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Pipeline activists to be sentenced

By February 27, 2014
Lisa Leggio, Vicci Hamlin and Barb Carter in courtroom.Photo: Jeph Farr

Three environmental activists will be sentenced by a Michigan judge March 5 after their Jan. 31 felony convictions for protesting at a tar sands pipeline construction site. Vicci Hamlin, Lisa Leggio and Barb Carter had their bail revoked and were immediately sent to jail by Ingham County Judge William Collette following their jury trial. They […]


Why the New York Times is worried

By February 7, 2014

Most progressive activists in the United States probably know about the reactionary, racist Koch brothers. But one has to wonder when a New York Times editorial (online Jan. 25) publicly worries about the financiers of the Tea Party and their growing influence on the political system. The Times reveals that the “Democrats have been staggered […]


Obama, U.S. media lied about Syrian nerve gas

By December 17, 2013

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour M. Hersh has written a detailed and devastating exposure of the U.S. government’s manipulation of military intelligence to create a pretext for the war it very nearly unleashed against Syria last September. Hersh’s main conclusion is that President Barack Obama and many in his administration “omitted important intelligence … presented assumptions […]


Syria opposition continues to fragment

By July 17, 2013

On July 8, the self-styled “National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces” met once again under U.S. direction in neighboring Turkey. But instead of it bringing greater unity, “Prime Minister” in exile Ghassan Hitto resigned his position. Hitto is a U.S. citizen. Political disunity has escalated to armed confrontation among these reactionary rebels. This […]


Syria resisting economic and military attacks

By July 7, 2013

Less dramatic but no less intense than military battles is the economic war being conducted against the Syrian people and Syrian government by the Western powers, led by the United States. Economic sanctions imposed by the imperialist drive for “regime change” have taken a heavy toll on the Syrian people. A sustained attack on the […]


Obama escalates U.S. role in Syria

By June 18, 2013

After a series of meetings in Washington, the Obama administration escalated the war against Syria by announcing that the United States would ship weapons directly to their proxy rebels in Syria. The New York Times described this materiel as “small arms and ammunition,” but added that the transfers may include anti-tank weapons as well. (New […]


U.S. direct military threat to Syria grows

By June 10, 2013

The crucial victory by the Syrian Arab Army against imperialist-backed terrorist ‘rebels’ in Qusair, a town near the border with Lebanon, has further disintegrated the military and political opposition to the government of President Bashar al-Assad. At the same time, the threats against Syria’s government by imperialist and reactionary monarchist powers, led by the United […]


Syrian troops battle for Qusair

By June 5, 2013

June 2 — The battle for Qusair is shaping up to be a major turning point in the Syrian war. The two sides, the imperialist-backed “rebels” and the Syrian Arab Army troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, are locked in heavy combat for this strategic city near the Lebanese border. For several weeks, Syria’s armed forces […]


Imperialists are behind escalated attacks on Syria

By May 13, 2013

The reckless bombing by Israel near Damascus in early May has provoked a sharp response. Syrian state media quoted President Bashar al-Assad as saying he would turn the Golan Heights into a “resistance front,” allowing combatants to attack Israel from the area. (Reuters, May 11) The Golan is Syrian territory that was seized by Israel […]


Israeli bombing of Syria threatens wider war

By May 5, 2013

On May 3, and again on May 5, the Israeli air force bombed Syria’s capital of Damascus. According to Syria’s Sana news agency, the targets hit on May 5 included the military research center at Jamraya, an airport at al-Dimas and a site at Maysalom, all to the northwest of the capital. Other reports claim […]