Palestinian Forces Alliance emphasize united stance against Israel, U.S. aggression

The following statement was published on Resistance News Network, Dec. 27, 2023.  

The Central Command of the Palestinian Forces Alliance held a meeting in Beirut, Lebanon, to discuss the developments of the Al-Aqsa Flood battle on its 82nd day.

United Palestinian resistance fighters.  Credit:

The meeting was attended by representatives from Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command, the Popular Struggle Front, the Palestinian Liberation Front, the Vanguard for the Popular Liberation War – Lighting Forces and the Fatah Al-Intifada movement.

The participants saluted our steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and all of Palestine, sending greetings to the souls of the martyrs, the wounded, and the heroic prisoners who have been confronting the ongoing Zionist aggression for 82 days. This aggression targets people, stones, trees, all civil, health, and humanitarian institutions [and is] killing children, women, doctors, paramedics, journalists, civil defense personnel, and U.N. staff.

They also saluted the brave resistance fighters, engaged in the Al-Aqsa Flood battle in defense of our people, our land, and our holy sites. This battle has formed a glorious and qualitative milestone in the history of the Palestinian cause, delivering a strategic blow to the Zionist entity and its functional role in the region as a protector of U.S. and Western interests. They affirmed the right of our people to continue resistance until liberation, return, and independence.

The participants emphasized a unified stance of the resistance on the necessity to first stop the Zionist-U.S. aggression and the withdrawal of the occupation forces from the Gaza Strip, allow the entry of humanitarian and relief aid and fuel, evacuate the wounded for treatment abroad, and conduct a prisoner exchange based on the basis of all-for-all.

They also paid tribute to the sons of our Arab and Islamic nation and the free people of the world who stand with our people and our cause, calling for more supportive steps for the steadfastness of our people and their brave resistance.

The participants stressed the importance of unifying the Palestinian position and ranks in confronting the occupation and its continuous aggression on our people in the Gaza Strip, Al-Quds, and the West Bank, and the necessity of reorganizing the Palestinian home after stopping the aggression, in a manner that corresponds with the sacrifices of our people and the heroics of the resistance.

They held the U.S. administration fully responsible for the massacres and slaughters that our people are subjected to, affirming that the continuation of the genocide in the Gaza Strip would not have happened without the military, financial, and political U.S. support to the Zionist entity.

They called on the international community, and the Arab and Islamic countries, to pressure for the immediate cessation of the Zionist aggression, allow the entry of urgent aid to our people, and evacuate thousands of wounded for treatment abroad, while emphasizing the rejection of the Zionist enemy’s projects to displace our people from the Gaza Strip.

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