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Hamas supports latest U.N. resolution for ceasefire

The following statement appeared on Resistance News Network on March 25, 2024.

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas welcomes today’s call by the U.N. Security Council for an immediate ceasefire. We emphasize the necessity of reaching a permanent ceasefire that leads to the withdrawal of all Zionist forces from the Gaza Strip and the return of displaced persons to their homes from which they were forced out.

We also affirm our readiness to immediately engage in a prisoner exchange process that leads to the release of prisoners held by both sides.

In the context of the resolution’s text, we stress the importance of freedom of movement for Palestinian citizens and the entry of all humanitarian needs for all residents, in all areas of the Gaza Strip, including heavy equipment to remove rubble, so we can bury our martyrs who have been under the rubble for months.

Hamas calls on the Security Council to pressure the occupation to comply with the ceasefire and to stop the genocide war and ethnic cleansing against our people.

Hamas reaffirms the right of our Palestinian people to establish their independent, sovereign Palestinian state with Al-Quds as its capital and the right to return with self-determination, in accordance with international resolutions and international law.

Hamas appreciates the efforts of our brothers in Algeria and all countries in the Security Council that have supported and continue to support our people and work to stop the aggression and the Zionist genocide war.


Central Media Department of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

The Security Council’s adoption of a resolution for an immediate ceasefire is a step towards a sustainable cessation of the aggression.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine confirmed that the adoption by the U.N. Security Council today of a resolution for an immediate ceasefire must be a step towards a sustainable cessation of the aggression on the Gaza Strip, an unconditional breaking of the siege, the return of all displaced persons to their homes from which they were displaced, the conclusion of a prisoner exchange deal through which our prisoners from the occupation’s jails are freed and most importantly, obliging the occupation to implement this resolution.

The Front considered that the adoption of this resolution by the Security Council, despite attempts to weaken, dilute and empty it of its content and link it to a temporary and not sustainable ceasefire by the American administration and its allies, confirms that the entire world is fed up with the Zionist entity for the genocide it commits against our people in the Strip and that the U.S. administration could not bear the consequences of voting for another veto after the escalation of public outrage at the U.S. administration’s positions on the aggression.

The Front appreciated the valuable efforts made by Algeria, alongside a large number of countries supporting the cause, to reach this resolution and their continued pressure to stop the aggression and genocide war in a sustainable manner.

The Front concluded its statement by emphasizing that the lesson is in implementing this resolution and that the ball is now in the United Nations’ court to force the occupation to comply with the resolution on the path to adopting a clear decision to stop the aggression completely and sustainably, especially since the occupation has not implemented a single international resolution throughout its history.

This statement was lightly edited.


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