All labor should support LEGALIZATION!

By April 23, 2014

As progressives and workers march once again on May Day, it is important to reflect on the workers’ movement in this country. How can the working class move forward in this period? This question cannot be answered without taking into consideration three important components: migrant workers, low-wage workers and the struggle against racism, which must [...]


Toda la clase obrera debe apoyar ¡La legalización!


Mientras progresistas y trabajadoras/es marchan el Primero de Mayo, debemos preguntarnos: ¿Cómo puede la clase obrera avanzar en este período? Tenemos que tener en cuenta tres componentes importantes: trabajadoras/es migrantes, trabajadoras/es de bajos salarios y la lucha contra el racismo. Gracias al levantamiento de migrantes del 2006, el Primero de Mayo – Día Internacional de [...]


Lucha de infra asalariadas/os y el nuevo movimiento obrero


18 de abril – Al escribir estas líneas, las masas en el sureste de Ucrania han rechazado la maniobra del imperialismo estadounidense y europeo en las negociaciones de Ginebra de “reconciliación” para desarmar y dispersar la resistencia anti-occidental allí. Está claro que Washington no tenía ninguna intención de llegar a un compromiso, sin embargo intensificó [...]


Ukrainian resistance holds firm against U.S.-EU takeover

By April 21, 2014

April 18 — As of this writing, the maneuver by U.S. and European imperialism at the Geneva “reconciliation” talks to disarm and disperse the anti-Western resistance in southeast Ukraine has been rebuffed by the masses there. It is clear that Washington had no intention of compromise. On the contrary, the U.S. escalated the crisis even [...]


Remembering two giants of world culture, Cheo Feliciano and Gabriel García Márquez


A great sadness was felt by the people of Puerto Rico, Mexico and Colombia, and millions of people around the world who love music and literature, on April 17. That morning, Puerto Rican composer and singer Cheo Feliciano died in a tragic car accident. Hours later, Gabriel García Márquez (born March 6, 1927), the world [...]


En recuerdo de dos gigantes de la cultura universal


El  pasado jueves 17 de abril, una enorme tristeza llenó a los pueblos de Puerto Rico, de Colombia y México, y a millones de personas alrededor del mundo amantes de la música y de la literatura. Esa madrugada murió Cheo Feliciano, compositor y cantante puertorriqueño en un trágico accidente automovilístico. Horas más tarde, fallecería el [...]


A fist, a brain and May Day


Someone or something is coming at you. What do you do? You make a fist. You have four fingers and a thumb — if you’re lucky and haven’t lost one of them on the job. Hanging loose, they’re vulnerable. One at a time, they could easily be broken. But clenched tight, your fist becomes a [...]


Haiti news in brief


Ile à Vache resists land grab The Haitian government is pushing to turn Ile à Vache (Cow Island) — which is off Haiti’s southern coast — into a major tourist development that would have an international airport and major hotel chains. A government decree published in the official journal Le Moniteur on May 10, 2013, [...]


The meaning of low-wage worker struggle

By April 19, 2014

And the need for an independent revolutionary pole in new working-class movement The nationwide strikes of workers at places like Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Burger King are signs that the working-class movement is going through the birth pangs of what will be a new phase of development. We are witnessing a truly revolutionary change in the [...]


Greece sells bonds, workers suffer more


If workers in the Ukraine want to see what joining the EU and borrowing from the “troika” — the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission — might mean for them, they should look at Greece, Portugal or countries like Spain, which is the same size as Ukraine. Portugal’s unemployment rate [...]