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‘Save the Bronx Post Office’ rally held

By October 4, 2013

Bronx, N.Y. — “The Postal Service is under siege” was how Chuck Zlatkin, political director of the NY Metro Area American Postal Workers Union, characterized the struggle to save the U.S. Postal Service on Sept. 21. Zlatkin was chairing a forum at the Lincoln Hospital Center in the Bronx. Following the forum, postal workers and […]


New York livery drivers protest, occupy Taxi Commission

By September 12, 2013

Two hundred livery cab drivers, union members of the Coalition of Taxicabs of New York, demonstrated outside the headquarters of the Taxi Limousine Commission on Sept. 3 to protest the Five Borough Taxi plan sponsored by the TLC and billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg. What started as a news conference at noon turned into a virtual […]


Sandy and Katrina: What makes them different

By December 16, 2012

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently said, “Superstorm Hurricane Sandy caused more property damage and affected a greater number of people than Katrina.” The Nov. 26 New York Daily News took his remarks even further in an article entitled “In push for $42B in federal aid, New York pols say Hurricane Sandy worse than Katrina.” […]