U.S./NATO war in Ukraine and Russia: an overview

In late February 2022, a long-simmering war in eastern Ukraine entered a new phase. A good summary of the current events and the context can be found in these documents:

United Nations General Assembly vote

On March 2, the United Nations General Assembly voted on a resolution demanding Russia stop its offensive in Ukraine, voting 141 to 5 with 35 abstentions. What most mainstream media coverage tended to ignore is that the countries that did not vote for the resolution actually constitute the majority of the world population. These included China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia and Mexico, 6 of the 10 largest countries by population. Read more about the UN vote (Al Jazeera, 3/3/22).


No global consensus

Multiple governments, with various political systems, have made statements critical of the U.S./NATO position on the crisis.

Statements from ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance) countries (in Spanish):

Statements, petitions and joint statements from some communist parties and leftists and progressives around the world:


Workers resisting the war drive

Ukraine regime’s repression

The repression of minority communities, leftists and progressives has increased significantly since the 2014 coup in Kiev.

U.S. involvement in Ukraine over the years

Ukrainian and Russian resources

Comparing coverage of Ukraine to other conflict areas

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