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Cynthia McKinney draws hundreds on Libya

Published Jul 27, 2011 3:59 PM

The historic Shrine of the Black Madonna in Atlanta’s West End community was the venue for a packed house on July 24. More than 500 people were eager to hear the truth about the U.S./NATO war on Libya from former Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney and other members of the Dignity Delegation.

McKinney led a group to Libya in early June where they were eyewitnesses to the devastation of bombings in Tripoli and civilian casualties.

The meeting was organized by a broad coalition including the World African Diaspora Union (Georgia), the Nation of Islam, All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party (Georgia), the African Community Centers and the International Action Center.

Speakers recounted Libya’s historical development from a colony to a nation that distributed the proceeds of its oil wealth to its citizens and to support African liberation. The country’s leadership in advancing African unity was lauded.

Those on the program criticized the imperial aims of the United States and European powers who seek to gain control of Libya’s oil and gas resources and to establish a compliant government in North Africa. They also told of the social achievements of Libya’s unique government structure.

McKinney blasted the corporate media for its unrelenting demonization of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and their cheerleading of a “humanitarian” war. She declared to the enthusiastic crowd that she would never be a “team player for war” but was representing the “peace team” on her travels around the world.

Minister Akbar Mohammed, NOI International Minister and attorney Ramsey Clark, IAC founder and prominent anti-war activist, were also featured speakers.

Dianne Mathiowetz, coordinator of the Atlanta IAC, prompted the audience to become engaged “from this day forward in building and sustaining a movement to end this war and all wars of capitalist domination.”

The IAC is sponsoring a multi-city tour for the Dignity Delegation. For additional information about the Truth Tour and to contribute to defray expenses, see www.iacenter.org.