Resolution on the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall in Moscow from Stop World War 3 Coordination

The coordination of the Stop World War 3 Peace Initiative, which held an international conference in Rome, Italy, from Oct. 27-28, 2023, that drew representatives from 40 organizations in 25 countries, issued the following statement following the terrorist attack in Moscow on March 25.

Mourner outside Crocus City Hall, scene of terrorist attack in Moscow, March 2024.

A bloody terrorist attack in the suburbs of Moscow, the victims of which were dozens of peaceful, innocent people, including children, teenagers and women, cannot but cause angry indignation among any person of good will. The number of dead has not yet been fully calculated; many bodies are under the rubble after the terrible fire, but the death toll already exceeds 150 people.

There are still no official reports about the direct and indirect participation of the intelligence services of the Kyiv regime and NATO countries in organizing this terrorist act, but the arrested terrorists tried to hide in Ukraine and arrived in Russia from the territory of NATO countries.

According to official information, all four direct perpetrators of the terrorist attack, [that is,] all those who shot and burned people alive, have been found and detained. According to preliminary data, a “window” was prepared for them on the Ukrainian side to cross the state border. A total of 11 people were detained. An investigation is underway into the entire accomplice base of the terrorists, [including] those who provided them with transportation, planned escape routes from the crime scene and prepared caches of weapons and ammunition.

Ukrainian and Western media emphasize the nationality of the perpetrators of the crime, trying, by playing the dangerous card of Russian nationalism, to sow sentiments against migrant workers from Central Asian countries among the Russian population, although the owner of the Crocus shopping center where the terrorist attack took place is an ethnic Azerbaijani. 

Although we are confident in the internationalism of the Russian population, the very attempt of the Ukrainian and Western bourgeoisie to split Russia along national borders is strongly condemned.

We deeply mourn the victims and express our condolences to all the families of those killed in the tragedy at Crocus City Hall. We wish all those injured strength and a speedy recovery.

Western rhetoric can no more influence others than parts of the Western audience. The criminal nature of the Western system is now clearer to large parts of the world. Their dirty wars in Ukraine against Russia, Palestine, Syria, Libya and the ones they prepare against other independent states have no support by anyone except a few vassal states.

We are confident that the Russian people will stand up in front of this new act of aggression and finally, for the sake of the whole world, they will stop the bloody expansion of NATO to the East.

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