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July 28, 2015

JUSTICE FOR SANDRA BLAND! As we go to press, Sandra Bland’s funeral on July 25 was attended by hundreds of people in Lisle, Ill., a Chicago suburb.  In her remarks, Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, urged people to continue to demand justice for her daughter on social media.   Since the death [...]

Kindra Chapman: #Fight4HerName

July 28, 2015

In Alabama and nationwide, protests continue against the death in police custody of Kindra Darnell Chapman, a Black teenager who died in Homewood City Jail on July 14 under suspicious circumstances. The Homewood police allege Chapman committed suicide after being arrested, but major discrepancies [...]

$15 per hour, what’s next?

July 28, 2015

From coast to coast, momentum continues to build behind the struggle of low-wage workers fighting for $15 per hour and a union, an effort which began nearly three years ago. The week of July 20 was marked by several major victories for this movement. On July 21, Los Angeles County approved a $15 [...]

Bernie Sanders flunks first big test

July 28, 2015

At the Netroots Nation gathering of progressive political activists in Phoenix this mid-July, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders encountered the first real-time challenge in his new role as aspiring 2016 candidate for president in the Democratic Party. When challenged on stage by representatives of the [...]

¡Justicia para Sandra Bland! Linchada en cárcel de Texas

July 28, 2015

¿Cómo puede ser que alguien, cuya única falta fue olvidar usar la luz direccional de su auto al cambiar de carril, termine muerta en una cárcel del condado a sólo unos días del arresto y que un médico forense lo califique de suicidio? La gente de costa a costa se está haciendo esa pregunta. [...]

¿Es el indulto presidencial la respuesta?

July 28, 2015

Editorial Workers World-Mundo Obrero del 21 de julio 2015 El 16 de julio, el presidente Barack Obama hizo una visita a una prisión federal en Reno-Oklahoma para a su manera, llamar la atención a la criminalidad del sistema de justicia penal de Estados Unidos y sus leyes sesgadas, sobre todo hacia [...]

Ebola Virus Disease not yet defeated in West Africa

July 26, 2015

Even though the three states where the Ebola Virus Disease struck last year have been declared free of the epidemic, cases have been reported over the last several weeks in Liberia. This West African state has maintained close ties with the U.S. since its founding as a republic in 1847. Freed [...]

Tribunal on crimes against Filipino people says: ‘Guilty!’

July 26, 2015

The People’s Verdict, a Bay Area International Peoples’ Tribunal Event, was held at the Bayanihan Community Center in San Francisco on July 18. It followed the closing of the International Peoples’ Tribunal on Crimes Against the Filipino People, held from July 16 to 18 in Washington, D.C. [...]

Auto contract talks begin – time to dump two-tier!

July 24, 2015

On July 12, contract talks between General Motors and the United Auto Workers began with the traditional, much-photographed handshake between the union and company heads. The next day, negotiations with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles began the same way — except reporters snapped FCA CEO Sergio [...]
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