PFLP: ‘Assassination of Iranian brigadier general will lead to escalated strikes against the Israeli entity’

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Central Media Department issued the following statement on Dec. 25, 2023 on Resistance News Network.

Brigadier General Reza Mousavi

The crime committed by the Zionist occupation in assassinating the military advisor in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Brigadier General Reza Mousavi, is a recognized part of the aggressive Zionist criminal doctrine that targets the region and the world as a whole.

The Front extends its deepest condolences to the leadership and the Iranian people for the martyrdom of the great leader who played an important role in supporting the resistance and developing its capabilities in various fields.

This Zionist crime, carried out in coordination and partnership with U.S. and Western entities, is an attempt by the Zionist entity to preemptively escape consequences. 

It will only lead to escalated strikes against the Zionist entity and its affiliates in the region, as this cowardly and criminal Zionist enemy will not feel security and stability, but rather fear and anticipation of the coming response.

The resistance on various fronts in Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, and elsewhere is inflamed, and the Zionist entity and its allies are receiving blow after blow. The assassination or targeting of any leader here or there will only further inflame this resistance and strengthen the resolve to achieve the central goal of eradicating this cancerous entity and its henchmen from Palestine and the region.

The statement was lightly edited.

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