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Loot the dream looters! Youth are right to rebel!

Published Aug 31, 2011 1:17 PM

This statement by Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST) was written when youth in Britain Aug. 6-9 were rebelling against police brutality, racism and high unemployment.

A war is going on across the world right now.

Bankers and international capitalists, who own the world’s wealth in billions and trillions of dollars, have decided that the future of humanity is negotiable.

They have decided also that basic things like Social Security should be abolished and the elderly should be left in misery.

They have decided that the right to organize a union should be removed and workers should be reduced to mere wage slaves with no representation on the job, no matter how conciliatory and moderate that representation might be.

They have decided public education should be abolished.

They have decided that prisons should blossom and house millions more.

They have decided on endless wars in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, hoping to expand them to Syria and elsewhere. They now seek to thrust their decision on humanity.

They see this current period as one of “transition.” They seek to “transition” all working-class people — and all others who do not fit into the less than 1 percent who own the world — into a life of accepting poverty, starvation, criminalization and misery.

They have gathered their armies.

But now, the army of resistance is showing its face and beating the drums of war in response to this criminal assault.

The sleeping giant is awakening, and the bosses tremble in terror as it roars back at them.

So often, youth are accused of being “disinterested” and “apathetic.” They are dismissed as being without morality, without motivation and without direction. Well, the direction is here.

If you want to see the “direction” of this generation, look into the streets of London. This action was not criminality. It was a political uprising.

When police ruthlessly murdered another young Black man, these youth did not passively go on with their lives. They fought back.

In Greece, youth are leading revolutionary anti-capitalist movements.

In Spain, youth calling themselves “the generation without a future” are doing the same.

The banker class, which lives by stealing, should expect more and more looting. If youth are without food, they will burst supermarkets open and feed themselves. If youth are without jobs and a decent way of providing for themselves, they will take what they have never had an opportunity to earn.

The thieves are on Wall Street. These thieves take more and more, yet are only rewarded.

The most violent, looting thieves in the world are in the Pentagon. They destroy countries in order to secure Wall Street profits.

Expect more revolutionary action! Expect the scenes on the streets of Greece to begin looking more like the streets of St. Petersburg in 1905 or Havana in the 1950s.

The struggles of today will inspire the young communists of tomorrow. They will assimilate the revolutionary doctrine of Marxism in order to defeat this system, just as the youth of Russia and Cuba did. Armed with a class understanding, youth will create the future this system fails to provide.

This is only the beginning of the most epic battles in history. The banker class of looting thieves will lose their ability to rule over the rest of humanity only when their ownership and control over the means of production has been broken and their brutal state is dissolved.

The battle for jobs, education and health care and to protect immigrant and oppressed people is setting the stage for a wider battle and eventually an entirely new and human social system.

Which side are you on?