Chile 1970-1973

Book Cover: Chile 1970-1973

From Allende's Election to the Fascist Takeover

From the 1973 edition preface:

The articles from Workers World newspaper that appear in this pamphlet are reprinted without omissions or additions, and carry their original headlines. They begin chronologically with the first article to appear in WW after the election victory of the Popular Unity coalition led by Salvador Allende in 1970, and end with a collection of articles from the first issue of the paper to come out after the fascist takeover. They are arranged in this pamphlet, however, with the post­coup articles first.

Some appeared as editorials in our paper, and are so designated. However, nearly all are of an editorial or polemical character; that is, they argue a viewpoint and a political approach to the events unfolding in Chile that reflect the world outlook of Workers World Party.

Since the last of these articles was written, the fascist junta has deepened its onslaught against the workers and peasants of Chile. The dissolution of the trade unions, the posting of a military guard at every plant gate, the bombing of workers’ quarters, and the immediate economic assault on the standard of living of the poor leaves no doubt that what is happening in Chile is all-out class war­fare. The dictatorship of the capitalist class has been revealed in its most naked and brutal form. This alone makes a study of this terrible setback a must for every serious worker militant and for every person who is struggling for an end to class oppression and exploitation.

This material is presented in the spirit of solidarity and comradeship with all who are now resisting the fascist repression in Chile. Many of the points raised in this pamphlet may now, after the coup, seem obvious. But this has not prevented many workers’ parties from continuing to follow basically the same line as that carried out with such tragic results in Chile.

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