Workers World Party pays tribute to ‘Ka Joma’ Sison

The following tribute was submitted to the “Ka Joma Lives: International Proletarian Revolutionary Leader, Theoretician, Teacher and Poet in the Service of the People” Dec. 23 memorial in Amsterdam. The Netherlands. 

Credit: Nahendra Khadka

Workers World Party from the United States recognizes that the worldwide revolutionary movement lost an immensely important leader — Professor Jose Maria Sison — on Dec. 16, 2022 — and joins the many who mourn him. As the founding chairperson of the revolutionary Communist Party of the Philippines, Sison used the revolutionary thought of Marxism to lead the proletariat in the Philippines to battle against imperialism from the U.S. and against the reactionary bourgeoisie of the Philippines.

WWP members could understand the contributions of Comrade Joma Sison through the decades of work with his comrades in anti-imperialist organizations in the diaspora. Quality of leadership is reflected throughout any organization. From contact with many Philippine revolutionaries throughout the world, who through their own example of courages, willingness to cooperate on a principled basis and to sacrifice and to carry out what they promise, WWP members learned to value that leadership.

Workers World Party recognizes the great achievements of Comrade Joma and mourns alongside the Communist Party of the Philippines, the world proletarian movement and anti-imperialists worldwide.

Rest in power, Chairman Sison!

Comrade Larry Holmes

First Secretary

Workers World Party

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