink ribbons covered the ground abutting the speakers’ platform. The ribbons represented the 4,000 San Diego County school employees who recently received pink slips — they were laid off.

A counterprotest, called by the local Tea Party, was clearly a dud. Fewer than ten right-wingers stood forlornly near the entrance to the park as public education supporters continued to stream into the rally an hour after it had begun.