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Hands off Boston bus drivers!

January 28, 2015

The jury trial on trumped-up charges against union leader Steve Kirschbaum will begin on Feb. 2. After months of pretrial hearings and false starts, this founder of the Boston School Bus Drivers Union will be in court facing serious felony charges. United Steelworkers Local 8751 was already in a [...]

Anti-racists dominate BART commish meeting

January 28, 2015

Oakland, Calif. Oakland, Calif. — An overflow crowd of some 400 people packed the Bay Area Rapid Transit Board of Commissioners’ meeting here on Jan. 22, calling for dropping the criminal charges against the Black Friday 14 and BART’s demands for financial restitution. Protesters spilled [...]

Why Washington fuels Ukraine’s war on Novorossiya

January 27, 2015

Based on a talk at the Workers World Party Forum in New York on Jan. 23. The Donetsk airport on Jan. 21, 2015. The rush-hour shelling of a trolley bus in the capital of Donetsk left 13 dead and 20 wounded on Jan. 22. At least 100 civilians were killed Jan. 21 alone in the Ukrainian terror-bombing [...]

Saudi oil and U.S. hypocrisy

January 27, 2015

Few events expose the utter hypocrisy of U.S. politicians’ grand words about democracy so starkly as their praise for the recently deceased King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. For decades U.S. imperialism and all the imperialist powers have given political, military and diplomatic support to the [...]

Civil Rights to Black Power: The Alabama freedom movement 1965-1966

January 27, 2015

In June 1963, Bernard Lafayette was brutally beaten for his efforts to register black voters and almost died. With the release of “Selma,” tremendous interest has been generated among youth activists about the struggle for voting rights as it reached its apex in March 1965. This campaign for [...]

How the Glenville Rebellion briefly won community control in 1968

January 27, 2015

Ahmed Evans The police practice of murder, brutality and harassment of Black communities is not a new phenomenon. Nor is resistance to it. On July 23, 1968 — the night of what is known to history as the Glenville Rebellion — Black revolutionaries fought back in self-defense. Glenville is part [...]

Paul Robeson gave voice to the trees and forests

January 27, 2015

Paul Robeson If Paul Robeson were alive today, he’d be toasting and defending people’s hero Ramsey Orta (who filmed the police killing of Eric Garner) and roundly condemning the rigged-grand-jury decisions, escape hatching the police murderers of Garner, Tamir Rice and Mike Brown, in [...]

Isabel Rosado, un siglo de lucha independentista

January 27, 2015

Isabel Rosado at 105. Conocida simplemente como “Isabelita” o “doña Isabelita”, Isabel Rosado ha sido referente de la lucha por la independencia y soberanía puertorriqueña. Cuando el pasado 15 de enero sus restos fueron sembrados en su querida ciudad natal de Ceiba, muchas fueron las [...]

La verdad sobre los sindicatos en Cuba

January 27, 2015

El presidente Barack Obama en su anuncio del 17 de diciembre sobre los “cambios de política” hacia Cuba, declaró: “Creemos que los trabajadores cubanos deben tener libertad para formar sindicatos”. ¿Qué estará diciendo? Ya más del 90 por ciento de las/os trabajadores [...]

Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

January 26, 2015

On Jan. 21, the apartheid Zionist regime of Benjamin Netanyahu was authorized by the United Nations General Assembly to host the first-ever conference devoted to the rise of worldwide “anti-Semitism.” A letter endorsing the conference was signed by the governments of 40 countries, including the [...]
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