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Stop U.S. aggression in Korea!

Published Dec 1, 2010 9:58 PM

Workers World Party stands in complete solidarity with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea at this critical moment, as U.S. imperialism and its client regime in south Korea are threatening war.

We reject the deafening blast of deceitful propaganda that presents the DPRK as the aggressor, even as it bravely holds off a potential invading force of hundreds of warships and fighter planes that have been deployed by Washington and Seoul in the West Sea near the DPRK.

The U.S. billionaire rulers have waged class war against the DPRK ever since it was founded by revolutionary forces, led by the legendary guerrilla fighter Kim Il Sung, who had ousted Japanese imperialism from the north of Korea and liberated the workers and peasants there from colonial slavery.

The class of capitalist financiers and industrialists, who today are sucking the working class here dry to keep their record profits, could not tolerate a socialist north Korea. Through their economic and political control over Washington, they launched a devastating three-year war against the DPRK in 1950-53, killing millions of Koreans and tens of thousands of U.S. youth. But they could not break the will of the people in the north to be free of foreign domination.

These world-class exploiters never gave up their ambition to control all of Korea. That is why the U.S. has imposed sanctions on the north, maintains tens of thousands of troops in the south, and refuses to meet with the DPRK to sign a peace treaty ending the state of war that still exists, 57 years after the ceasefire. They have left the DPRK no choice but to develop the means to defend itself against constant threats from Washington and the Pentagon.

The Korean people, north and south, want peace and the reunification of their divided country. Even as a war fever was being drummed up in Seoul, courageous demonstrators there demanded “No war!”

Workers and poor people in the U.S. are also sick and tired of the politicians’ deadly priorities that put the enormous Pentagon budget ahead of vital human needs, even as hunger, unemployment, homelessness and ill health keep growing.

We demand: End the sanctions and the war threats! Bring U.S. troops and warships home now and sign a peace treaty with the DPRK! Money for jobs, schools, housing and health care, not for war!