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Lavener & Red

Lavender & Red
by Leslie Feinberg

Rainbow Solidarity In Defense Of Cuba

Rainbow Solidarity in Defense of Cuba
by Leslie Feinberg

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Marxism, Reparations
and the Black Freedom Struggle

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What is Marxism all about?
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Ukraine: U.S./NATO-backed fascist coup & a growing people’s resistance

From the pages of Workers World

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War Without Victory

The Pentagon’s Achilles Heel by Sara Flounders

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Tibet and the CIA’s anti-China crusade

From the pages of Workers World

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Lenin: Thinker, fighter

By Vince Copeland

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southafricaMM_1219South Africa: Which Road to Liberation?

Eyewitness account written in 1993 by Monica Moorehead

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Unnatural Disasters







Capitalism at a dead end
Published October 2011.

The Road to Liberation
A message to the 99%.

U.S. hands off Libya!
Published April 2011.

Wisconsin: Lighting the fires
Published August 2011.

Low Wage CapitalismThis book examines character of deepening crisis in capitalist globalization

Gaza: Symbol of Resistance
“Here is the story of the most heroic resistance since 1948 to unrelenting Israeli oppression and violence designed to drive Palestinians from their homeland.” Ramsey Clark

Sam Marcy

Deirdre Griswold

Vince Copeland