Palestinian resistance demands “land back” on Land Day

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The following statements were issued by Resistance News Network on Land Day, March 30, 2024

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine 

Land Day was a qualitative, cumulative event in the context of the ongoing and comprehensive battle that our people are waging against the Zionist colonialist and racist settler project. On this day, the Arab masses in the occupied interior demonstrated their insistence on clinging to their land and not abandoning it, and the unity of the land, identity and destiny. 

We call on our masses in the occupied territories in 1948 to unite and confront the racist Zionist policies and laws, and the necessity of abandoning any illusions regarding political, electoral and parliamentary participation in the enemy’s institutions, and to reject all justifications that have been undermined by the aggressive nature of the entity and its racist view of the Arab masses as minorities and as a demographic and strategic threat to the future of the entity. 

We affirm our people’s adherence to our entire land, from its river to its sea, and to our legitimate and established rights for the return of refugees to their land and homes from which they were forcibly displaced. Preserving identity and defending the Palestinian existence require comprehensive resistance and broad popular field engagement from outside the enemy’s institutions, on the principle that rights are taken, not begged for. What was taken by force cannot be recovered except by force, and not by the begging, settlement and negotiations that have led to a real disaster for our people.

The epic of Al-Aqsa Flood accomplished important field achievements and a strategic defeat for the Zionist entity and its military and security system. The ongoing and unprecedented Zionist genocidal war on the Gaza Strip has revealed the true face of this criminal Zionist entity and its sponsors from the U.S. administration and the West, which for the first time in its history stands in the dock as a criminal and shunned terrorist entity before the International Court of Justice. 

What is happening are facts that carry within them important historical transformations, through which the Palestinian cause returns to the forefront of events in the world and tops the international agenda, with the Zionist entity facing a real existential crisis from which it will not be able to recover, and will reinforce the state of rift, fragmentation, contradictions, and self-implosion within it. 

Despite all forms of killing, destruction, massacres, starvation wars and siege, the Zionist enemy has failed to achieve any of the declared goals of its aggression against the Gaza Strip, and the resistance continues steadfastly to exhaust the Zionist enemy and is waging a battle of attrition against it. The large losses incurred by the Zionist enemy, and the ability of the resistance to direct its strikes even in areas that were invaded and destroyed, indicate that the Zionist enemy is drowning in the quagmire of the Gaza Strip, and that it is far from and unable to achieve any of its goals. 

We affirm that all plans of the occupation and the U.S. administration for the so-called “day after” the war on the Gaza Strip, guardianship, bringing in international peace forces, imposing administration on the Gaza Strip, or interfering in Palestinian affairs under humanitarian or relief justifications, are suspicious attempts that are inevitably doomed to failure. 

The Palestinian people are the ones who will determine the future of the Gaza Strip and its political system, and will resist and confront these plans. On the anniversary of Land Day, we renew the call to restore respect to the Arab and international dimensions and to mobilize all the energies of friendly peoples, parties and global movements to innovate and escalate forms of struggle to support the Palestinian people, and to continue besieging Zionist and Western embassies and the headquarters of international institutions, in support of the Palestinian cause. 

We see in the massive and angry demonstrations in the squares of some Arab countries, especially those that have relations with the Zionist entity, a glimmer of hope that the Arab peoples will regain the initiative, rise up for Palestine, renounce normalization, and sweep the Zionist entity from our Arab lands. 

On the anniversary of Land Day, we renew our pledge to continue the Intifada and resistance, and to escalate the confrontation and open clash with the Zionist enemy throughout our Palestinian land, until we achieve our rights to return, self-determination, and the establishment of the Palestinian state from its river to its sea, with Al-Quds as its capital.

Regional joint statement: “Palestine, an indivisible land for an indivisible people”

Today marks the 48th anniversary of Land Day, immortalizing a battle that continues to form the core of the struggle in occupied Palestine. The land remains the title of the Palestinian people’s battles since the inception of the Zionist project as an advanced tool for global imperialism to seize the region’s resources and quash its aspirations for liberation and independence. 

This year’s anniversary coincides with the brutal, genocidal war ongoing for about six months against the backdrop of the heroic “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation organized by the brave Palestinian resistance. 

The parties and organizations signing below

  • Commemorate Land Day, united in the streets, squares, and arenas with all peoples and free forces opposing imperialism, zionism, and colonialism. 
  • Salute the Palestinian people and their brave resistance, especially the armed resistance as a legitimate and just revolutionary response. 
  • Salute the armed resistance in Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen for supporting the Palestinian resistance and all the free people of the world who have exposed the essence of Zionism as a racist colonial ideology. 
  • Consider that the land was and still is the core of the conflict, which can only be resolved by liberating the land – all the land, from the sea to the river – returning all refugees, and establishing a secular democratic state, with Al-Quds as its capital, on the entire Palestinian territory. 
  • Renew their condemnation of the shameful complicity of the Arab regimes, agents of Zionism and imperialism – especially the normalization regimes that fly the flag of the occupation entity in their capitals, suppress the free by arresting them (Jordan, Bahrain), fabricating cases against them and prosecuting them (Morocco), or assaulting them in the streets (Egypt). In this regard, they stand in solidarity with all activists and free individuals, women and men, victims of oppression and tyranny. 
  • Urge all progressive forces in the region and the world to double their efforts to support the Palestinian people and their brave resistance, boycott the occupation entity, expose its crimes of genocide, starvation, land theft, and violation of human dignity across occupied Palestine, in Gaza, the West Bank, and the occupied interior, and escalate mobilization for the immediate cessation of aggression, opening of crossings, and delivery of aid. 

Honor to the resistance! Glory to the martyrs! Victory to Palestine! 

The signing parties and organizations are: 

  1. Workers’ Party – Tunisia
  1. Democratic Working Path Party – Morocco
  1. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  1. We Can Movement – Mauritania
  1. Democratic People’s Party of Jordan (Hashd)
  1. Lebanese Communist Party
  1. Democratic Popular Unity Party – Jordan
  1. Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  1. Sahrawi Association of Human Rights Defenders CODESA
  1. Unified Democratic Patriots’ Party – Tunisia
  1. Popular Socialist Alliance Party – Egypt
  1. Progressive Movement of Kuwait
  1. Jordanian Communist Party
  1. Sudanese Communist Party

         The statements were lightly edited.

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