Hamas and Islamic Jihad meet in Tehran, Iran

The following statement was released by Resistance News Network on March 29, 2024.

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Last night, a delegation from the leadership of Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, led by fighter brother Ismail Haniyeh, met with a delegation from the leadership of the Islamic Jihad Movement, led by the fighter brother Ziyad Al-Nakhaleh, in the Iranian capital of Tehran. The meeting focused on discussing ongoing political and field developments related to the aggressive war against the Gaza Strip and its various repercussions. 

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The delegations from both movements stood before the legendary steadfastness of the Palestinian people and the people of Gaza in facing this massacre carried out by the occupation in an unprecedented manner in modern history, marking a clear war of genocide. They also praised, in the same stance, the brave resistance that confronts this aggression and crime, inflicting severe losses on the occupation. 

Furthermore, the two leaders discussed efforts to stop the aggression, emphasizing that the success of any indirect negotiations depends on four fundamental determinants: a complete halt of the aggression, full withdrawal of the occupation from the entire Gaza Strip, the return of displaced people, the entry of aid and necessities for our people and those in the Strip, along with a prisoner exchange. 

The two movements also condemned the occupation’s actions in Al-Quds and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, including assaults and violations, alongside incursions and assassinations in the West Bank. 

They considered the Palestinian people to be in an open and direct confrontation with this occupation across all Palestinian land, stressing the need for escalating resistance in all its forms across all arenas. 

They praised the supportive resistance operations on the multiple fronts in Yemen, Iraq, and southern Lebanon, which confirm the unity of the resistance fronts and that the Palestinian people are not alone in confronting this occupation and those with it. 

The two leaderships expressed their appreciation to the Islamic Republic of Iran for the strategic support it provides to the resistance and the Palestinian people and its firm positions in support of their national rights. 

The two movements called on the nation, with all its components, to expand the scope of challenging the occupation by all legitimate means, and to demonstrate a state of anger as a result of the occupation’s daily massacres and barbaric aggression against our people and our family, and to intensify solidarity efforts, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. 

They praised the ongoing efforts and their growth at the popular, scholarly, and partisan levels in many areas of our Arab and Islamic countries, especially in brotherly Jordan which besieged the enemy’s embassy, and urged the nation’s people and scholars to continue their movements, activities, and national and Islamic role. 

The two leaderships appreciated the actions of the peoples of the world in expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people and the massive marches in various cities and capitals around the world, which push towards the isolation of this occupation and those who support it. 

The two movements considered that continuing to support the Zionist entity militarily and providing political cover for its crimes constitutes participation in the ongoing crime in Gaza. They warned against even complicity through silence regarding what is happening. At the same time, they affirmed their rejection of any political projects or steps that would create new realities in Gaza that are far from the will of our people and their resistance. They stressed that any step must be the result of complete national consensus.

This statement was lightly edited.

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