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Activists defy shutdowns

Published Nov 16, 2011 9:41 PM

Occupy Oakland was temporarily shut down on Nov. 14 after being served eviction notices by the police, as instructed by Mayor Jean Quan. Activists defied the shutdown by marching back to Oscar Grant Plaza, site of Occupy Oakland, where a general assembly was held. The shooting death of a young Black man, which occurred near OGP, was cited as the reason for the eviction. Occupy Oakland had called on union sisters and brothers to start a picket line around the camp Nov. 13 to show solidarity with the encampment and discourage any police attack.

Occupy Oakland had a march led by veterans on Nov. 11. Another march the next day was in solidarity with Cairo and Tahrir Square as part of an international solidarity day with Egypt. People from Tahrir Square had sent solidarity messages to Occupy Oakland after the brutal police attack on Oct. 25.

A march and rally are being planned for Nov. 19 as a follow-up to last week’s successful shutdown of the Oakland port. The demands are centered on meeting people’s needs, particularly jobs, housing, education and health care. It is being jointly planned with a number of local union representatives.

The Occupy Berkeley encampment was brutally raided by the police on Nov. 9. The students have responded with a call for an open university general strike on Nov. 15. Classes will be held outside along with teach-outs and interactivism.