Palestine has the right to live and the right to fight!

The following is a statement from the Seventh Congress of the Danish Communist Party (DKP), held March 15–17, 2024, with regard to Israel’s genocide in Palestine, which Workers World publishes with the aim of building solidarity of workers’ parties worldwide with the struggle for national liberation in West Asia.

Thousands of protesters on April 6 in Copenhagen, Denmark, demand a ceasefire, access to aid and an end to Israel's genocide in Gaza.

Thousands of protesters on April 6 in Copenhagen, Denmark, demand a ceasefire, access to aid and an end to Israel’s genocide in Gaza. (Photo: Arbejderen – Aage Christensen)

The 7th Congress of the Danish Communist Party supports a free Palestine. Our support comes under duress of genocide, which goes on before the eyes of the world, perpetrated by the Zionist occupation power Israel.

We turn against the politicians in our own country who support the genocide. We turn against those profiteers who become rich from the genocide.

The Palestinian people have right and history on their side in the resistance to occupation, ethnic cleansing, annexation and in the final annihilation. Opposite to the Palestinian people is an alliance of the world’s greatest military powers, along with the capital of the largest companies of the world, with U.S. imperialism in the lead. The suffering of the Palestinian people is a textbook example of the consequences of imperialism.

The 7th Congress of the DKP confronts any attempts to justify the ethnic cleansing of Gaza and the occupied West Bank. Israel bears the sole responsibility for its actions — Israel alone can stop the attacks. Israel alone can end the blockade of humanitarian aid from UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees) that has created a famine in Gaza.

After the conclusion of the 7th Congress, the Danish Communist Party will continue its pressure on politicians and stockholders to end their support for the state of Israel. We will increase our struggle for a ceasefire now, for a release of detainees and hostages now and for humanitarian aid to reach the needy now. We realize these will only be the firsts steps on a long road, a road that in the end will lead to a free Palestine, free from apartheid.

The DKP is not alone in the struggle for a free Palestine. The Palestinian people are not alone. The party is part of the movement which has taken the streets of Danish towns and cities. Danish arms factories have been blockaded. The boycott of Israel, from a stop for Israeli groceries to rejecting the masking of genocide with songs, is stronger than ever before.

We see a unity in that struggle which gives us hope. The Danish Communist Party will build upon that unity and from our Congress will reach out to all around us with the demand: for a “free Palestine, from the River to the Sea.”

The statement is lightly edited.

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