A call to ‘Escalate for Gaza’

The following call was issued on twitter.com/readytoescalate on April 24, 2024.

ESCALATE FOR GAZA. • Prioritize unity, encampment growth and continued disruption • The line between students and non-students must be blurred and ignored • No one person or organization can represent an entire encampment • Negotiations will lead us nowhere: this is about stopping the genocide  

City College of New York, New York City, April 25, 2024


  1. Escalate for Gaza. The intensity of human suffering in Gaza calls for an intensification of our struggle to stop it. We will not disavow any actions taken to escalate the struggle, whether they be hunger strikes or militant direct action. 
  1. We stand with our communities. The distinction between student and non-student only enforces the gates between the university and its surrounding communities. By rejecting this difference, we break open the gates. We will refuse to identify who is, or is not, a student. 
  1. We won’t get bored. We will use the encampments to continuously develop our collective intelligence. We will be ready to fight back when attacked. 
  1. No one speaks for us. We speak with our actions. No one person or organization can represent any encampment or negotiate on its behalf. We will not negotiate with police or university officials. 
  1. We will stop at nothing less than an end to genocide in Gaza. This means total condemnation and severance from Israeli apartheid in all its forms here and abroad, including cop cities everywhere.  

Read at #Escalate4Gaza

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