What Road to Socialism?

Book Cover: What Road to Socialism?

WhatRoad2SocialismA new Workers World anthology, confronting the burning questions and key contradictions during this deadly pandemic and global capitalist meltdown.


  • COVID-19 and the deepening crisis of capitalism
  • Reform or revolution?
  • The state and building for revolution
  • The centrality of fighting racism
  • The working class will make history
  • Fighting all forms of oppression: gender, sexuality, disability, and age
  • Socialism or death: socialist countries lead the way to the future
  • What is socialism?

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The scope of the world class struggle heading toward us will require more than solidarity from the working-class movement. It will require a level of coordination among organizations and movements around the world in the struggle against capitalism that didn’t even exist in the early years of the Third International under the leadership of V.I. Lenin. Conditions and technology have made what was not possible, possible. But first, those of us in the United States, the center of world imperialism, have our work cut out for us.
The world capitalist economy, led by the U.S., is tumbling very quickly into a depression. It is likely to be more severe than any previous depression in the history of capitalism, because what is occurring now is the implosion of a system at its end stage. As staggering as the Covid-19 pandemic is on its own, in truth it has catalyzed a colossal world capitalist crisis that has been in the making for a long time.


After being revived 75 years ago by World War II, U.S capitalism has for the last half century been sliding into its end stage. Globalization and the development of generations of technology, combined with a relentless assault on the living standards of the working class, have failed to stop the system’s decline.

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