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Spreading the truth worldwide

Published May 28, 2008 7:28 PM

From the editors of Workers World

The imperialist monopoly of the major media outlets has aroused an angry reaction around the world, a search for alternate news and analysis of political events. Many look to the Web as almost their only possibility of finding a viewpoint that favors workers and oppressed peoples and many are finding this viewpoint in Workers World. WW articles have reached readers far beyond the English/Spanish-language print circulation of the weekly newspaper.

We hope this first report of our successes sparks ideas among our readers to spread these stories even further.

Within the U.S., WW articles get picked up by many progressive sites. The Pan African News Wire at panafricannews.blogspot.com and Axis of Logic at axisoflogic.com are two examples of important sites that often post WW articles. All WW articles may be published, without cost, if they are published in full and the source acknowledged.

Bryan Pfeiffer’s coverage of the American Axle strike, Mike Gimbel’s defense of Barry Bonds, our editorials on the presidential election—have been both printed and posted widely, as has Clarence Thomas’ description of the longshore strike on May Day.

Abroad, we are published in English in the print edition of the British-based newspaper, The New Worker (newworker.org) every few weeks. Articles are sometimes used by the progressive Canada-based magazine found on globalresearch.ca.

Our articles that draw the broadest attention are often those that challenge the corporate media’s lies. For example, managing editor Gary Wilson’s article on the China/Tibet crisis was quoted extensively in China Daily, leading to an additional half-million visits to the WW site. Friends have since translated this article into Portuguese, French, Italian and German, while our own Mundo Obrero editors translated it to Spanish.

Abayomi Azikiwe’s anti-imperialist analysis of the struggle in Zimbabwe was published in The Herald of Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital, this May. Sara Flounders’ article on Bush’s attempt to exploit the disaster in Myanmar was cited in a local Myanmar daily and then picked up all over.

Along with our own Spanish translations on workers.org, which are reposted on other sites, including corrienteroja.net, readers can find some of our articles in at least the following languages: Arabic, in the print edition of The Ba’ath, Syria; French on the michelcollon.info site; Portuguese on the Web magazines odiario.info and

resistir.info, with edited versions in Avante, the weekly newspaper

of the Portuguese Communist Party (avante.pt); Italian, translated by Curzio Bettio of the group Soccorso Popolare, found on various sites, for example, pane-rose.it; Dutch, in Manifest at ncpn.nl; Russian, with editor-in-chief Deirdre Griswold’s article on worldwide hunger and others posted at a Ukranian workers’ newspaper site, proletar.org.ua; Korean and Chinese, occasionally.

Besides WW articles, a recent interview with Workers World Party’s Larry Holmes on the U.S. elections is in the May edition of the newspaper of the Pole of Communist Renaissance in France (PRCF). Teresa Gutierrez’s contribution to a conference in Mexico analyzing the struggle for immigrant rights was translated by the Tlaxcala translating collective and posted on tlaxcala.es and on rebelion.org. WW managing editor Monica Moorehead and anti-death penalty organizer Gloria Rubac collaborated for a major article in a French book on fascism and state repression, published by the PRCF.

Managing editor Leslie Feinberg’s articles and books on the lesbian/gay/bi/trans struggle and history have been translated into all the languages mentioned above, and more.

Versions of talks summarizing the first two sections of Fred Goldstein’s upcoming book, “Colossus with Feet of Clay,” have been translated to French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and published on various sites and in Marxismo Militante, the magazine of the Bolivian Communist Party.

Goldstein’s summary, presented at the Fourth Marxism Seminar in Havana, Cuba, this May, was translated into Spanish by Mundo Obrero editor Berta Joubert-Ceci and has since been published on the rebelion.org site, often visited by the politically aware movement in much of Latin America. From Rebelión it was picked and posted on sites all over the continent, including ARGENPRESS.info and the site of the Communist Refoundation Party of Puerto Rico (refundacioncomunistapr.com).

If you have information of other sites we may not know of or ideas on how to spread WW articles, within and outside the U.S., write to [email protected].