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American Axle strikers send message to would-be scabs

Published Apr 10, 2008 1:21 AM

Now in the seventh week of the American Axle strike, more than 3,600 workers and their supporters at five plants in Michigan and New York are still holding strong. As of April 6, at least 30 GM plants have shut down due to the bosses’ greed. Donations, provisions and resolutions continue to pour into the locals’ union halls.

On April 5 in Hamtramck, Mich., a crowd of strikers and their labor and community allies marched from the center of town to the Local 235 and Local 262 union halls. The United Auto Worker International and the local’s bargaining teams will return to the bargaining table April 9.

Mobilizing is ongoing for an April 18 UAW rally at Hart Plaza in Detroit to support the American Axle workers. For more information: 313-926-5312 or www.uawaam.org.

—Bryan G. Pfeifer