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Rally to stop NYC education cuts!

4-6 p.m., Gov. Paterson’s office, 633 3rd Ave.(betw. 40th & 41st)
Then march to the MTA hearing at FIT (27th St & 7th Ave.)

Published Mar 3, 2010 9:21 PM

The New York Governor’s Office has proposed a new budget that slashes education funding and reduces aid to local municipalities.

State school aid will be cut by $1.1 billion. This amounts to a $469 million cut to New York City’s Department of Education. It is estimated that as many as 8,500 city teachers could be laid off as a result. This would come on top of the decision by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to close 19 public schools.

Funding to State University of New York schools could be reduced by as much as $212.4 million. City University of New York faces an additional $84.4 million cut. The budget would also free both SUNY and CUNY from state oversight of tuition hikes, paving the way for regular tuition increases as politicians and administrators see fit.

The state’s Tuition Assistance Program is also expected to be hard hit by the budget proposal.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority has threatened to eliminate student Metrocards that provide more than 500,000 K-12 students with the public transportation they need to get to and from school.

Join Bail Out the People Movement this March 4 as we support the educators and students who will be marching from Gov. David Paterson’s office to the MTA to demand:

Stop school closings and privatization of public education!

Stop the cuts to K-12 and higher education!

• Keep the free student MetroCard!

• Full funding for all educational needs!

Education is a right — free, high-quality education for all!