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Pakistani activists hold NY forum

Published Oct 2, 2006 10:52 PM

Shahid Comrade,
Pakistan U.S.A. Freedom
Photo: Ganesh S. Lakshman

The Pakistan-U.S.A. Freedom Forum held its first public meeting in Brooklyn on Sept. 16 in the heart of the Pakistani community.  Resolutions called for an end to the violation of civil rights of immigrants, particularly those in the Pakistani community and for the release of prisoners held at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo.

 The Pakistani community has suffered tremendously since 9/11.  Thousands of families have been ripped apart because of massive illegal deportations.  General Secretary Shahid Comrade and President Dr. Muhammad Shafique of the Pakistan-U.S.A. Freedom Forum pointed out to the gathering the unfairness of U.S. policies.

The Brooklyn meeting was addressed by Ardeshir Ommani of the American-Iranian Friendship Committee; Brenda Stokely, Million Worker March Movement leader; Chris Silvera, national chair, Teamster National Black Caucus; Dustin Langley, International Action Center; Charlotte Kates, Al-Awda Right to Return; and Sharon Black, Workers World Party.

The Pakistan-U.S.A. Freedom Forum has played an active role in supporting and building the May 1st boycott and protests.