Jan. 27 social media campaign to support Rasmea Odeh

We publish the following appeal from #Justice4Rasmea on their important campaign this week.

Rasmea Odeh

Rasmea Odeh

Join the Rasmea Defense Committee for a social media campaign Wednesday, Jan. 27, in support of Palestinian American icon Rasmea Odeh — and prepare for an Emergency Response to the appellate court decision!

In October 2015, Rasmea’s legal team delivered oral arguments in an appeal of her unjust conviction for Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization. The decision is expected any day now, and we have to be prepared!

Participate on Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday, January 27th, using sample tweets, hashtags, articles, memes and other resources that we will be sending to everyone on Monday. Rasmea has dedicated her life to the cause of a #FreePalestine and to Arab communities across the world, including the past 12 years in Chicago, so we must continue to organize to win #Justice4Rasmea.

In addition, although we are confident that we will win the appeal and have the conviction overturned, there is a chance — as we reported right before the end of 2015 — that the appellate court will uphold the conviction, ruling in favor of the government. If that happens, it is very likely that Rasmea will be ordered to turn herself in to federal prison authorities, as we petition to keep her out on bail.

Emergency Response Plan

We have developed an Emergency Response Plan for this contingency!

If this worst-case scenario decision comes down BEFORE 12 NOON, and Rasmea is ordered to prison, we are calling for protests the VERY SAME DAY at 5 p.m. at federal buildings across the country.

If the decision comes down AFTER 12 NOON, we are calling for protests the NEXT DAY at 5 PM. Allies and supporters across the world will also be participating in the emergency response by protesting at U.S. consulates and embassies everywhere.

Please forward widely and look out for our follow up announcement early next week. Tell all your family, friends and colleagues to be ready to join us on social media Wednesday, Jan. 27, to demand #Justice4Rasmea!

Rasmea Defense Committee
Jan. 22


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