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Message to our readers

Who in the world is reading Workers World?

Published Oct 18, 2008 6:53 AM

From the editors:

As the Workers World Party National Conference approaches, we continue our series of reports on how Workers World articles are being disseminated internationally. Now that the financial meltdown has struck with such force in the heartland of world imperialism, there is even a greater desire for progressive news and analysis from this country. And it is just these topics that the conference will discuss and expand upon.

In our last report we wrote, “We know ours is a minority opinion within the United States. Now. We are equally sure we speak to the needs and interests of the vast majority of workers and oppressed people.” Now, just three months later, we may still be a minority opinion, but people no longer ignore us when we say, “Karl Marx was correct.” And no one laughs.

In Britain—where it’s possible to use the articles without translating—the New Worker has continued to feature our coverage. In four issues as summer was ending, this newspaper of the New Communist Party published six WW articles. Two were on the class struggle here: Betsey Piette’s on job losses in the U.S. and Jim McMahan’s on the strike at Boeing.

The New Worker also published Abayomi Azikiwe’s articles on Mauritania and on Zimbabwe, David Hoskins’ on the election of the Communist prime minister of Nepal and Hillel Cohen’s on anthrax.

Though Larry Holmes wrote his analysis of the Barack Obama candidacy last May, it still carries weight for foreign leftist political activists who are trying to look at both sides of the contradictory Obama phenomenon. Having been translated into Portuguese, Holmes’ article has been picked up on Portuguese language Web sites, among them Mudar de Vida, which also translated a WW editorial about the Iraqi resistance. (jornalmudardevida.net)

Fred Goldstein’s article “Capitalist meltdown” was also translated into Portuguese and published on the resistir.info site, from which odiario.info—also based in Portugal—picked it up, as did the Brazilian sites vermelho.org.br and brasil.indymedia.org, and two trade union center sites, portalctb.org.br for the CTB and galizacig.com in Galicia, among two dozen sites. The same article was also translated into French and published in Michel Collon’s site michelcollon.info.

The resistir.info site just translated Jaimeson Champion’s front-page article on the financial crisis from the Oct. 16 issue of WW into French.

In July and then starting in October (September is their vacation month), the Workers Action newspaper in the Ukraine translated another five WW articles into Russian. This included an editorial on imperialism and Caspian Sea oil, Caleb Maupin on Exxon’s environmental destruction, David Hoskins on India’s forming an anti-partisan force, Jaimeson Champion on youth unemployment in the U.S., and an editorial on the financial crisis and the Pentagon.

International solidarity with the comrades in Ukraine will be more important as the U.S. continues to try to expand NATO eastward.

Sara Flounders’ article on NATO expansion was published in Global Research magazine (globalresearch.ca) and one of Flounders’ on Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia is on Michel Collon’s Web site in French.

Michel Mounayer in Damascus has continued to translate selected WW articles for the Syrian newspapers al-Ba’ath and Tishreen, mostly pieces about the Middle East and the anti-imperialist movement in the U.S. Avante, the newspaper of the Portuguese Communist Party, published articles by Gloria Rubac on the situation in Houston and Galveston in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike and an appreciation by Larry Holmes of the candidacy of Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente.

The axisoflogic.com site and the Pan African News Wire have continued to regularly republish WW articles.

If you can report on other sites that use WW articles or have ideas on how to reach out, write to [email protected].