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All out for Mumia

Fri., Dec. 9 • Philadelphia

Published Dec 3, 2011 10:34 AM

Mumia Abu-Jamal

The 30th anniversary of his incarceration and frame up

Having survived two execution orders and 30 years on death row in solitary confinement, never being able to touch his dying mother or sister, his spouse, children or grandchildren (let alone anyone else, other than the prison guards who handcuff and shackle him), Mumia Abu-Jamal, an innocent man, now faces the prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison.

Even though by the courts’ rulings, Mumia should never have been sentenced to death in the first place; should never have spent one day on death row, as his 30 years on death row were in blatant violation of the Constitution; those who have for those 30 years wanted to “fry Mumia,” now simply want him to rot in prison for the rest of his life. The prosecution, resigned to the defeat of their decades-long strategy thanks to the powerful and consistent international movement of resistance — which has held on over these many years — is now saying, “Okay, let him go into general population and let’s close the chapter on this case that has caused us so much embarrassment.”

We say this is totally unacceptable: the only justice that can be applied at this point, after 30 years of Mumia’s confinement on death row and the torture of isolation, is Mumia’s immediate release.

On December 9 — on the eve of International Human Rights Day — hundreds will rally at Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center demanding freedom for Mumia and all political prisoners, abolition of the death penalty, an end to mass incarceration and police terrorism, and in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.

Constitution Center, 525 Arch St., Philadelphia

7:30 p.m. sharp to 10:30 p.m., (doors open at 7 p.m.)

  • No to life in prison, free Mumia now!!!
  • No to the racist death penalty, no to the prison industrial complex,
  • No to police terrorism, no to U.S. wars at home and abroad,
  • Free all political prisoners, Occupy Wall Street
  • Hear: Cornel West, Immortal Technique, Ramona Africa,
    Vijay Prashad, Michelle Alexander (by video),
    Amina & Amiri Baraka, IMPACT Youth Repertory,
    African Drum & Dance Ensemble, Attorney Michael Coard

Pick up palm cards at Solidarity Center, 55 W. 17th St., 5th Floor,
212-633-6646 anytime after 2 p.m. weekdays. Call 212-330-8029 for bus tickets & other locations for pickup of palm cards.
Buses leave NYC at 3 p.m. from 33rd St. and 8th Ave., $20 round trip.